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when speaking of Christ, and the hope | deal that is interesting and valuable of glory which he had through him. I might be extracted from the papers and Perfect peace rested on his spirit, and letters of the deceased; but having been his happy countenance, which wore a admonished to keep within moderate perpetual smile, betokened the serenity limits, the writer must content himself within. I was with him half-an-hour by acknowledging the frequent obligathe day before he died, when he told tions under which he was laid by his me that he found strength failing, and departed friend for more than twenty. had not therefore attempted to leave his seven years, while living in the same bed for two days. He spoke of the pri- | neighbourhood, the pleasure which he vilege of prayer, and of his acquiescence has since derived from his occasional in the Divine will. He then raised his correspondence, and the very great rehead from his pillow, and said, with a spect which he still has for his memory. cheerful voice, 'I have made up my

" It were profane mind to think, as Paul did, that it would To quench a glory lighted by the skies, be better to depart, and be with Christ.' And cast in shadows his illustrious close. He spoke as a dying man; and the next

His conduct is a legacy for all,

Richer than Mammon's for his single heir. morning, without a struggle or a groan,

How blessings brighten as they take their flight! fell asleep in Jesus.”

I loved him much, but now I love him more." To the above testimony of Mr. Bevis

John BULMER. much more might be added; and a good 5, Gloster Street, Bristol.


There is a remarkable passage of stone? No more is your Father in our Saviour's teaching, recorded in heaven disposed to refuse the Holy Luke xi. 1-13. It is on the subject | Spirit. The case is stronger still. of prayer. The subject is illustrated You know the disposition of a friend in this short passage by various and a father. Much more is your methods, in the way of example and heavenly Father ready to bestow the comparison, precept and promise. The precious gist of the Holy Spirit. Ask, comparisons which are designed to and ye shall receive. Do you ask? illustrate the encouragement to prayer, There is danger of dishonouring and are taken from the well-known dis grieving the Holy Spirit. You would positions of a father and friend. And deem it a great impiety not to honour the comprehensive blessing to which the Father with love, gratitude, and our Lord would draw our attention in dependence. You think it the duty of prayer, is the gift of the Holy Spirit. all men to honour the Son even as they If ye then, being evil, know how to give honour the Father. And you live upon good gifts to your children, how much Christ and his work as Redeemer and more shall your heavenly Father give the | Intercessor, as the only ground of your Holy Spirit to them that ask Him? This hope of forgiveness and salvation. But is the conclusion of the argument. I do you practically honour the Holy Who would disregard the importunity | Spirit? Many acknowledge in theory of his friend when he desired a favour? | his personality and agency, without What father would turn to his child really living in dependence on his begging for bread, and give him al power, and waiting for his presence as the great promise of the Father under | no hope in the world. He dwells in bethe economy of the gospel. Many lievers, to teach them, and show them Christians are depressed and walking the things of Christ, and guide them in darkness; the graces of religion are into all truth, to sanctify thern and decayed; the love of many is become give them consolation and light, and cold, and they are not far from a an earnest of the promised inheritance. Laodicean state. At the same time You are not wholly a stranger to this many around you are dead in trespasses Comforter. “The world cannot receive and sins, and remain under the sound | bim, because it seeth him not, neither of the gospel, and the teaching of the knoweth him; but ye know him, beSabbath-school, without being awakened

cause he dwells in you." It may be a and converted. Perhaps almost a

thing that is past, that you can say whole generation of the young, who that you know him. Perhaps you are growing up without piety, are pass

have grieved him, and he does not now ing through the very crisis of their

impart to you bis consolations. It may endless existence. The influence of

be that you are like Israel, who rebelled the Holy Spirit is needed. Do you

and vexed the Holy Spirit, wherefore he ask for this blessing? I do not inquire

was turned to be their enemy. You bewhether you have the form of a request

moan his withdrawing, and sigh for the for this blessing, when you pray, but

return of his grace. Do you ask for it? whether you really ask for it, and seek

And then how many there are perishit, as a blessing which you need and

ing in their impenitence, for whom you desire to enjoy ?

ought to feel a deep and prayerful inConsider the offices of the Holy Spirit.

terest. It is the office of the Spirit to He is called the Comforter, because he

reprove the world of sin, of righteousness, is the omnipresent counsellor, guide

and of judgment-Conviction of sin is his and friend of believers. As such, he work. He is the author of the new communicates joy to them. The fruit birth. Unless his power is put forth, of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, etc. He Paul may plant and Apollos may water, creates holy love in the heart, and, with

but there will be no harvest unto life that, heavenly joy and peace. If you eternal. You may not preach the have any love to God, it is the produc gospel, but you have a great respontion of the Holy Spirit; because the love sibility with regard to the success of of God is shed abroad in our hearts by

preaching; for the gospel will not conthe Holy Ghost which is given unto us. vert souls without the Spirit. And the He imparts hope also-that hope which

