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tions, in the distribution of religious books providing additional accommodation for and tracts, in China, Siam, India, Australia, more than 10,000 children; sixty-seven &c., West and South Africa, the West in England and thirty-six in Wales. FortyIudies, British America, and in every coun two public meetings had been held, and try of Europe. After noticing the Jubilee lectures at twenty-two places. The schools contributions, and the proposed offer of in London and its vicinity had received 310 prizes to different writers, for their publi- visits from Mr. Althans, and thirty-two cations against the irreligion of the age, public examinations, and eight public meetthe Report alluded to Ireland, as a wide ings. And in the provinces many visits field for evangelical labour. Referring to had been paid in most important towns by Great Britain, the Report stated the many the agents, Messrs. Wilks, Barton, and grants that had been made to district, Smith. In Wales, very many schools had city, and town missions, Christian instruc been established or assisted, by grants of tion societies; to sailors, soldiers, emi- lessons, slates, &c., and also in various grants; at fairs, on railways, to foreigners, colonies and foreign parts. The model Home missionary agents, and to numerous schools were still overflowing; in the boys' other miscellaneous objects, amounting to 919 had been admitted, and in the girls' 2,694,000 publications, about the value of school, 450; making a total of nearly 50,000 2,8001. The entire issues from the depôt who had received instruction in the model during the year, have been 18,223,955; schools alone. The Normal schools had making the total circulation, at home and been numerously attended, by the admission abroad, to be about 500,000,000, in nearly of 175 students. The training school for 100 languages! The amount received for female teachers had been much increased, sales, 44,6031. 16s. 6d. The total receipts, and eighty-four had been appointed to with the sales, 59,495l. 35. 3d. The Report schools ; twenty-one had withdrawn, and concluded, by a brief survey of the past forty-two were still pursuing their studies. fifty years, and commended the Society to S. Gurney, Esq., then presented his accounts, the sympathy, support, and prayers of the as the Treasurer. The amount received Christian church, and the blessing of Al was 11,5641. 178. 10d., and the expenditure mighty God.

was 11,7111. 18s. 8d. ; leaving a balance due The series of suitable resolutions were to himself of 1421. Os. 10d.; and he then severally spoken to by the Rev. C. Hodg- urged on the friends of this Society an son, Rector of Barton-le-Street; Rev. W. increase of annual subscriptions. The meetArthur, Wesleyan Missionary ; Rev. A. ing was then addressed by the Bishop of Bost, of Geneva; the Rev. A. Wells; Rev. Norwich, W. Evans, Esq., M.P., who afterG. Smith, of Poplar; Rev. R. Nesbit, Secre wards filled the chair; Revs. W. Arthur, tary of the Bombay Tract Society; J. G. T. Boaz, E. Craig, by the Bishop of ManHoare, Esq.; and Rev. W. Groser, of Chel-chester, and other gentlemen. The Revs. The meeting was, on many accounts,

T. Binney moved, and J. Russell seconded of a very interesting character.

the motion of thanks to the Chairinan, and being put and carried and responded to,

this interesting meeting separated. BRITISH AND FOREIGN SCHOOL SOCIETY,

Tue annual meeting of this Institution was held at Exeter-hall, on Monday, the 7th instant, and was numerously attended. The annual meeting of this Society, On the platform we observed the Bishops comprising the Home Missionary, Irish of Norwich and Manchester, Lord Mont- Evangelical, and Colonial Societies, was eagle, Sir E. N. Buxton, Bart, M.P., with held on Tuesday evening, May 8th, at many more gentlemen, and influential Dis- | Exeter-hall; J. Kershaw, Esq., M.P., in senting ministers. The Earl of Carlisle, the chair. There was a numerous body of on taking the chair, after alluding to the ministers and gentlemen on the platform, fact of having occupied the chair on former “ whose praise is in all our churches," occasions, said: “That as a servant of the and therefore need not be given in detail, Crown, it was most acceptable to him to and a large attendance in the body of the be the organ of the Royal bounty, which hall. The worthy Chairman addressed the has already flowed from the hands of meeting in a very manly and Christian four successive sovereigns (cheers), and spirit, adverting, with much propriety, to chiefly as a citizen nd a Christian man, the various operations of this combined he was glad to express his full and fervid Institution, and particularly to poor and testimony to this useful, honourable, and famishing Ireland. The Rev. Thomas healing mission." (Cheers.) After the James then read the Report. In the conclusion of his Lordship's admirable Home Mission 123 agents had been emaddress, Mr. H. Dunn read an abstract ployed, which with ninety-six lay preachers, of the Report. It stated that 103 new make a total of 219, ministering to a popuschools had been opened during the year,

