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Robinson's Plan of Lectures, 5th edit. a quotation from it, on the va-
rious degrees of religious tyranny iii. 329 m. On the Directory 379 n,
Rochelle, siege of ii 4.86
Rockrey Mr. expelled the university for non-conformity to the habits
i 354
Rogers John, assists in translating the bible i 68 Preferred 89 His
martyrdom 139 Was against the popish habits 218
Rogers Rev. John, his sufferings ii. 303 Mr. N. Rogers retires to
ew-England 804 Mr. Ezekiel Rogers retires also 340
Romish missals the foundation of the morning and evening services of
the common-prayer-book i 96
Root and Branch petition ii 446 Counter petition #18 Speeches for
the former 422
Rosewell Mr. his trial v 104. He is condemned, but pardoned 166
Round-Head and Cavalier, origin of those appellations i 518
Rouse Mr. his speech in parliament ii. 211
Rowe Mr. John, his death, &c. v. 50 51 m.
Royal—State of the royal family iv. 148 Origin of the royal society
306 Cromwell’s management of the royalists 111 Their plots
against him 114 119 210 His severity against them by decimation
Rudd bishop, his speech in convocation on the cross in baptism, and
in favor of the puritans ii. 54
Rupert prince, his eharacter and behavior in the war iii 126 His bad
conduet in the battle of Naseby 279 The king displeased with
him 280
Russel lord, beheaded v 88
Rye-house plot iv 88 Non-conformists charged with it 90 Quakers
exonerate themselves from it 91

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Sabbath, eontroversy about it i 543—See Lord's Day-Strict observa-
vation of it iii. 66 Ordinance for that purpose 180
Sacrament, act for administering it in both kinds i 92 Sacramentaries
who 74 Reformation of the service 95 147
Sacramental Test, a national blemish vol. i preface p 7 vol. ii preface
14 12 w
Sacramentaries perseeuted, and who i 74
Sadler Rev. Mr. his case published, and answered iv. 134
Saints-Days, &c. disliked by the puritans i 258. Abolished iii 416
Salisbury entered by a party of armed horse during the assizes, and
the judges seized by the royalists iv. 120. They proclaim the king,
but being unsupported, march into Dorset and Devon, are defeated,
and the leaders executed ib.
Salkield Mr. his sufferings v 87 and n.
Sale of bishop's lands, ordinance for it iii 862 ...Whether sacrilege 502
Salters-Hall lectures, an aeeount of p 22 of life of Neal, prefixed to
vol. i
Saltmarsh Mr. his death, and the extraordinary circumstances attend-
ing it iii 469