Spirit is given in answer to prayer. Do maketh not ashamed. Now the God of l you ask for the Holy Spirit ? hope fill you with all joy and peace in The Spirit is visiting some churches. believing, that ye may abound in hope | The sound of his going forth may perthrough the power of the Holy Ghost. haps be heard in the distance in many Hence those who have not the Spirit | places. Ask and ye shall receive. are said to be without God, and having ! From the New York Independent.



| To think that you have already at

tained the full truth as it is in Jesus, is “I too must be 'well pleased' with to condemn yourself to an everlasting Christ, as the heavenly Father avouched stand-still, if not to a fatal retrogradation himself to be, from the opened heavens. ' in spiritual knowledge.

“ The possessed of evil spirits seemed | ensemble. Catch hold of the skirts of to know Christ sooner than others not God's eternal garment of truth at any so far gone in mad disease. Why? point, even at the hem, and hold on, Perhaps because being so intensely evil, and you are safe. With any particle they were more sensitive to the pre-l of the New Testament truth really in my sence of the supremely good.

hand, I cannot sink without dragging "The person and character of Jesus down with me the very pillars of the Christ, as revealed in the Gospel his universe : the very throne of eternal tory, is our only resource.

love and life must give way first. In "I have come to the conclusion that the gospel God gives poor man a prop he who does not love the Gospel, hates to lean upon, ‘his own eternal thoughts,' it intensely. For nothing can be so and even himself. •Children,' said hateful to a man as what is most unlike father Luther, “I do not leave behind himself and most counter to his desires. to you riches, but a rich God.' If all There is no such thing as being on the words of Jesus Christ are not remiddle ground, between a friendly and liable and trustworthy to the full extent hostile position to Christ. Nor can of any possible suul pressure, then none we escape the conclusion, too, that are, and we have no ground whaterer to there is nothing that a bad mind so stand upon as religious beings responhates as Christianity, because it is so sibly related to the eternal government good as to stand at the apex of all of God. And if we cannot plead bemoral perfection, their very moral anti- fore God what we can understand of podes. No thoughtful and honest mind encouragement in the Scriptures, then can deny that there is a susceptibility we need not fear what we there underin every human soul of sinking to the stand of danger or woe to beings in lowest conceivable point of moral de our case. The ways of God with man pression ; a possibility conceivable of are as various as the persons and chataking on the features or form of the racters of men. It may be necessary worst conceivable being. How does any to lead one to hearen hanging over a man know but what this possibility of precipice all the way, and that by a his nature may be his own experience ? | thread even on the point of breaking. If in our senses, we of course brace No doubt all the saints will have a ourselves against it, and the thought great many hair-breadth escapes from must horrify us. But is any but the hell to speak of, or to remember heredevout Christian really strong against after. We must be kept awake somehow it? And are not all others, ex neces- or another. The serpent's head in us sitate rei, slowly gravitating towards must be bruised over again by us every that bottomlesss pit? Decided piety day, or it will come to life again. alone, faith in Christ alone, can prevent | Rather, it never dies until the flesh the evil tendencies inhabiting us, that | dies. And the pions man always feels point and drag downward eterually, that the rivers of sin, the enmity of the from taking effect in us. Is it safe to serpent, is in him ; and I am disposed think otherwise ?

| to think the less of the old Adam is

left, the more lively and malignant THOUGHTS FOR TEMPTED SOULS. this diminishing residuum is. Its “ The beauty of Christianity is this, wrath is roused as its time grows that the whole stands sponsor for every shorter. The element of good always part, and one part is linked on, vitally stirs up the antagonist element of eril. and indissolubly, with all the rest. At Evil never shows itself very positirely, any point, therefore, lay hold with one except as good first draws its lines of faith, and you grasp the mighty tout | light distinctly and boldly. All colours

are alike in the dark. Be not cast | disciple. Only be strong in the Lord down, then, if evil thoughts steam up* and in the power of his might, and all from your yet imperfect heart, fellow- | will be well.

* Vide John Newton's Letters.