lation of half a million of souls ; among





these are 146 churches, with 5,323 members, many topics that might tend to keep up in full communion. But we must refer to the missionary ardour of the churches, and the Report itself, for almost innumerable to augment the funds of the Society. instances of successful enterprise in this The Rev. J. Angus, the Secretary, then popular mission. The amount of the read the Report, of which the following is receipts from all sources is 6,4451. 15s. 9d., a brief abstract. The Society bas agents which is 2731. 13s. 2d. more than last year; \ in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. In the expenditure is 6,9221. 18s. 10d ; but the continental India it has thirty-five mis. available stock is only enough to meet the sionaries, and sixty-five native teachers. next quarterly payments.

In Ceylon and other islands, six misIn the Irish Evangelical Society the sionaries, and more than forty native various plans for the erection of schools teachers. There are, also, upwards of 1,800 and chapels is steadily advancing. The members, and in the schools, about 4,000 Rev. J. D. Smith, in pleading the cause of children; the number of schools in India, this Society, had been so successful as to 102. The number of volumes of the obtain nearly 1,000l. in our great northern Scriptures printed, between 1837 to 1847, towns. But the Committee regret that amounted to 503,205 ;-in all, 743,270. they have to announce the failure of their Since 1847, 133,000 more have been issued income, – leaving a deficiency of 487l. from the press. The churches in Jamaica 10s. 3d.; the receipts of the year only contain about 34,000,—there being double amounting to 3,7011. 35. 4d.

the number, both of ministers and members The Colonial Missionary Society, although from 1837 to 1847. In the Bahamas, there it has been in existence but sixteen years, are three missionaries, ten native teachers, has already accomplished great and mighty | 2,800 members; and in the day-schools, results. In the colonial churches are found, 1 750 children. Within the last seven years probably, 4,000 persons in the fellowship missions have been begun in Africa, in of the gospel, most of whom, but for this Hayti, Trinidad, France, Madras, and CaSociety, might have been wandering as nada. In Africa many thousand people sheep having no shepherd. But now it is have been clothed, and parts of the New supposed that about 20,000 persons bear | Testament printed in three of the dialects. the gospel; and many thousands of chil- | In Canada, ten ministers have been aided dren are instructed in sabbath-schools. The by the Society, in preaching the gospel income has been 3,0531. 10s. 7d., whilst extensively. In France, the New Testathe expenditure has been 3,0681. 16s. 4d.; ment in Breton has been printed. Several which brings the long-desired balance to printing establishments have recently been a point.

formed in Africa and Trinidad. The misThe gentlemen who took part in the sionaries and native teachers have increased, proceedings, acquitted themselves admi- | within the last ten years, from about eighty. rably. Mr. Wilks represented the co five to about 225, not including Jamaica. lonies in the generous spirit of an For the support of these agents the Society Anglo-Saxon emigrant. Dr. Morison elo has not more than 16,0001. a year available. quently pleaded the cause of Ireland, and Nine hundred churches collected for the Dr. Halley nobly sustained his reputation Society in Great Britain and Ireland last as a Nonconformist and British Christian ; | year; but upwards of 200 of these have and the audience responded with liberality given a collection only every other year. in aid of the funds; nor can we doubt that If all would form auxiliaries, and if all the people of this country will ever fail in would collect every year, the Society would their support of the British Missions.

be relieved of its difficulties.

