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(Intermediate Grade).

Monday, June 26th, 1911.-Afternoon, 2 to 4.

Not more than six questions may be answered. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Explain, as clearly as you can, how you would find out, and express on a map, the relation (in your own home district) between (a) height, (b) distance, and (c) slope.

2. What do you understand by Great Circle Sailing? Explain its advantages, and draw a sketch-map showing the Great Circle routes (a) from San Francisco to Yokohama, and (b) from Cape Town to Fremantle.

3. Describe shortly, with a sketch-map, the regular currents of wind and water in the North Atlantic.

4. Explain, and account for, the precise character of the "Mediterranean climate, and show its effect on vegetation.

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5. Describe, with a diagram, the weather in a typical low pressure area, explaining exactly how and why the wind can blow in turn from every point of the compass.

6. In what sense, and for what reason, is the climate of an equatorial plateau often described as one of "perpetual spring"?

7. What are the chief agents in denudation? How do they work? Give examples from Newfoundland.

8. Explain fully, with sketches and examples, what is meant by (a) an iceberg, (b) a water-parting, (c) an atoll.

9. State, and account for, the curious tidal phenomena in the Bay of Fundy, and give instances of somewhat similar phenomena elsewhere.

10. How far, and for what reasons, is it correct to say that ordinary land and sea breezes may be called "miniature monsoons"?

SCHOOL MANAGEMENT (Intermediate Grado).

Saturday, June 24th, 1911.-Afternoon, 4.15 to 6.15.

Work neatly.

1. Write brief Notes of a Lesson on any one of the four following


(a) The different meanings of the word that.

(b) The Gulf Stream.

(c) The Metric System.

(d) The Reign of any English King you choose.

State the age of the pupils you have in view, and the length of time the lesson is to last.


2. Write down four general principles that you regard as essential in the drawing up of a school Time-table.


3. What difficulties do you expect to find when you begin to teach Vulgar Fractions to a class, and how do you propose to deal with those difficulties? (18)

4. Draw up an Examination Paper consisting of four questions for any one of the three following classes :

(a) Average age thirteen: has been studying the Geography (political and physical) of North America for ten weeks. (b) Average age fourteen has studied the history of the four Georges for a term (twelve weeks).

(c) Average age twelve: has made a detailed study of the Noun, Verb, and Adjective for a term, following upon a general study of the Parts of Speech.


5. Either (a) Give an account of how you propose to promote punctuality and regular attendance among your pupils.

Or (b) Sketch out the best organization to secure the efficient working of a school in which there are 130 pupils divided into six classes, and only three teachers, a head master, and two assistants. (20)

SHORTHAND (Intermediate Grade).

Friday, June 23rd, 1911.-Afternoon, 12.15 to 1.

Candidates must not use india-rubber or make any erasures.


Ten minutes allowed.

To gain full marks, thirty words a minute must be transcribed neatly and correctly; twenty-five words a minute, fairly well done, will secure a pass.

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There is no pursuit that will not, under certain circumstances, become a passion. To some it may seem unaccountable that days, months-nay, years should be spent in wandering along the sea coast, seeking for the productions which the waves had cast upon it; but I can say truly, without even any hope of reward beyond the indulgence of my passion, I could have spent my days contentedly and happily thus employed. I longed for day, that light might enable me to renew my pursuit; I prolonged it until the objects of search were undistinguishable. I would often survey my accumulated treasures with delight, not less than that with which I now gaze upon the gold which they have purchased. Even after my labours had earned me independence, did I not leave my home and become a wanderer again by the ocean tide among the remotest islands that stud the deep? But years have at last stolen upon me, and domestic quiet, though it cannot wean me from my longings, reconciles me to that repose which enfeebled nature demands. But even now,

could vigour again reanimate for a season those limbs which have so often obeyed the impulses of my mind, I should again be Godolph the Shell Gatherer. Often in my sleep does imagination create new images out of the past. Often do I sit upon the shelving rock and watch the distant ocean swell approaching or the little wave fretting beneath me. Often am I hurrying at break of day over the dry sand hillocks to the sea beach, or spreading, in some sea-worn cavity, the collection of shells and other marine productions, the fruits of my labour, as the unclouded sun dips into the distant waters. I have been a man of many climes, but my race is nearly run. (30)


Take down, in Shorthand, the three passages that will be read by the Presiding Examiner, and transcribe the first two.


Twenty-eight minutes for transcription.

Seven minutes for dictation.

SHORTHAND (Intermediate Grade).

Friday, June 23rd, 1911. Afternoon, 12.15 to 1.



Seven minutes for dictation. Twenty-eight minutes for transcription. The following passages will be read in a measured flow. The diagonal lines do not indicate any pause in the reading, but merely show the number of words which ought to be read in each half-minute or quarter of a minute.

INSTRUCTIONS TO BE READ TO THE CANDIDATES. Three passages will be dictated: the first at 40 words per minute, the second at 50 words per minute, and the third at 60 words per minute. Candidates are to take down all three passages, and their shorthand notes will be submitted to the Examiner, but only the first two passages are to be transcribed. Accuracy is the matter of most importance. Candidates will find it an advantage if they take down each passage on a separate page and leave the opposite page in each case for the transcription. Candidates must not use india-rubber or make any erasures.

(40 words per minute.)

The first annual meeting of the Syndicate was held on Wednesday last. Mr. Baker, who presided, said that the country / where their mines were situate was a difficult one to work and operations were slow owing to the rains, but / he could safely say that in their new mines they had made great progress, mainly through the energy of 11⁄2 their / manager, Mr. Smith. The new mine, which was taken in hand in January, 1909, disclosed both vein and alluvial matter. They had found it profitable to allow the natives to work the latter 2 on their own account. /


(50 words per minute.)

Active development had been confined to three veins, and it had been thought better to concentrate all available labour on these and develop a large / tonnage of ore. On December the first it was estimated that in these three veins alone the ore actually blocked out and the possible ore / amounted to 37,648 tons. A cable stated 11⁄2 that there should be a further 58,000 tons of probable ore,



estimated on the basis of only 60 feet beyond the ore bodies opened up by the present developments. They were advised by Mr. / Smith that the average assay value was 5 per cent. and that the further 2 they got into the hill the richer did the ore become. /




(60 words per minute.)

The expenditure to date had only been £27,500, and only / three out of the sixteen veins had at present been dealt with; but even in / this initial stage they had a profit in sight of over one hundred thousand pounds/at the present prices of tin and wolfram. They proposed to form a subsidiary company / to purchase the mine with ten square miles of country which, subject to the approval of the government of India, they had been granted for thirty years with a 11 further / option for thirty years on favourable terms. A financial 12 group was prepared to guarantee the issue. The shareholders adopted the report and passed a vote of thanks to the Directors. /



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