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the Bibles published, and all the tracts / watering! Done offering the sacrifices distributed, and all the missionaries with which God is well pleased! Done sent abroad into our own land and making the widow's heart leap for joy, into the world; and all the schools and bringing on himself the blessing established, and all the children taught of them that were ready to perish! to read, and all the civilisation in- | Well, I am sorry-sorry for the sake of troduced, and all the asylums opened, the poor, and the sick, and the orphan, and all the poverty relieved? Has no and the ignorant, and the heathen. good been done? Good, great good But no less sorry am I for the man's has been done by what has been given; own sake. Poor man! poor with all but still more will be done by what | his affluence, for there is really no one shall be given hereafter. Bibles can more poor than he, who, with the ability now be printed at a cheaper rate than to give, has not the inclination. He heretofore, and the conductors of our has it in his power to give, but not in charitable operations have learned, by his heart. He is enriched with abund. experience, that economy which can be ance, but not with liberality. learned in no other way. And yet at “Done giving !" well then, if he will this time, when a crown goes so far in not give his money, he must keep it. And doing good, here is a man who says, yet how short is the time he can keep “I have done giving!" If I had his it! Had he not better freely give away ear for a moment, I would ask him if some of it, than to wait for it all to be he has done receiving-if God has done torn from him? The thought that he giving to him. I would ask him, more. has given, will be at least as agreeable over, if he has done spending, or done a meditation in his dying moments, as hoarding, or done wasting. Now, if he the reflection that he spent, or that he has not, he surely should not stop laid up. giving. When he ceases to waste, to I hope that gentleman who said, hoard, and to spend, except for the “ I have done giving,” will recall his merest necessaries, then he may stop resolution, and, taking revenge on himgiving, but never till then.

self for having made it, give more "Done giving!” that is, done lend liberally than ever.-From Dr. Nevins, ing to the Lord ! Done sowing and late of Baltimore.


SACRAMENTAL HYMN. From the German of Gellert. Jesus lives, and so shall I.

Death! thy sting is gone for ever!
He who deign'd for me to die,

Lives, the bands of death to sever.
He shall raise me with the just:
Jesus is my Hope and Trust.
Jesus lives and reigns supreme;

And, his kingdom still remaining,
I shall also be with him,

Ever living, ever reigning. God has promised; be it must; Jesus is my Hope and Trust. Jesus lives, and God extends

Grace to each returning sinner;

Rebels he receives as friends,

And exalts to highest honour.
God is True, as he is Just;
Jesus is my Hope and Trust.
Jesus lives, and by his grace

Victory o'er my passions giving,
will cleanse my heart and ways,

Ever to his glory living.
The weak he raises from the dust:
Jesus is my Hope and Trust.
Jesus lives, and I am sure

Nought shall e'er from Jesus sever.
Satan's wiles, and Satan's power,

Pain or pleasure--ye shall never!
Christian armour cannot rust:
Jesus is my Hope and Trust.

Jesus lives, and death is now

But my entrance into glory. Courage, then, my soul, for thou

Hast a crown of life before thee: Thou shalt find thy hopes were just, Jesus is the Christian's Trust.


Rom. vi. 23. DEATH!- What is death?- A mystery in life. A dreaded evil--an unequal strife. A fearful parting—cure, beyond control. A pang-a horror-all that chills the soul ! Yes, such is death, our nature's dreaded ill. Life's woe, its sorrow, thwarter of the will; But would I answer with the Christian's breath, The weighty, serious question, What is death? Nature by grace is conquer'd and subdued, The soul is changed, enlightend, and re

newd: And thus, though nature clings to clay

beloved, Faith triunphs, and can wait her calm remove! The Saviour's love! It sweetens every pain Where He has been, how safe we go again! But more, he promises himself to be Our guide from time into eternity. This, then, is death, our privilege, our bliss, Our kind deliverer from a world like this; Our hope for blessing—'tis the ladder given To raise from earth, and land us safe in heaven.


Unceasingly from them 'tis heard,

The Lord doth all things well.
And in the saving of our race

From sin, and death, and hell;
In blending righteousness with grace,

The Lord doth all things well.
And though dark clouds his paths surround,

And from us light expel,
It in the end is always found

The Lord doth all things well.
Then let us to his pleasure bow,

And never dare rebel;
His character is proof that now

The Lord doth all things well.
And when he brings us near his throne,

With him in bliss to dwell;
We to eternity shall own
The Lord doth all things well.

Trafalgar-square, Peckham.

