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leisure, can be roused up to pursue the investigations which are here but imperfectly commenced, and to expose any errors, or confirın any truths, which have now been suggested, this little book will not have been written in vain.”

This quotation, and that upon the reverse of the title-page, seem to me none the less pertinent from their having been originally written with reference, not to the particular points discussed in the following Essay, but to others to which the same principles of interpretation apply.

It will be observed, that, in accordance with the motto, " To the Law and to the Testimony," this Essay is composed in great measure of quotations from the Scriptures. An Appendix is now added, consisting of extracts from distinguished theological writers, with some remarks. The authors, to whom I am indebted for these extracts, are Professors Woods, Stuart, and Park, of Andover; Professor Robinson, of New York; Professor Stowe, of Lane Seminary; John Robinson, the Father of Congregationalism; Dr. Watts; Bishops WARBURTON and HORSLEY; and the well-known Commentators, Lightfoot, Gill, MACKNIGHT, Scott, CLARKE, and BARNES.

November, 1849.

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