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MOBERLY.—A Second Series of Sermons, preached at Winchester

College. By the Rev. George Moberly, D.C.L. Head Master of Winchester
College, late Fellow and Tutor of Balliol College, Oxford. Second Edition. In
small 8vo. 6s. 6d.

The Second Edition of the First Series is just published. Price 6s. 6d.
BLUNT.-FIVE SERMONS, preached before the University of Cam-

bridge, the first Four in November, 1845, the Fifth on the General Fast Day,
Wednesday, March 24, 1847. By the Rev.J. J. Blunt, B.D. Margaret Professor

of Divinity in the University of Cambridge. In 8vo. 5s.6d.
KENNAWAY.—A Second Series of Sermons, preached at Brighton.
By the Rev. C. E. Kennaway, M.A. 7s. 6d.

Sermons to the Young. By the same Author. In
small 8vo. 5s.6d.
WOOLLEY-SERMONS, chiefly preached in the Chapel of Rossall

College, Fleetwood. By John Woolley, D.C.L. late Fellow of University
College, Head Master. In 8vo. 10s. 68.

Lately published, the First SERIES. Price 7s. 6d.
SLADE.- A Seventh Volume of Plain PAROCHIAL Sermons, preached

in the Parish Church of Bolton-le-Moors. By the Rev. James Slade, M.A.
Vicar of Bolton, and Canon of Chester. In 12mo. 6s.

Any of the former Volumes may be had separately, price 6s. each.
PUCKLE.-PAROCHIAL SERMONS, preached in the Parish Church of

St. Mary the Virgin, Dover. By the Rev. John Puckle, M.A. of Brasenose

College, Oxford; Incumbent of the Parish, and Rural Dean. In 8vo. 10s. 6d.
NICHOLSON.-Sermons. By William Nicholson, M.A. late Rector

of St. Maurice, and Master of Magdalen Hospital, Winchester. In 12mo. 7s.
PLAIN SERMONS.—The Tenth and Concluding Volume of Plain
SERMONS. By Contributors to the "Tracts for the Times.” In 8vo. 6s. 6d.
Any of the former Volumes may be had, price 6s. 6d. each.

WILBERFORCE.-SERMONS preached before the Queen. By Samuel,

Lord Bishop of Oxford. New Edition. 7s.
ADAMS.-The WARNINGS of the Holy Week; being a COURSE of

PAROCHIAL LECTURES for the Week before Easter, and the EASTER Festivals.
By the Rev. William Adams, M.A. late Fellow of Merton College, and Author of

The Shadow of the Cross,” and “ The Distant Hills.” In 12mo. Second
Edition. 5s.

AINGER.-PAROCHIAL SERMONS. By the Rev. Thomas Ainger, M.A.



late of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Assistant Minister of the New Church

of St. Mary ANDERSON.

the Rev. James S. M. Andei

ad Perpetual Curate of St. Georg



ANDERSON.-Discourses on Elijah and John the Baptist. By the same Author. Second Edition. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

--- The Cloud of WITNESSES : a Series of Discourses on the Eleventh Chapter of St. Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews. By the same

Author. 8vo. Vols. I. & II. 10s. 6d. each. ASPINALL.-Sermons, Doctrinal and Practical. By the Rev. James Aspinall, A.M. Minister of St. Luke's Church, Liverpool. 2 vols. 8vo. 16s.

SERMONS, chiefly for particular Sundays and Occasions. By the same Author. 8vo. 108.6d. BAKER.-SERMONs on Holy Joy, the Spiritual AFFECTIONS, and

the SAINTLY CHARACTER. By Arthur Baker, B.A. Wadham College, Oxford,

Curate of Aylesbury, Bucks. In 12mo. 7s. (d. BEAN.- PAROCHIAL INSTRUCTION, or Sermons delivered from the

Pulpit, at different times in the course of Thirty Years. By the late James Bean,

M.A. Assistant Minister of Welbeck Chapel. Svo. 10s. 6d. BERENS.—THIRTY-THREE VILLAGE SERMONS, on the chief Articles

of Faith, and the means of Grace, on certain Parts of the Christian Character, and on some of the Relative Duties. By the Rev. Edward Berens, M.A. Archdeacon of Berks. 12mo. 4s. 6d.

Twenty-six Village Sermons. By the same Author. Second Edition. 12mo. 5s.6d. BIBER.–SERMONs for Saints' Days : preached in the Chapel of the

Holy Trinity, Rvehampton. By the Rev. G. E. Biber, LL.D. ln 8vo. 9s. BOYS.-Sermons by the Rev. Henry Boys, B.A. Assistant Minis

ter of St. Peter's, Eaton Square. 8vo. 10s. 6d. BURTON.-Sermons, preached in the Parish Church of Rugeley, in

the County of Stafford. By the Rev. R. C. Burton, M.A. 12mo. 6s. 6d. BUTT.--SERMONS, preached in the Parish Church of Trentham.

By the Rev. Thomas Butt, M.A. of Christ Church, Oxford ; Rector of
Kynnersley, Curate of Trentham, and Domestic Chaplain to the late and to the

present Duke of Sutherland. 8vo. 10s. 6d. CONSECRATION SERMONS.—The GOLDEN Censers of the SANC

TUARY; or, the Church's Services of Prayer and Praise. Thirteen Sermons
preached at the Consecration of the New Church of St. James, Morpeth; by W.
F. Hook, D.D.-Archdeacon Wilberforce-Hon. and Rev. John Grey-Hon. and
Rev. F. Grey-Rev. Sir George Prevost, Bart.--and Archdeacon Churton. In

5s. 6d. CHEVALLIER.-On the HISTORICAL Types contained in the Old

TESTAMENT. Twenty Discourses preached before the University of Cambridge, at the Hulsean Le rein 1826. By the Rev. Temple Chevallier, M.A. Professor of Mathematics in the University of Durham, and late Fellow and Tutor at Catherine Hall. 8vo. 12s.

Twenty Discourses on the Proofs of Divine Power and Wisdom derived from the Study of Astronomy, and on the Evidence, Doctrines, and Precepts of Revealed Religion, preached before the University of Cambridge, at the flulsean Lecture in 1827. By the same Autbor. 8vo. 125.

SERMONS, preached in the Parish Church of St. Andrew the Great, Cambridge. By the same Author. 12mo. 6s. CLAY.—TWENTY-FIVE SERMONS, preached to the Inmates of a Gaol,

and in a great degree adapted to a Country Congregation. By the Rev. John Clay,

Chaplain to the House of Correction, Preston. lžmo. 6s. COLE.-Sixteen Sermons on Practical and Doctrinal Subjects. By

the Rev. B. T. H. Cole, A.M. Rector of Warbleton, Sussex. 8vo. 8s. COWE.- PAROCHIAL SERMONS, on Various Subjects of DocTRINE

and Practice. By James Cowe, M.A. late Vicar of Sunbury, Middlesex, and

Rural Dean. 12mv. 6s. CROSTHWAITE.--SERMONS on PracticAL SUBJECTS. By the Rev.

John Clarke Crosthwaite, A.M. Rector of St. Mary-at-Hill, in the City of

London. 12mo. 7s.6d. DARNELL.-SERMONS. By W. N. Darnell, B.D. Rector of Stanhope.

8vo. 9s,


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