"CHRISTIAN FRIENDSHIP." Of all the gifts that earth can cede, Out of her rich and boundless store: There's none more precious than a friend, None to be prized or valued more. Of all the friends that ask my love, Or seek my sympathies to share,

They shall be loved and lionour à most, Who most the Saviour's image bear. Oh, give me but a Christian heart, In truth to sympathize with mine, I ask no earthly gift beside, For this all others I'll resiga. Where Christian sympathies unite, And Christian hearts together blend; There grief's assuaged, and joy enhanced, And blessings from on high descead.

A. A. D. Islington.


(For the Erangelical Magazine.) "He hath done all things well.” Mark vii. 37. How street, how cheering is the thought,

Which doth our faith compel; In every thing by Jesus wrought,

The Lord doth all things well. The heavens and earth, forined by his word,

Ilis matchless praises tell ;

Review of Religious Publications.

CHRIST'S SECOND COMING : will it be Pre- | been warmly agitated in this country, thongh

Millennial? By the Rev. David BROWN, | watchful of the controver-y, we hnve never. A.M., St. James's Free Church, Glasgow. for a single moment, fallen into sympathy Second Edition, carefully revised and cor with it. To say nothing of the su extrari rected, with large additions. 12mo., pp. | gance of some of its advocates, the alarmingly 524.

unscriptural hypotheses of others, * and the Johnstone and Hunter. DURING the last twenty-five years, in which

As, for example, the anticipated re-exalt's

| ment of the abolished rites and cert niruies e Lell. the Pre-Millennial scheme of doctrine has tical worship.

tendency of all to infuse into almost every | we can hardly imagine. It would be rendoctrine of Scripture a certain portion of dering good service to the cause of Millenamillenarian leaven, and to become men of rianism, if any of its friends would supply us one idea,- we have been held back from the with a few plain, unmistakeable passages, to theory, by the great principles of the Christian show that after our Lord's second advent, the economy, against which, as we firmly believe, gospel will ever be preached, or a single soul millenarianism wages perpetual war. Nor ever converted. We challenge them, in all can we allow that, in being so restrained, we friendly mood, to the task, and anxiously have either begged the question, or prejudged wait their reply. This, then, is our first the system. With us it is a maxim, in Bib reason for rejecting the Pre-Millennial advent lical interpretation, that particular texts and scheme. It destroys the plain common-sense portions of Scripture must be so expounded meaning of our Lord's commission, and sets as to be in harmony and keeping with those men a dreaming about another economy, to great cardinal principles announced, in plain which Christ himself made 110 allusion in and unambiguous terms, by our Lord and that commission. his apostles. We reject the Pre-Millennial 2. We point no less emphatically to our scheme of doctrine, because it will not enable Lord's teaching respecting the mission of the us to abide by this sound and irrefragable Spirit: “ It is expedient for you that I go maxim. One or two of those principles may away; for if I go not away, the Comforter be referred to, to illustrate our meaning. will not come unto you; but if I depart, I

1. We point emphatically to our Lord's will send him unto you," (John xvi. 7.) commission, Matt. xxviii. 18-20. Here, after The offices of the Spirit, in connexion with assuring his apostles that “all power in hea the truth of the gospel, are definitely anven and in earth" was "given" unto him, nounced, and appear to us to include all that he says, “ Go ye therefore and make dis can be involved in the instruction and conciples of all nations, baptizing them in the solation of Christ's disciples, and in the conname of the Father, and of the Son, and of version of the world. As it respects the disthe Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all cipleship of Christ, how encouraging are the things wintsoever I have commanded you : assurances made to them! “ The Comforter, and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father end of the world." Such is the great com. will send in my name, he shall teach you all mission given to Christ's heralds, --such is things, and bring all things to your rememthe risen Saviours provision, (the only one ever brance, whatsoever I have said unto you ;"" hinted at,) for the conversion of the world, (John xiv. 26:) and again, “When Ile, tho such is the promise of his perpetual presence Spirit of Truth, is come, he will guide you with those who obey his great command. into all truth: for he shall not speak of him. Our firm, and, as we believe, logical, conclu. self; but whatsoever he shall liear, that shall sion from these premises is, that the preach he speak; and he shall shew you things to ing of the gospel, accompanied by the promised come. He shall glorify me: for he shall repower and presence of Christ, is the Divine ceive of mine, and shall shew it unto you." and erclusire ordinance of the Christian eco-| (John xv. 13, 14.) And, as it respects the nomy for the conversion of the world, and world, we claim reverently for the Holy that no other order of means can ever, by Spirit, that his is the only revealed agency for possibility, usurp its place. “Lo, I am with its conversion,--that he is Christ's Minister you alway, eren to the end of the world." for this purpose, and that there is not a hint We believe that the end of the world! in the New Testament, from beginning to spoken of, as the very terms of the commis end, that ever his agency will cease while a sion might suggest, is the completion of that soul remains to be converted. Let us listen period in which the gospel cau be preached, to Him who said, “ It is expedient that I or disciples made, or the presence of Christ should go away:"_“When the Comforter is be available for these objects.