The total number of the Society's mis

sionaries is not greater, all over the world, BAPTIST MISSIONARY SOCIETY. than the agents of the City Mission. The The annual meeting of the Baptist friends of this mission are, in conclusion, Missionary Society was held at Exeter- | reminded that their gifts are to be divided hall, on Thursday, April 26th. The large among upwards of 200 stations in the four hall was crowded. The chair was filled by continents, and for the support of more than S. M. Peto, Esq., M.P.; and the platform 200 labourers, and all deserving of liberal was occupied by most influential gentlemen assistance. The Committee therefore re. and ministers of the denomination.

spectfully solicit an increase of their funds, After singing, the Rev. Dr. Cox offered to make up the deficient income of last up a fervent prayer on behalf of the mis- | year, and the liquidation of the debt of the sionary enterprise. After this the Chair Society; the deficiency in March, 1848, man rose, amidst much applause, and, in was 5,2341. The total income of the Society allusion to the principles and motives of for the year ending April, 1848, was under Dr. Carey and his associates, interested the 23,0001.,-a sum totally inadequate to the meeting by various details of the progressive support of the entire mission. efforts of this mission. He powerfully urged The meeting was characterised by its pertinence and earnestness; the speeches | THE BAPTIST HOME MISSIONABY SOCIETY, evinced no want of zeal, especially in the powerful addresses of Messrs. Haycroft and

The annual ineeting of this Society was Boaz ; and, among other advocates, the

| held on Monday evening, April 23rd, at estimable vicar of Enstone appeared to

Finsbury Chapel. Though the evening was testify his fraternal sympathy and good will.

uufavourable, the attendance was numerous. We regret to find that the Society is so

Mr. Alderman Challis presided, when, after deeply in debt; but the Secretary gratified

ified prayer by the Rev. Mr. Morris, the Chairthe audience by announcing a donation of

man expressed great pleasure in meeting 2501, from Mr. and Mrs. Peto, and 100l. for

with the friends of the Society on that the Mission at Calabar, and 1001. from the

| Occasion :-" It appears to me a matter of executors of the late Mr. Boyce. The great propriety, that we should commence meeting then adjourned until the morrow

| these great meetings, which show the evening, at Finsbury Chapel.

world the efforts of our Christianity, by At this adjourned meeting, J. H. Allen,

presenting to the world a report of what Esq., presided. After prayer by the Rev.

has been done in our own country; for J. T. Wigner, the Chairman said that he

there is an inseparable connection between would resume the missionary theme,-a

every effort of Christianity, whether for theme that should be dear to every Chris- our own country, or for foreign objects." tian heart. The Secretary then briefly

The Report then read by Mr. Davis, stated stated the obiects of the Society. The as. | the following facts : “ The number of cen. sembly was then addressed by the Revs. J. tral stations, in part aided by the funds of Paterson, of Glasgow, W. Brock, - New

the Society, is 111, which, with subordinate man. Leechman. and Hinton. in deeply. stations, make a total of 297. The misimpressive speeches, and the proceedings

sionaries preach to about 23,000 of their closed with praise and prayer.

countrymen weekly. Large and small, the number of schools is 115, containing 7,000

scholars, calling into exercise 1,000 teachers, THE BAPTIST IRISH SOCIETY. thus happily employed. The number of The annual meeting of this Society was

additions to the churches during the year held in Finsbury Chapel, in the evening of

has been 562; the present number amounts April 24th ; R. Harris, Esq., M.P., in the

to 4,335, Yet the Committee deem it neceschair. After singing, and prayer by the sary to reduce their expenditure to their Rev. J. Winter, the Chairman said he was

actual income, owing to the low state of happy to see such a meeting, and it gave

their funds. The abstract of the Treasurer's him much pleasure to encourage them in

