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of the evil and malignity of sin, and knowledge than all the men in the world of the mighty power and efficacy of the can attain unto by the dint of study." gospel,- what he had realised of the “Hear the Word preached as the loving.kindness of God, of the grace and Word of God; know your opportunities, mercy of the Saviour, of the quicken and improve them; and pray for undering and purifying influences of the standing to know, and grace to pracHoly Spirit,-of the preciousness and tise." saving virtue of redeeming love. In “ If you see more of your misery, it these respects they are very rich, and will be only that you may know, and be will be much prized by experienced be more sensible of the exceeding riches of lievers in their retired moments. His His mercy ;-the more we have forgiven, experimental observations are often the more we shall love." very choice. Mark a few specimens: “I do not desire to bias you to a

" When you set yourself to seek the | party ; that be far from me; but to estaLord, prepare yourself for tomptation.” | blish you in the hope of the gospel

“You are not to suppose that a Chris. | that lively hope which will make you tian's life is a series of uninterrupted what God originally created us, and comfort:-no; it is comfort of a superior what only we can be, by being created nature, and, therefore, strongly opposed." anew in Christ Jesus, namely, a living

“You are now to be a cross-bearer to soul.Jesus, and you cannot expect to carry “Usefulness must be the basis of true it without feeling."

happiness. The minister purchases his “You are called to lay hold on eter happiness at a dear rate, who suffers nal life; but you must fight for it. | his people to sleep in their sins.Faith is the faculty that is to be in ex “No conditions are so binding as ercise, and, by holding out, you will those arising from affection; no bonds prove it a good fight."

so lasting as those made up of the unity "Your armour is complete and ready; of the Spirit.” you have it at large in Eph. vi, 14, and The letters of Cornelius Winter you have nothing to do but to take and abound in sagacious remark. There is use it."

a penetration of character which we "The enemy sowed tares among the admire. There is an acuteness, a raciwheat, in hope that the wheat would be ness, a sageness of observation, which rejected with the tares; but, in the we value. There is not unfrequently church militant, both will grow to- an originality marking bis sentiments gether."

on life, manners, morals, the ministry, “The Scriptures are given for your and religion, which we always appredirection; prize them as a choice trea- ciate. In attentively reading his nusure, and remember they are a letter of | merous letters--and we have recently loving-kindness from an insulted God examined them with care, previously to the rebellious children of men. The to penning these observations--we are more spiritually-minded you become, exceedingly interested and benefited by the more you will be helped to admire the shrewdness and sagacity which they and exclaim, “How precious are thy unfold. thoughts to me, O God !'”

The letters of Cornelius Winter “While you read, pray. This will evince the heart of the writer. They prove to you the safest track;-com are full of soul. There is no tameness, munion with God and yourself will | no coldness, nothing lifeless or apasupply the want of other company." thetic. There is the utmost warmth,

“Reading the book of God, and your tenderness, and cordiality. The heart own heart, will afford you more spiritual displayed in his letters—their deep, beautiful, affectionate feeling-we re- | letters to all the ministers of the Word. gard as their greatest charm.

They will find them most refreshing and The letters of Cornelius Winter are beneficial as helps to devotion – as very striking, as expressions of his con sources of instruction and consolation fidence in God, under his varied and -as furnishing admirable principles reculiar difficulties, in connexion with and maxims- as incitements to increas. the painful and stormy events, espe. | ing diligence and consecration in the cially of his earlier history. He was arduous and stupendous undertaking nursed in adversity, disappointment, which is perpetually to elicit and en. and sorrow. Some of his early trials, kindle their energies. to a man of his delicate sensibility, must We warmly invite heads of Christian have been most poignant and agonising. families to read, carefully and devouonIn his correspondence, however, we see ally, these simple and experimental not merely that he did trust his hea letters. How much is there, in the cor. venly Father to sustain him in erery respondence of Cornelius Winter, to hour of adversity-to console his spirit teach them in relation to their characwben enduring bitter sorrow, and to ter-to guide them amidst their daily preserve him amid the fury of every difficulties—to succour them in all their storm--but that be was resolved to trust temptations and weaknesses-to comHim in the most implicit and absolute fort and fortity them when surrounded manner, without any hesitancy, sus. | by all their sorrows and dangers! How picion, or limitation, whatever.