RELIGIOUS CONVERSATION. THERE is scarcely anything more purpose. It should be kindly and needed among the churches, at the calm ; neither severe in tone nor violent present time and at all times, than in manner; but genial, earnest, and faithful, free-hearted, affectionate con sympathetic. Above all it should be versation upon the themes of religion ; | strictly, thoroughly, immutably HONEST; the conversation of those who truly dealing in no exaggerations, speaking love Christ with one another, and the no more or other than the truth, and interchange among them, in familiar representing faithfully the state of the words, of their personal views; their feelings. And it should be conducted, respectful and affectionate conversation, as far as possible, among those who are too, whenever it is consented to, with accustomed to converse on other subthose who confess no allegiance to the jects than religious, who are familiar Saviour. Conversation "falsely so with one another's purposes, views, and callca,' formal harangues on the rela- general mental and social state,—who tions of doctrine, which seem like self are upon terms of equality and of laudatory descriptions of the supposed general friendship, and even among personal experience of God's grace such, it should be not formally introthan these, almost nothing certainly duced so much as naturally suggested, can be more useless or offensive. And allowed to come up spontaneously, as that these are sometimes indulged in excited by an incident or by some other under the flattering and self-deceptive subject; by au item of news, or a retitle “religious conversation," the in- collection of the past. telligent observer of movements around Such conversation, so introduced and him will scarcely doubt. But the pos. | conducted, cannot fail to be useful It sible abuse of a good thing is surely will be found surprisingly eficacious, no argument for its neglect. It is an in quickening the feelings of Christians, argument, rather, for the more diligent suggesting to them new purposes and use of it in the proper way. That a thoughts, enlarging and clarifying their power is likely to be occasionally per- views, and uniting them to one another. verted, which may be made to contribute | It will often touch fountains of feelings to the great advantage of souls and of in the heart of the unrenewed man, Christ's kingdom, is only a reason why | which the more formal and elaborate Christians should employ it more care- sermon has failed to reach. It will be fully and more zealously.

able to follow that heart through its And there is no power which they turnings and windings as it struggles can employ, either more properly or from the truth, as the preacher canrot more effectively, than that which they follow it. It will apply the truth to it, will find in religious conversation, if it more closely and searchingly, and at be truly what it should be. It should the same time more sweetly and be intelligent, of course, not rambling movingly, with a more pliant and winor meaningless. It should be definite ning power. It will be itself an Eviin its aim, not discursive or without | DENCE of the reality of Christian principle and Christian feeling, in those witnessing to their reality; making who introduce it; and will testify to permanent their impression. The Spirit those who join in it, as almost nothing l of God would then be with our churches else can do, the distinctness with which again, as in that early day when the the enlightened mind perceives the disciples who met each other were wont truth, and the quickness and depth to say in greeting—"The Lord is with which it feels it.

RISEN !" or as at that earlier day when Oh that we had such conversation “they who feared the Lord spake often in all our churches; giving wings to one to another!"-From the New York the truths proclaimed on the Sabbath; | Independent.

I HAVE DONE GIVING. A GENTLEMAN of high respectability, population of our country furnished and a member of the church, made this with the means of grace ? Is the remark the other day, when informed | world evangelised? Have missionaries that an application was about to be visited every shore? Is the Bible made to him in behalf of some charit translated into every language and disable object. “I have done giving," | tributed in every land, a copy in every said he. When I heard of his remark family, and every member of every it awakened in my mind a train of re. | family taught to read it? Are the acflection, which I have thought it might | commodations for widows and orphans not be amiss to communicate.

as ample as they should be? Is there “Done giving !" Why? has he a house of refuge for every class of given all ? has he nothing left to give the human family that needs one? Or Has this disciple done what his Master | have the poor ceased from the land? did? Was he rich, and has he become | Oh no! There are no such good poor for the sake of others, that they, reasons as these for ceasing to gire. through his poverty, might be rich? Why then has he done giving? Is it Oh no! he is rich still. He has the because others do not give as they greatest abundance-more than enough ought? But what is that to him ? to support him in elegance, and to Will he make the practice of others bis enable him to leare an ample inherit | rule of conduct, rather than the precept ance to his children. What if he has of Jesus Christ? If others do not gire, given a great deal? He has not only | so much the more should he. Will he not impoverished himself, but is proba- | add another name to the list of bly richer now, through the favour of | niggards? Providence, than he would have been Does he feel worse for having giren had he never given anytbing. Now away so much? Has it made him unif, by honouring the Lord with his sub- | happy? Is his experience different stance, his barns, instead of being from that of the Lord Jesus, who said, emptied, have been filled with plenty, | “ It is more blessed to give than to he had better continue this mode of receive?" honouring him. He should rather in. | Has he, who thinks he will gire no crease, than arrest his liberality.

more, been led to that conclusion by “Done giving !" Why? Is there haviug found that what has been given no more need of giving? Is every want | hitherto has done no good? And is it abundantly supplied ? Is the whole so, that no good has been done by all

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