Samaritan Bible, some particulars of it iv 169 m.
Sampson Mr. his letter against the habits i 222 Proceedings of the
ecclesiastical commissioners against him and Dr. Humphreys 234 m.
He is deprived 233 Resigns his lecture 838 His plain dealing
with Grindal 339 His death and character 484 485
Sancroft arshbishop, his circular letter to his clergy v 202
sanderson Dr. some account of iii 453 and n. His sentiments con-
cerning the net of uniformity iv 403 m.
Sandys bishop of Worcester, inveighs against the habits i 221 Re-
minds the queen of the great scarcity of preachers 241 Translat-
ed to London, and his charge to the clergy 282. His letter to the
treasurer for suppressing the puritans 309 Made archbishop of
York 349 His proceedings against dean Whittingham 865 . And
other puritans 473 His death 486 Remarkable passage in his
will ib.
Saville lord, his letter to encourage the Scots ii 350
Savoy Confession iv 214, &c.
Savoy Conference iv 361 Names of the divines on both sides 364 862
Opening of the conferenee 368 Hardships of the presbyterians in
it 364 Proceedings of the commissioners 365 A disputation pro-
posed 366 The subject of it ib. Remarks 368 The presbyterians
descend to intreaties 369 Behavior of the commissioners 370. Of
the diputants 371 Of the auditors 372 Censures of the conference
Saunders Mr. burnt at Coventry i 139
Saunders Dr. some account of iii. 447
Scandalous. Ministers, committee for them iii 52 White’s publication,
called the first century of them 57 Other testimonies of their char-
acter ib. Another eommittee for them, and the Earl of Manches-
ter's warrant empowering it to act 445
Schism, puritans vindicate themselves from this and other charges i
506 Schism bill v. 234 Repealed by George I. 235 See appen-
dix No. xv xvi.
Scholars of the university of Oxford, their insolence iii. 444 They are
expelled 446
School in Gravel-lane, Southwark, an account of v 266 &c.
;School-Masters restrained i 454
Scotland, the reformation there i 196 &c. Their confession of faith.
and kirk discipline 200 Farther account of affairs there, 254–
Their kirk discipline established 256. A summary of the kirk af.
fairs there 435 Scots divines write to the bishops against impos-
ing the habits 227 Behavior of James I. before his accession to
the English crown ii 28 Episcopacy restored there against the
sense of the nation 109 His progress and proceedings there 135
486 Charles's progress there 256 Laud's behavior there 257–
Book of eanons for that kingdom 292 And liturgy 324 Charles's
second progress 479 Progress of the English army there iv 44 76
Reduced by Monk, and united to the commonwealth 81 Low con-
dition of the kirk ib. Liberty of conscience settled 82 The kirk
insulted ib. State of Scotland then, and afterwards 83 Incorpo-
rated with England 114 Episcopacy restored 379 &c. Summary
of the persecution there v 108 Proceedings of the government 109
Which occasions an insurrection ib. Of house and field conventi-
cles 110 Effects of the persecution 111 Its affairs in James's
reign v. 166 His declaration there 173, Presbytery restored 232
Scots bishops consecrated i 108. Their declinator against the gene-
ral assembly 334 They are deposed 388 Scots liturgy 324 im-
posed by the prerogative 325 Occasions tumults 326 - Reasons
against it 327 Petitions against it 328 And a protestation 329
Scots parliament 347 Scots settlements in Ireland 123 Their dis-
cipline 124. Their ordinations 125 Scots tables 329 Solemn
league, &c. 330 Band of defence 331 King's concession to them
332 334 Preparations of the English court against them 337 Are
encouraged by the English 350 Their charge against Laud 386
Abstract of the pacification with them 477 Declared faithful sub-
jects 482 Offer their mediation between the king and English par-
liament 544 Their letter to the parliament 568 First Seuts war
339 344. The second 363 Scots called in by the English parlia-
ment and assembly of divines iii 88 Their reasons for assisting
the parliament 89 They appoint a solemn league and covenant 90
Their unbounded zeal in imposing it 96 Their army enters Eng-
land 125 Their exceptions to the ordinance for erecting presbyte-
ries in England 301 And the parliament’s reply 802 . Their de-
claration against toleration 314. The king surrenders himself to
their army 825 Their zeal against sectaries 329 Their behavior
to the king 336 Their kirk will not trust him, and publish a sol-
emn warning and declaration 357. Proceedings of their parliament
in relation to him 358 They deliver him up, and publish their
reasons 359 They receive the whole Westminster confession of
faith 378 Their commissioners take leave of the assembly 380–
They appoint a fast for the distractions of England 384 Aceount
of the discipline in their kirk 381 m. King's private treaty with
them 400 Their army enters England under Duke Hamilton 472
And is defeated by Cromwell 475 They press the king's consent
in the treaty of Newport 503 They protest against putting him to
death 522 Their declaration against the English iv 86 Their
treaty with the king in Holland 37 Conditions of it 44 Crom-
well marches against them 45 Defeats them at Dunbar 46 He
invites their ministers to return 47 &c. Remarks 50. Their army
under the king marches to England 77 Are defeated at Worcester
79 Low state of the kirk 81 Terms on which they would restore
the king 271 New Scots bishops made 380 . Their character 383
v 108 Character of the Scots presbyterians iv. 382 Their suffer-
ings v 10s
Scripture, whether to be interpreted by antiquity and tradition iii. 345
Scriptures, debates about translating them i_67 See Bible
Scruple-Shop, an appellation of contempt, by some of the scholars, on
the conference held by the divines sent by parliament to reform the .
university of Oxford iii. 422
Seaman Dr. some account of iii 138 139 m. iv. 458 and n,
Se-Baptist, a title given to Mr. Smith, and why ii. 72