Report states as follows: By subscriptions, the good work in which they were engaged;

collections, and bequests, 4,6401. 10. 2d. for all would agree with him, that there

Expenditure, 4,6451. 7s. 11d., with a balance now existed in the breast of every English

against the Society, due in loans, 5301. man a strong feeling of commiseration for

The Revs. A. M. Stalker, of Leeds, J. the neglected population of Ireland. In

Branch, H. S. Brown, of Liverpool, S. conclusion he called upon the Secretary,

Green, G. Low, Esq., and Rev. Mr. Cubitt, the Rev. J. Tristrail. to read the Report, effectively moved and seconded the various From this document' it appeared that the resolutions. After which the meeting closed Society had now in Ireland 15 churches,

with singing and prayer. 15 Missionaries, and 16 Scripture-readers; 138 members had been added to the

BIBLE TRANSLATION SOCIETY. churches, and 30 schools had been attended by more than 2,000 scholars. The Relief This Society held its aunual meeting at Fund had, by the blessing of God, been the the Baptist Chapel, New Park-street, on means of saving many lives. The cash- | Wednesday evening, April 25th. John account stated that the receipts of the year Shoard, Esq., of Bristol, in the chair. After had been 2,6701. 2s. 9d. ; and the expendi- the Divine blessing had been sought by ture 4,3401. 11s. 3d. ; yet the debt had been singing and prayer, the Chairman briefly reduced 86h, as compared with last year. appealed to the meeting on the avowed The Relief Fund showed a balance in object of the Society, and that they would favour of the Society of 1,3881. 98. 3d. The sustain their efforts from a sense of gratiresolutions were moved and seconded by tude they owed to God, who bad given impressive speeches by the Rev. Messrs. them in their own tongue his holy Word. C. M. Birrel, W. Hamilton, J. Bigwood, Dr. Steane, the Secretary, then read the and J. Burnet. The motion of thanks was Report, which states the progress that has made to the Chairman by Mr. Tritton and been made in printing various parts of the the Secretary, which he briefly responded Scriptures in the Indian dialects; and there to, trusting the meeting would cheerfully have been printed in the four principal lanmeet the appeal now made, and the as- l guages, single Gospels, Psalms, &c., &c., to sembly then separated.

the amount of 59,000; also 48,157 volumes, VOL. XXVIL

2 A

chiefly Gospels, have been issued from the were engaged in going to the abodes of Depository. The receipts for the year poverty and of crime ; so that 52,566 famiamount to 1,4721. 8s. 6d.; and several lega- | lies had been blessed by the oft-repeated cies were announced. The Committee re- | visits of these disinterested Agents of the commend to their supporters, a “ patient Society. Their persuasions had induced continuance in well.doing,” which is most 2,035 persons to attend the house of God, needful for the translators in their arduous and 2,449 children to enter the Sabbathwork, so that they may be able, as the schools. Thousands of tracts had been disresult of their labours, to give to the nations tributed, and 559 copies of the Scriptures the uncorrupted Word of God.

also. In 79 rooms and school-rooms, meet. The Revs. T. Tucker, R. Rolfe, J. Leech ings for prayer had been held. In one disman, J. Baynes, - Clarke, Mr. A. G. Bur. trict il, and in another 13 persons had net, and Rev. Mr. Peacock, moved, seconded, been added to the church of Christ, but the and supported the resolutions. A liberal | aggregate was unknown. The Rev. J. collection was made; the 117th Psalm was Blackburn, whose gratuitous services bad sung ; and the Rev. J. Hinton pronounced been enjoyed for twenty-two years, had the benediction,-when the meeting sepa resigned ; and Mr. Ashton had been aprated.

pointed, in union with Mr. Pitman, the long

known and disinterested Secretary. Nr. NEWFOUNDLAND AND COLONIAL SCHOOL

Pitman, in presenting the Treasurer's acSOCIETY.