much is there in these epistolary com. The letters of Cornelius Winter are munications to enrich the mind, to beautiful to us, as developing the elevu- | benefit the heart, to prepare for every tion and loveliness which Christianity | domestic duty, to sustain under every gives to the character. They show, domestic trial ! most impressively, how the Gospel of We fervently recommend the letters Christ refines and ennobles the mind- of Cornelius Winter to afflicted saints. how it imparts comprehensiveness and They, we are persuaded, will find them force to the understanding, purity and to be very precious. They will be as tenderness to the affectious, benevo. | balm to their wounded and agouised lence and power to the energies, and a spirits, by the encouragements in which directness and usefulness to the life, the they abound-by the directions in the most interesting and important in them- time of trial which they furnish-by selves, and the most striking to every | the distinct and beautitul references to intelligent observer. No person, of cor the Great Comforter which they sa rect thought and feeling, can attentively | broadly make-by the promises of the peruse the epistolary correspondence of gospel which they so strikingly bring this devout and holy man, without before the mind, and so vividly applybeing deeply impressed with the truth and by the hopes of hearen to which of this observation.

they so delightlully point. Ou these Most earnestly do we recommend the ample and truly weighty grounds we perusal of the Letters of Cornelius Win- | strongly commend them to the afflicted ter to students for the Christian minis disciples of the Redeemer. They are try. They will find in them the most pre-eminently adapted to speak peace admirable sentiments in relation to to the troubled spirit-to inspire and their character and studies, and the strengthen submission to the will of importance and responsibility of that God, and to dissipate every rising fear. great work, to which, throughout life, | We cannot wonder that this meek, they are to be devoted.

peaceful, humble, and holy man of God, We strongly commend these valuable died in so calm and happy a manner.

One of his brethren, the late excel- , widely different from his own, opened lent Rev. W. Bishop, of Gloucester, their houses to accommodate those who visited him. When told that he was came from a distance. The rector, with come, he lifted up his hands and eyes a liberality of mind and tenderness of with surprise and pleasure. Mr. Bishop | heart that did him honour, apologised said to him, “I hope, Sir, that you are for his inability to attend, as he exhappy?" He replied, “Yes." His pressed it, “the funeral of the ever to friend added, “ It is but a short step be lamented Mr Winter." from earth to heaver :" with a feeble, “And shall our selfish sorrows dare but distinct, voice he echoed, "a short To mourn the flight of those who rise ? step ;" — and then added —"I have

And could we wish to keep them here sought the Divine glory more than my

Imprisoned from their native skies? own interest. I am closing life as I

No, let us better show our love

To those who leave this earthly sphere, began it." His eyelids then fell, his

And trace them to their home above, voice ceased, and death seemed rapidly And hope and pray to meet them there."* approaching.

T. W. A little before eight in the evening he said, “ Tell my good wife I am

P.S.-It may be necessary to mengoing.” He then stretched himself out,

tion, for the information of some of our laid his arms at length upon his body, readers, that by far the most copious and indistinctly said, “ Come, Lord

edition of the Life and Letters of CorJesus!" and, without a groan, fell asleep.

nelius Winter, is that in the fifth volume Can we feel at all surprised that, on the

of the complete works of the Rev. W. occasion of his intermeut,“ many who

Jay, published by C. A. Bartlett, never heard him came to bedew bis

London. grave ?" Persons of religious sentiments

* Rev. W. B. Collyer, D.D.