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Secret History of the Court and Reign of Charles II. this work quoted,
ii 46 n. 63 m. 167 m. and in other places.
Sectaries, canon against them, ii. 857 Presbyterians’ remonstrance
against them iii.338 The independents oppose it 380 Presbyteri-
ans petition against them 364, Farther account of them 365 Ed-
wards's Gangrena written against them 366 Mr. Baxter's account
of them 369 Lord Clarendon's, and bishop Bramhall's 370 37
Sedgwick Mr. O. his death iv 207
Sees, vacant ones, debates about filling them iv 258 Difficulties that
attended it ib. Expedients proposed 254 Remarks 255
Selden Mr. his recantation ii 138 His character of the clergy 165
and n. His sentiments concerning convocations iii. 82 83 m.
On the parliament at Oxford 122 m. His speech against suspen-
sions and exeommunications 292 His death and character iv 148
149 and notes,
Self-denying ordinance iii. 277
Self-employment in secret, by Corbett, an exeellent work v 73
Seminaries popish erected i 344. The oath taken by the students 345
Separation from the church of England, the rise and sad consequences
of it i 253 Remarks thereon ib. The chief leaders of it 263 It
increases 273 Protestation of the members of those that joined the
separate church 331 Their assemblies broke up 338 Archbish-
op Laud's sentiments of it ii. 74 . A second separation from the
church 84 Debates about the lawfulness of it iii. 316
Sequestrations, committee of iii 132
Servants, time allotted for their recreation iii 416
Service-Book, or liturgy, king Edward’s first i 96 99 Occasions in-
surrections 100 His second service-book 117 118 . A better design-
ed by Cranmer 128 Disputes about it among the English exiles
451 Calvin’s judgment of it 152 Reviewed and established under
queen Elizabeth, 177 The pope offers to confirm it 180 Motives
for amendments in it 400 Service of the church, what the puritans
wanted amended it 31 42 Laud’s alteration in the service-book 269
Of reading the second service iii.218
Settle Mr. his examination and troubles i 472 473
Seward Dr. his reply to Mr. Henderson about bishops iii.266
Sexual distinction, wisely abrogated by quakers v 258
Shaftesbury earl of deserts the cabal v 21. He is sent to the Tower 78
Shaxton bishop, a friend to the reformation i 64 Resigns his bishop-
ric, but turns apostate and persecutor 76
Sheldon archbishop, some account of iii 450 His munificent deeds
451 m. Promotes the act of uniformity; his character iv 403 The
proceedings at the opening of his theatre 465 m. His letter to the
bishops against the non-conformists 472 Another v 41 His death
587 and ns.
Sheppard Rev. Mr. removes to New-England ii.288
Sherfield Mr. tried in the star-chamber, for demolishing some painted
windows in St. Edmund's chureh, Salisbury ii 250. His defence
251 His sentence 252 Noticed in vol. iii 205 206
Ship-money, tonnage, &c. promoted by Laud iii 194

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Shorter Sir J. lord-mayor, his behavior v 184
Shower Mr. John, his reception at Geneva v. 87 n.
Sibbs Dr. his death and character ii 294. Of his works 394 m.
Sibthorpe's sermon ii 195 . He is preferred 200
Sidney Algernon, executed v 89 and n.
Sims Rev. John, his sufferings iii 553
Simpson Mr. Cuthbert, put to the raek and burnt i 149
Singleton Dr. John, account of him p 15 m. of Neal’s memoirs pre-
fixed to vol. i
Singularity, the puritans vindicate themselves from that, and other
charges i 506
Sir Articles, statute of, and sad effects of i 75 76 Their rigor abated
84 Repealed 92
Skippon inajor-general, eneourages his soldiers iii.29 His bravery in
the battle of Naseby so
Smallbrook Dr. extract from his charge to his clergy, on the danger of
the church, on dissenters, &e. preface to vol. iii 50 51
Smart Rev. Mr. his sufferings ii.228 His eharacter, &e. ib. n.
Smectymnuus who ii 405 They reply to bishop Hall's defence of lit-
urgies 406 And of the English liturgy 388 They are for ordina-
tion by presbyters 412 Their petition about episcopacy and litur-
y 415
sin Mr. George, p 24 of the life of Neal prefixed to vol. in.
Smith Molo, examined with other puritans, by arehbishop Grindal
i 264 -
Smith Mr. and other Brownists, their sufferings i 51s &c. An ac-
count of him ii. 71 72 and n.
Snape Dr. the spirit of his writings iii 11s n.
Snelling Mr. his sufferings ii.26s
Society for propagating the gospel, some account of iv. 433 For dis-
tributing bibles, &c. in Wales v 31
Socinianism, canon against it ii. 357
Solemn League and Covenant renewed ii 330 Solemn vow, &c. of the
long parliament 443 Ordered to be generally taken 445 Remarks
ib. Drawn up, and passed by the Seots iii 90 Debates upon it in
2ngland 91 Where it is agreed to 92 A copy of it ib. Manner
of taking it 96 An exhortation to the taking it 97 Unreasonable-
ness of imposing it 90 102 Instructions for taking it in the country
99 The king forbids the taking it 101. The influence it had on
the clergy ib. Ordered to be read and hung up in ehurches 184
Presbyterians petition to have it imposed on the whole nation 364
Abstract of the university of Oxford's reasons against it 365 Ex-
ceptions against the preface ib. Against the covenant in general 426
Against the first article ib. Against the second 427 Against the
third 438 The fourth, fifth, and sixth 428-29 Contradictions and
doubtful expressions in the covenant 430 Absurdities in pursuing
the ends of it ib. Of the salvo's for taking it 431 The solemn
league, &c. declared illegal iv 356
Song of Solomon and the Revelations, commentaries on, published by
Mr. T. Brightman ii 97

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