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PLAIN NEEDLEWORK (Intermediate Grade).

Friday, June 23rd, 1911.-Morning, 9 to 12.

Read through the Questions carefully before beginning work. Note remark as to half-sized patterns.

1. Cut out in paper, and tack together, the pattern of a woman's nightdress. The pattern to be cut half size-that is, halving the original measurements given.


2. On the calico supplied, show a sew-and-fell seam and a run-and-fell



3. With the print supplied, fix a print patch, 3 inches square, and work as much of it as time permits.



ENGLISH (Associateship).

Monday, June 19th, 1911.-Afternoon, 2.30 to 5.30.

[Not more than six questions are to be attempted. The Essay must be taken by EVERY candidate. When a question contains two or more parts, the answers must be given consecutively.]

Work neatly.

1. Write an Essay, of not more than five hundred words, on any one of the following subjects :—

(a) The character and policy of Becket.

(b) The "Sea-dogs" of the Elizabethan period.

(c) The Free Trade movement.

(d) Universal military service.

(e) Ought restrictions to be placed on the freedom of the Press?

(f) "Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man."


2. (a) Analyse the following passage into its component sentences and clauses, and show clearly their relation to each other :—

Look how the flower which lingeringly doth fade,
The morning's darling late, the summer's queen,
Spoiled of that juice which kept it fresh and green,

As high as it did raise, bows low the head :
Right so my life, contentments being dead,

Or in their contraries but only seen,

With swifter speed declines than erst it spread.

And blasted, scarce now shows what it hath been.

(b) Parse the italicized words in (a).

3. (a) State the general subject of the following passage;


(b) Indicate the paragraphs into which it may be suitably divided and state the particular subject of each;

(c) Write a précis of the whole passage—that is, a summary in the form of a continuous narrative :

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