HOW WILL IT BE BROUGHT ABOUT? [The Rev. David Brown, A.M., of l well as of the second advent. That it St. James's Free Church, Glasgow, has does so, I now proceed to show under sent forth a new and enlarged edition, different heads, pointing out under each of his work, entitled " Christ's Second the opposite truth. coming: will it be Pre-Millennial?" The first in order of these errors reThe volume is so convincingly written, lates to the way in which the subjection that we could wish to see it in the bands of all nations to Christ is to be brought of all who have adopted the views which about. he once entertained. As we regard the

The millennial conversion of the world opinions of pre-millennialists to be fear- | to Christ is not expected to take place by fully unscriptural as to the means by the agencies now in operation, but altowhich the world is to be converted, we gether IN A NEW WAY. have great pleasure in laying before our

That on which most dependence seems readers Mr. Brown's judicious state to be placed, is the PERSONAL MANIments on this subject.— Evitor.] FESTATION OF Christ; but to this are

added judgments on the antichristian naIf the pre-millennial theory be un- / tions, and a pentecostal effusion of the scriptural, it must of course teach un- Spirit. On all these agencies they write scriptural views of the millennium as with great looseness, and distressing are



the sneers which they sometimes throw are vainly supposing that it will, ‘by a graout at alleged attempts to convert the droveland

dual and accelerated progression,' convert the

.. The Scriptures never state world by means of Bible and Missionary

that the Gospel, or Christian economy, will be Societies, and their ill-disguised insinua the means of converting the world. . tions-sometimes not disguised at all That the world is to be converted is evident against the Word and the blessed Spirit

from many Scriptures; but they ascribe it

principally to other causes, and not, as our opthemselves, as inadequate to accomplish

ponents will have, entirely to the preaching of the predicted evangelization of the the Gospel. In all cases the Jews will have a world.

pre-eminence. • To the Jews first;' and their

restoration will be to the Gentiles as life from “ The more common opinion,” says Dr.

the dead," &c.* M'Neile, “is, that this is the final dispensation, “ The Christian," says Mr. Ogilvy,t “ sees and that by a more copious outpouring of the

this command written in legible characters Holy Spirit it will magnify itself, and swell

• Go ye into all the world, and preach the into the universal blessedness predicted by gospel to every creature,' and he feels it to be the prophets, carrying with it Jews and Gen

his duty to do so, for he does not know who tiles, even the whole world, in one glorious

may or who may not receive it; but he does flock under one Shepherd, Jesus Christ the Lord. This is reiterated from pulpit, press,

not find it dead, and your preaching shali

sooner or later convert the whole world; thereand platform. It is the usual climax of mis

fore he does not draw that conclusion. sionary exhortation, or rather missionary

He further finds that the kingdom and

universal Church are to be established. mot “ Multitudes of professors of religion,” says

by gradual conversion, or by conversion more or Mr. Brooks, " are at this time under a delu

less rapid under this dispensation, BUT BY THE sion in regard to the nature of those events

PERSONAL ADVENT of our Lord himselí, arad which are impending over the Church of all the remarkable EVENTS that accomprimat Christ. The generality are agreed that a grcat crisis is at hand, and likewise that we are on the eve of the millennium ; but the

Can anything be looser than these party just alluded to are disposed to think statements, or more painful than the inthat we are to glide into it, as it were, ferences which they suggest ? A few by the instrumentality of our various institutions for evangelizing the heathen; by means

paragraphs will put the matter upon its of which there will be a gradually increasing right footing. diffusion of Scriptural light, until the whole 1. The question here is not, Whether earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the conversion of the world is to be the Lord as the waters cover the sea -(Isa. xi. 9.) As regards, however, the king

quick or slow, gradual or instantaneous; dom of Christ, which is the millennial king

but, Will the means of effecting the predom, † the testimony of Scripture is most dicted changes be the same as are now abundant to the fact, that it is to be ushered

in operation, or will they be different? in by desolating judgments; and that the universal prevalence of religion hereafter to

Will the cause of them be the same as be enjoyed, is not to be effected by any increased of conversions now, or will it not? Nor impetus given by THE PRESENT means of l let these writers shelter themselves unevangelizing the nations, but by a stupendous display of Divine wrath upon all the apostate

der such expressions as “our various and ungodly." I

institutions for evangelizing the hea“ The Scriptures,” says Mr. Tyso,“ do then”—“the present means of eranstate the design of the Gospel, and what it is gelizing the nations.” These, they know to effect; but they never say it is to convert the world. Its powers have been tried for eighteen

* Defence of the Personal Reign of Christ, pp.