counts, stated that the total recripts had

been, during the last year, 5591. 6s. 6d.,On Tuesday, April 24th, the annual meet

the expenditure 3241 19s. 5d.; leaving a ing of this Society was held at Exeter

balance in hand to encourage their friends Hall; the Marquis of Cholmondeley in the to renewed efforts. The Revs. S. Luke, chair. The noble Chairman said, that with

Bor. Morison, G. Thompson, W. Overbury, regard to this Society it was most worthy

E. Davies, with Messrs. Leifchild and Wilof support, as its grand object was to pro

son, very powerfully urged the various mote a scriptural education in our numerous claims of this Society on the audience; and colonies. The Secretary read the Report, after the benediction had been pronounced which showed the increase of scholars in

the meeting separated. St. John's, and the partial or entire failure of the schools in Bonavista and Harbour Grace. The Report from Canada had not

CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY, been received. The total receipts were: The fiftieth annual meetings of this SoHome receipts, 1,6541. 15s 4d.; Newfound- ciety were held on May Ist, at Exeter Hall; land and Canada, 1,4501. 15s. ; the expendi- the Earl of Chichester officiating as chairture had been 3,3971, 8s. lld.,-leaving a man in the morning, and the Marquis of balance due to the Treasurer of 2921. 18s. Cholmondeley in the evening. The platform 7d. Unless some improvement in the funds and the hall were most densely crowded in took place, the schools one after another must the morning. The Report gave, first, a be closed. The vast number of children narrative of the Jubilee of the Society. that left England for the colonies, showed The ordinary income had not fallen below the necessity of providing for them Chris- | that of last year, notwithstanding the Ju. tian instruction, to guard them against the bilee Fund. The general fund amounted to inroads of popery and infidelity. The ap- 99,7672 ; the special funds to 1.8261.; and propriate resolutions were ably moved and the local funds, raised and experided on seconded by the Revs. J. Hewitt, H. Stow- ! the miss ons, to 9,410,---making a total of ell, J. A. Armitage, D. Wilson, C. B. Grib- 101,0031. The expenditure leaves a surplus ble, and W. B. Mackenzie. After which of income over expenditure, of 2,325l. The a vote of thanks was passed to the Chair- | Jubilee Fund was not yet closed, but it had man, which the noble lord briefly acknow already realized 53,1271. 10s., 20,000l. of ledged, and the proceedings terminated. which was intended for the support of dis

abled missionaries, and the education of

their children, and the surplus would be CHRISTIAN INSTRUCTION SOCIETY.

devoted to various other objects. The . The twenty-fourth annual meeting of Bishops of Norwich, Winchester, and this truly valuable institution was held at Cashel, the Earl of Waldegrave, Dr. Smith, Finsbury Chapel, on Tuesday evening, the (Bishop designate of Victoria, Hong Kong) 1st of May ; Mr. Alderman Challis, the the Revs. H. Stowell, W. Smith, of Benares, Treasurer, took the chair, and very ably Mr. G. Hoare, and Rev. Mr. Townsend, supported the claims of the Society. The the African missionary, addressed the mornRev. R. Ashton, the recently-appointed ing meeting with much earnestness and Secretary, read the Report, which stated . zeal. that 100 churches were now associated in! At the evening meeting, the noble Chairthis good work, and 2,086 Christian visitors' man, the Revs. the Archdeacon Dealtry, J.


Tucker, D. Anderson, (Bishop of Rupert's seven places had been visited by members Land) R. Davies, C. Hodgson, and -- Cad. of the Committee, exteuding to Edinburgh man, addressed the assembly with the best and Glasgow. The funds are better than effect; and the meeting closed by the usual last year. The sales of books had realized devotional exercises.

the sum of 9,3291.--an increase of 5781., and attributed greatly to the sale of the Bible

class Magazine, which had now reached JUBILEE OF THE RELIGIOUS TRACT

the vast number of 20,000 monthly. Many

other points of interest were alluded to, This very impressive meeting, which especially the recent movement for the succeeded to the public breakfast of the revival and extension of Sunday-schools Society on May the 9th, on occasion of the in the metropolis. The benevolent fund Jubilee, demands at least a passing notice. amounted to 1,2491. Ils. 8 d. The meeting was held at the London | The Rev. E. Craig, Minister of St. Tavern; J. G. Hoare, Esq. in the chair. James's Episcopal Chapel, Pentonville, T.

