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mediate enjoyment of fellowship and communion with me, and be partakers of my glory in heaven through eternity. But the import of the expression may be more fully spoken to afterward. Thirdly, In the words, we have the reason and ground, why the Lord puts such a difference between his remnant and others, for they are worthy ; that is, valuable and excellent persons, as Solomon speaks, the righteous is more excellent than his neighbour : Not as if they had any worthiness or excellency in themselves beyond others by nature: No, no; they are children of wrath and condemnation even as others; but they are made worthy by justifying and fanctifying grace, by imputed righteousness and inherent holiness. Some render the word, for they are meet; so the word is render'd Matt. iii. 8. Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance : So here the Lord promises, that they who keep their garments clean, should walk with him in white; why? because it is meet or suitable it should be so, that they who are holy here, should be happy hereafter.

Doct. That, altbothere be but few in a visible church, that keep their garments clean in a declining time, yet these few are highly valued by Christ, and Shall be admitted to partake of his glory in heaven.

This doctrine I take to be the Scope of the verse, thou hast a few names, &c. In discoursing this point, I shall endeavour, through divine assistance, to do these fix things, (1.) Offer a few propofitions concerning this little remnant. (2.) Shew that Christ has a high value for this remnant, they are worthy in his esteem. (3.) What is imported in their keeping their garments clean. (4.) What it is to walk with Christ in white. (5.) Enquire into the connection between the duty and privilege. (6.) Apply the whole.


The first thing is to offer a few propositions concerning this remnant, who are said to keep their garments clean. And, first, That God the Father gave a remnant unto Christ of the posterity of Adam, in the covenant of redemption, to be ransomed and redeemed by him from that woe and wrath, into which Adam by his apostacy had involved himself and all his posterity. That such a remnant was gifted unto Christ by the Father, is plain from

John xvii. where Christ in his Prayer frequently speaks of those that the Father gave him, particularly verse 6. Thine they were, and thou gavest them me, and they have kept thy word.

He promised to him, for his encouragement in that great undertaking, that he should have a feed to serve him, and fee of the travail of his soul. Second, The Lord Jesus, the eternal Son of God, in the fulness of time, took on the nature of man, and in our nature obeyed the law, and died in the room and stead of this remnant which the Father gave him ; He did not obey the law, and satisfy justice for the whole world, or for all men, as Arminians talk; no, but he died for a select number : Hence he is said to lay down his life for his sheep, and not for the goats. And, as his death, so his intercession is confined unto this remnant, as it is plain from John xvii. 9. I pray for them : I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me, for they are thine. Tbird, This redeemed remnant are, in God's own time, sooner or later, under the ministry of gospelordinances, determined by the power and efficacy of divine grace, to close with Christ upon the call of the gospel, and to go in to the blessed contrivance of falvation and redemption through him : He tranilates them, in a day of his forcer, out of darkne's B 3


into his marvellous light, and into the kingdom of his dear Son; not one of this elected remnant, but shall in due time be brought home; for whom he did predestinate, them be also called. Fourth, God's remnant are a holy people, they are a set of men that study to keep clean garments; they study to purify themselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfe&ting holiness in the fear of the Lord; and therefore called, the people of his holiness, Isai. Ixiii. 18. Holiness is the design of their election, for he hath predestinated us unto the adoption of children, that we should be holy, and without blame before him in love. Holiness is the design of their redemption by Christ Jesus, Tit, ii. 14. He hath redeemed us from all iniquity, and purified unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. Holiness is the design of their effectual calling: For God hath not called us to uncleanness, but unto holiness ; and he hath saved us, and called us with a holy calling : So that God's remnant is a holy remnant. Fifth, The number of this remnant is but small, there are but a few, names inz Sardis that have not defiled their garments. Christ's flock is but a little flock: It is indeed a great flock, and an innumerable multitude, abstractly considered; but, considered comparatively, or when laid in the balance with the droves and multitudes of the wicked, it is but a little flock and a small remnant: They are few that are elected, for many are called, but few are chofen: They are few that are redeemed, it is only God'select that are bought withaprice: They are few that are effectually called, for, to whom is the. arm of the Lord revealed? Few that hold out in the time of temptation, but feven thousand among all the thousands of Israel, that have not bowed the knee to Baal. Sixth, Altho' they be but few, yet in the


worst of times God has always some of this remnant, who cleave to him and his way, even when all about them are corrupting their ways. He had a Lot in Sodom, whose righteous soul was vexed with the abominations of the place ; he has a remnant of mourners in Jerusalem, when the whole city was defiled with wickedness; he has bis two witnesses to bear testimony unto his Truths, when the whole world is wondring after the beast, and over-run with antichristian darkness and idolatry. Seventh, God has a special eye of favour and kindness on this remnant, in a sinful and declining time; he has a mark set upon the men that figh and groan for the abominations in Jerusalem, his eyes run to and fro through the whole earth, to sew himself strong in the behalf of them, &c. But this leads me to

The second Thing proposed, which was to shew, that Christ has a high value for this remnant ; they are the worthies of the world in his esteem, however they be disesteemed and under-valued by the world. This will appear from these following considerations, (1.) Consider what an account he makes of them, when compared with the rest of the world; he values them so highly, that he will give whole nations and kingdoms of the wicked for their ransom, Isai. xlv. 3, 4. Ever since thou wast precious in my fight, thou hasi been honourable, and I have loved thee, and I gave men for thee, &c. that is, he will sacrifice whole nations and kingdoms of wicked men, before he be bereft of his little remnant, The scriptures are very full to this purpose; his remnant is the gold, the rest of the world are but dross, thou putteft away all the wicked of the earth like dro/s, Pfal. cxix. 119. But the precious {ons of Zion are comparable to fine gold, Lam. iv. 2. Not only gold, but fine gold, polished by the hand of the Spirit. A

B 4

gain, gain, his little remnant are the wheat, but the rest of the world are the chaff; and what is the chaff to the wheat, faith the Lord? When he comes with his fan in his hand, he will gather his wheat into his

garner, but the chaf he will burn up with fire that is unguenchable, Matth. iii. 12. His little remnant is the good corn, but the wicked are the tares ; and he will say to his reapers at the last judgment, gather the tares together, and bind them in bundles to burn them; but gather the good corn into my barn. His remnant are his sheep, but the rest are the goats; and he will say to the sheep on his right hand, Come, ye blessed; but to the goats he will say, Depart, ye cursed. His remnant are his vessels of honour, whom he reserves as furniture to adorn the house not made with hands; but the wicked are vessels of wrath, whom he will break in pieces as a potter's vessel, and cast into the furnace of his anger. Thus, I say, that they are worthy in his esteem, is evident from the account he makes of them when laid in the balance with others. (2.) That this little remnant is worthy in Christ's account, will appear, if we consider the names and appellations that he gives them : He sometimes calls them his Love, his Dove, his Undefiled, his Hepziba!, his Bulah, his Jedidiahs, the very darlings of his licart; he calls them fometimes his fervels, Mal. iii. 17. They jhall be mine, faith the Lord, in the day that I make itp my jewels; and, I will spare them as a mon spareth his own son that serves him. He calls them the very apple of bis eye, the most tender part of the body, and the eye-lid of his special providence doth cover them : Yea, such is the value that he has for them, that he calls them himself, and speaks of them as if be and they were but one. Saul, Saul, says the Lord, wky perfecutes


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