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Thy face lile copper-kettle glows,
And like brass-knocker is thy nose ;

What though thy talents for haranguing, Would cost a school-boy many a banging, With half an hour to hem and stammer Thou ne'er spok’st three words sense nor grammar

Since Ireland, with her modern Gracchi,
With each a bleeding nose and black eye
Since Algiers, all her corsairs mustering,
Can find no fellow bold and blustering
So qualified to take a station
With patriots met for legislation,
In spite of Nature, spite of Fate,
Thou shalt be dubb'd “LYON THE GREAT !"

Ye Vermont yeomen be contented,
Although by Lyon represented,
For if the creature was a monkey,
I'd be his advocate so spunkey,
Because his promises are pleasant,
Wherewith he entertains the peasant.

He'll make us justices of peace,
Though simple as a flock of geese ;
Transform each bumpkin, beetle-headed, *
To sheriff, not a little dreaded ;
Exactly as he would have done
For clever folks at Castleton,
Who had been squires, I'll bet a shilling,
If every body had been willing!

* Alias, with a head like a block or mallet.

+ A small village in Vermont. The simpletons of this sorry hamlet were gulled to vote for our demagogue by fair promises of promotion. The legislature, however, with whom rested the power of making appointments to offices, did not think proper to ratify these promises.


Simon Spunkey, Esq. showeth, that the prayer of a certain “Memorial,” from Matthew Lyon, stating his pre-eminent qualifications for a seat in our national legis.. lature, is just and reasonable.—Talketh big words to con. gress, and threateneth to overturn their apple-cart, and set his foot in it!

PRAY what can mean this mighty pother
About our democratick brother,
Our famous chieftain, Colonel Lyon, :
Who's forc'd his modesty to try on,
A dress, which friends and foes declare
Is very little worse for wear;
And hie to congress, with petition,
Describing his forlorn condition :
For that he, having been neglected,
Is not do great as he expected.

Lyon, like jacobin of spirit, :: Declares his own transcendent merit, That, having canvass'd well the matter, He would not seem himself to flatter, But still is sure he is conspicuous In Rutland county, and contiguous ; And is design’d by God, and Nature, For seat in federal legislature ; That he was chosen, last December, Right honourable congress member, By votes a very large majority, ... And proves it by his own authority ; His calculations can't deceive him, Yet federal fools will not believe him.. But would you learn his pithy story all Please to consult his wise “ Memorial.”

Now should you, sirs, refuse his claim, His brother beasts would cry for shame! All, wild and tame, like Balaam's ass, Exclaim, how came this thing to pass !

2 K

But federalists, a stubborn pack, Still grope in errour's mazy track ; They say, that Lyon's votes were few, . That half he claims are not his due. : What, cannot common sense be taught them? The votes were his, because he bought them! I'll tell you how he paid the cost, And purchased many, which he lost.

To drive his patriotick plan on,
From frontier forts he took the cannon,
And, with the democratick metal,
Cast many a handsome five-pail kettle,
With which, to gain his popularity,
He pension'd half Vermont vulgarity.
A kettle was a pretty present
To any mountaineer, or peasant,
Who would procure him votes in plenty,
Each kettle paid, I think, for twenty !

Now, Messrs. Congress folks, I trow,
You'd better let the Lyon go,
Or else in these hard times, and critical,
We'll pelt ye, sirs, with squibs political;

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