The speeches of the Chairman, (whose Boaz, from Calcutta, Dr. Morison, J. H. father took an active part in the formation Hinton, Dr. Beaumont, and W. Brock, adof the Society,) and the venerable Drs. dressed the meeting in their very best style Steinkopff and Henderson, from touching of argument, and spirit-stirring eloquence. references to the past, naturally drew the The Rev. J. H. Price, of Woodham Ferrers, numerous assembly into the closest sym- moved, and Mr. Watson seconded the vote pathy with the avowed object of the of thanks to the benevolent Chairman, meeting.

which was carried by acclamation; and Mr. Binney followed, and imparted to after singing, this prodigiously vast assemthe whole proceedings a deep tone of solemn bly separated. and elevated feeling. He was followed by the Rev. J. Sherman and Dr. Burder, (the son of the founder of the Society), in very

WESLEYAN MISSIONARY SOCIETY. suitable terms. The last resolution was This Suciety held its annual meeting on moved by Mr. Henderson, of Glasgow, and Monday, April the 30th, in Exeter ball, seconded by Mr. Boaz, in one of his most which was filled to overflowing. Sir Edtelling speeches. And thus, in pious har ward N. Buxton presided on the occasion. mony, the meeting separated.

From the Report it appears that the missions of this Society are in a prosperous

condition, although its funds are considerSUNDAY-SCHOOL UNION.

ably depressed. In various parts of the The anniversary of this Institution was world the Divine blessing had rested upon held at Exeter-hall, on Thursday evening, the labours of its missionaries, whose serMay 3rd. Every part of this large hall was | vices have been rendered more necessary excessively crowded, and an intense interest than ever by the remarkable features of pervaded the whole of the proceedings. the times. In Wurtemburg the principles G. Hitchcock, Esq. occupied the chair, and of infidelity, which have been everywhere he was most deservedly and loudly cheered. diffused, have been strenuously counterAfter singing, the Rev. A. Buzzacott offered acted. In France increasing good has prayer. The Chairman then touched upon been achieved. In Austria much has been various topics of a serious and interesting effected. Great success has attended the nature, and frequently elicited loud applause. | missions to New Zealand and Feejee. In

Mr. W. H. Watson read an abstract of India and Ceylon the addition of members the Report, detailing the operations of the has been gratifying. Union at home and abroad: extracts of The Committee expressed their regret communications from many foreign stations, that the Society's income would compel in acknowledgment of help by grants of them to restrict their future operations. books, &c., and narrating the progress of The receipts for the year 1848, were Sunday-schools abroad. Five grants had 104,1261. 19s. 7d., and the expenditure for been made in aid of erecting or enlarging the same period was 111,4921. 98. 3d. ; schools, making a total of 286, amounting / making a balance against the Society, with to 6,5521. ; and 131 lending libraries had the deficiency of the preceding year, to the been granted, making a total of 1,957. The amount of 13,3581, 16s. Id. revised library now contains a list of 600 At the conclusion of the Report some volumes, adapted to teachers and scholars. | large donations were announced to the Lectures had been delivered in the reading. | meeting. room, and at Falcon-square Chapel. The The several resolutions were ably moved schools in and around the City are the same | and seconded by the following gentleas last year, namely, 623 schools, 12,642 men: Mr. Heald, M.P.; Dr. Hannah, teachers, and 123,949 scholars. Five new Mr. Westhead, M.P. ; Mr. Pearson, M.P. ; county unions had been formed, and thirty- | Rev. Mr. M.Leod; Dr. Cox; Dr. Newton ;

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