41, 42. 1841. Another work of this author is most hundred years, and it has never yet truly con favourably noticed in the "Investigator of Proverted one nation, one city, one town, nor phecy,” though on some points the writers differ. even a single village. Yet some Christians + Mr. Bickersteth specially notices the omission

of all reference to this author in my former edition.

I had not then read it; but having since prucured • Lect. on the Jews, ut supra, p. 72.

it, and found nothing new in it, I content myself + Note here, by the way, this naked acknowledg with an occasional reference to it, just to show that ment, that Christ's kingdom is not yet in being. on such a point as this the sentiment aser bed to Attempts are now made io represent this as no part pre-millennialists is not peculiar to one or two of the pre-millennial creed; but whether this can writers. be said of the author of " Abdiel's Essays," at least | Popular Objections to the Pre-millennial Adet the reader judge from the above extract.

Vent Considered. By Geo. Ogilvy, Esq., pp. 216, * Elem. of Proph. Interp. pp. 227, 228.

217. Second edition. 1847.

well, are but vehicles for conveying the it before Christ come is but “ a visionary gospel to a world of perishing sinners; hope," which missionaries should not and as they find no fault with them as cherish. He has heard missionaries such, and never bint that their inade. “regret deeply that the church at home quacy to convert the world lies in the should be dazzled by the vain hope of defective or unscriptural way in which conversions on a grand scale." If the they are wrought, it is plain that by missionary would “see that the gather“the institutions for evangelizing the ing out of the elect is his sole hope," he heathen"_" the present means of evan would be “ far less disheartened by opgelizing the nations,"—they just mean position than when he vainly expected the gospel itself in any way that the every day to see symptoms of national church can now convey it to the world. and universal conversion." And if " it Accordingly one of the writers we have | would be wrong, grievously wrong, to quoted explicitly states, not that our say that the gospel is not the instruBible and missionary societies have ment in the Lord's hand for converting failed, but that the gospel itself has the world, equally wrong is it to say failed, to accomplish any general con that the Lord is so to use it at preversion-for want of power to effect it. sent.”:* “ Its powers have been tried for eighteen If ever a statement went directly in hundred years," and this is the result. the face of the Redeemer's own words, But even this writer is forced to soften | this surely is one. down his language in the end. The

" All power,” said Jesus to his disciples and world's conversion is to take place

their successors in every age,“ is given principally" through these “other unto me in heaven and in earth. GO YE causes;" nay, it is only “not entirely” THEREFORE, AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF to be brought about by “the preaching

ALL NATIONS, baptizing them in the name

of the Father, and of the Son, and of the of the gospel.” And this he follows up by Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all telling us of the pre-eminence the Jews things whatsoever I have commanded you ; are to have, and how their recovery is AND, LO, I AM WITH YOU ALWAY, EVEN

INTO THE END OF THE WORLD.” — to be to tbe Gentile world as life from

(Matt. xxvii. 18-20.) the dead. What matters it to our question in what order the thing takes place,

Happily, there is no dispute about and what special influence in forwarding

the meaning of the phrase, “the end of it particular events may have? The one

the world,” here. It is agreed on all question is, “Will this general conver hands, as I have bad occasion to remark sion, come when and by what instru

before, that the period or state of things mentality it may, consist, as conversion

denoted by it terminates with the second now does, of the reception by sinners of a coming of Christ. So that the sense preached gospel?

would have been quite the same if, inThe Messrs. Bonar, indeed, seem to stead of saying "unto the end of the hold that it will, and so to admit all we world,the Lord had said, “ until I ask. But-so far as I am able to under

come again.Thus, then, the disciples stand their language-it is but a more were commissioned to evangelize the subtle way of saying the same thing world before Christ's second coming ;

"The gospel (says Mr. A. Bonar) is not merely to preach the gospel, “for a the instrument in the Lord's hand for witness,to a world that would not reconverting the world-it will always beceive it till he came again—"to gather the one instrument in the Spirit's hand.”

out the few elect," as Mr. Bonar exBut he does not design“ so to use it at presses it, as contradistinguished from present"_" in this dispensation that pre | the world at large, to be brought in only cedes the Lord's coming;" and to look for • Redemption, &c., pp. 186, 187.

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