Report of the Examinations Conducted by the Council of Higher Education, Newfoundland


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Página 111 - IF from any point without a circle two straight lines be drawn, one of which cuts the circle, and the other touches it ; the rectangle contained by the whole line which cuts the circle, and the part of it without the circle, shall be equal to the square of the line which touches it.
Página 19 - THE sun upon the lake is low, The wild birds hush their song, The hills have evening's deepest glow Yet Leonard tarries long. Now all whom varied toil and care From home and love divide, In the calm sunset may repair Each to the loved one's side.
Página 105 - Clanging fights, and flaming towns, and sinking ships, and praying hands. But they smile, they find a music centred in a doleful song Steaming up, a lamentation and an ancient tale of wrong, Like a tale of little meaning tho' the words are strong; Chanted from an ill-used race of men that cleave the soil.
Página 111 - The square described on the hypotenuse of a rightangled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares described on the sides containing the right angle. Prop. 30. — If the square on one side of a triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides, the angle contained by these two sides is a right angle.
Página 45 - ... me, and perceiving that I was weary and dejected, inquired into my situation, which I briefly explained to her; whereupon, with looks of great compassion, she took up my saddle and bridle, and told me to follow her.
Página 115 - O qui res hominumque deumquo /Eternis regis imperiis, et fulmine terres, ' Quid meus /Eneas in te committere tantum, Quid Trocs potuere, quibus tot funera passis Cunctus ob Italiam terrarum clauditur orbis ? Certe hinc Romanos olim volventibus annis Hinc fore ductores, revocato a sanguine Teucri, Qui mare, qui terras omni ditione tenerent, Pollicitus : quae te, genitor, sententia vertit ? Hoc equidem occasum Trojae tristesque ruinas Solabar, fatis contraria fata rependens.
Página 105 - Camelot. And at the closing of the day She loosed the chain, and down she lay ; The broad stream bore her far away, The Lady of Shalott. Lying, robed in snowy white That loosely flew to left and right — The leaves upon her falling light — Thro...
Página 117 - ... nondum caesa suis, peregrinum ut viseret orbem, montibus in liquidas pinus descenderat undas; nullaque mortales praeter sua litora norant. nondum praecipites cingebant oppida fossae ; non tuba directi, non aeris cornua flexi, non galeae, non ensis erat ; sine militis usu mollia securae peragebant otia gentes.
Página 45 - I waited more than two hours without having an opportunity of crossing the river; during which time, the people who had crossed, carried information to Mansong, the King, that a white man was waiting for a passage, and was coming to see him. He immediately sent over one of his chief men, who informed me that the king could not possibly see me, until he knew what had brought me into his country; and that I must not presume to cross the river without...
Página 116 - Socrates mihi videtur, id quod constat inter omnes. primus a rebus occultis et ab ipsa natura involutis, in quibus omnes ante eum philosophi occupati fuerunt, avocavisse philosophiam et ad vitam communem adduxisse, ut de virtutibus et vitiis omninoque de bonis rebus et malis quaereret, caelestia autem vel procul esse a nostra cognitione censeret, vel si maxime cognita essent, nihil tamen ad bene vivendum.

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