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In our vernacular idiom call’d a rain bow,
Which perhaps the unpoetick reader would

fain know.
Then positively declare,
That Amanda the fair,
Who really beats the Dutch,

Exceeds as much

All such
As does a fine lilack silk gown
The dirtiest grogram in town.
Then bid your muse higher fly,

And say your queen of lasses
Each country wench surpasses,
Yea, far more excells

Your Moggies and Nells,
Then doth the noontide blaze the scintillating

fire fly.






NOW Night's sullen Noon spreads her mantle

around, And menacing thunders roll solemn in air, Amanda's sad accents the woodlands resound,

Dark mountains re-echo these plaints of despair.

.“ See how the gloom deepens, the rude tempest

roars, . “And loud the rough North-wind howls through

the expanse, “Old Ocean, hoarse murmuring, lashes the shores, “While phantoms of night o'er the wild desert


“ The prominent cliff, that impends o'er the flood

“ Responds to the ominous scream of the owl ;

« Grim wolves rave infuriate through the dark

wood, • Their orgies nocturnal discordantly howl!

“ Here, pensively straying, I'll climb the tall steep, “ While Night's leaden sceptre bids nature re

pose, “ From the brow of the precipice plunge in the

deep, “ And thus put an end to my numberless woes.

« In the gay morn of life surely none was more

blest, “To the blithe song of pleasure I danc'd o'er

the green, « Of innocence, beauty, and fortune possest,

“ While sportive festivity haild me her queen.

“To solace my parents my pleasing employ, “ Their life's rugged passage with flow'rets to

strow, " Amanda their hope, and Amanda their joy,

Her happiness all that they wish'd for below.

6. Thus fifteen fair summers roll'd swiftly away,

“ Ere man, base deceiver, to ruin me strove, “ Ere Cleon, deceitful, but witty and gay,

“First melted my heart to the raptures of love.

“Spring, sweetly luxuriant, deck'd the gay lawn, “ The dew-drop, nectareous, bespangled the

grove, 5. When Cleon first met me, one beautiful morn,

“ With trembling solicitude whisper'd his love.

“ His person was graceful, his manners refind,

“ A pupil of Chesterfield, easy and free ; “ But night's darkest gloom not so dark as his

mind, 5i Not half so deceitful yon treacherous sea.

“ With eyes beaming rapture he swore to be true;

“ Can cruelty dwell with a cherub so fair? “ Would you make me unhappy who live but for

you, • « Ah! why should you drive a fond youth to

despair ?

“ With fatal success were his stratagems plied . “ To ruin a blooming and innocent maid ; " Full often he promis'd to make me his bride,

“ Then, basely deserted the nymph he betray'd !

. « The news to my parents convey'd sad surprise,

“ Oppress’d with keen anguish they tore their

grey hair, « Till pitying death clos'd their sorrowing eyes,

“ But left me behind them a prey to despair.

“ Impell’d by rude Phrensy I wander'd from home, “ That home once delightful, where once I was

blest, “ Now indigent, hopeless, distracted I roam, “ 'Till Death's cold embrace lull my sorrows to


« But, ah! the wild horrours of madness return

“ To rive every nerve in my tremulous frame, “ Forbear, my pain’d head, any longer to burn,

“ Cease, anguishing heart, to enkindle the flame.

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