come, whom I will send unto you from the Such, then, is our principle, stated in the Father, even the Spirit of Truth, which prosimplest terms. But how, alas! does the Pre ceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of Millennial advent scheme contravene it! me.” (John xv. 26.) And how his mission is to be According to that scheme, the world is not fulfilled to the world is distinctly stated; for to be converted by the preaching of the “ when he is come, he shall reprove the world gospel. The very idea is ridiculed; an elect of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment. few are, indeed, to be gathered into the church Of sin, because they believe not on me; of rightunder the commission which Christ delivered cousness, because I go to the Father, and ye to his apostles ; but there is not a shadow of see me no more;- of judgment, because the hope for the world's conversion till Christ shall prince of this world is judged." (John xv. come from heaven to effect it. A more direct 8-11.) Here, then, is the Spirit “testifying assault, though it may be unintentional, on of Christ," " glorifying Christ,” “receiving the the obvious design of our Lord's commission, things of Christ, and shewing them unto men," “ convincing the world of sin, and righteous- l question which I am to discuss. What I ness, and judgment;" – and Christ himself have to investigate is, not rchen, but for erhat asserting that in order to all this, “it is ex

purpose, the Redeemer will come? pedient that he should go away;" and, more “Some appear to think that all the differover, that while it is being accomplished, his ence of opinion on the second advont is about disciples should "see him no more." What, its nearness or distance. The sooner they then, are the legitimate inferences ? why, undeceive themselves on this the better. assuredly, that the conversion of the world, For my own part, if that were all, I should as well as the progressive illumination and let the subject alone. To me, the coming of sanctification of the church, is to take place the Lord should be as dear as to any whose under the dispensation of the Spirit, and not views about his coming I am to examine. under any personal or visible reign of Mes. | To‘love his appearing,' is not the monopoly siah upon earth. We reject the Pre-Millen of a section of his friends. To enter the lists, nial advent scheme, then, because it opposes therefore, with those who think he is at the itself to Christ's own teaching respecting the doors, with the mere view of showing that he mission of the Spirit, and attributes those is not, though it may at times become a negreat transformations which are to take place | cessary duty, to prevent disappointment, is in our own world to the personal presence not the most agreeable of tasks. A rery difand ministry of Christ, which Christ himself | ferent task, however, is mine. Certain events, attributes to the ministry and witness of the yet future, are expected on all hands to take Spirit. Again, we ask for Scriptural evidence place upon earth ; for example, the subjugi. to prove that Christ will come the second time tion of the whole world to Christ. If, thea, to convert a single child of Adam. “He will he is to come before this, he may even now come to be glorified in his saints, and to be be at the doors; whereas, if he is not to come admired in all them that believe;"- he will till after this, it cannot, of course. be anite so come“ with his mighty angels, in flaming fire, near. So far, therefore, the question of time taking vengeance on them that know not is involved, but quite indirectly and suborGod, and that obey not the gospel of our dinately. According as these are expected Lord Jesus Christ;" — but the idea of his before or after the coming of Christ, will be coming to convert the world, as the result of the character and complexion they assume the failure of the Spirit's mission, is an ima in our eyes. If after his coming, he will be gining which has no place in the Divine reve expected to re-constitute the mortal state, and lations of the future. For judgment to his establish a terrestrial kingdom, illuminated by foes, and comfort to his friends, he will come; the beams of his glory, and perraded by the

-but to make friends of those who have not sense of his visible presence. Is this, then, been friends before, is no part of the great what we are taught to look for? The syswork attributed to Christ, when “he shall tem, in short, which I am to bring to the test appear the second time without a sin-offer of Scripture is briefly this: ing,” unto the salvation of his people.

“ THAT THE FLESHLY AND SUBLUNARY But while we have been compelled, by such STATE IS NOT TO TERNIXATE WITH THE general principles as these, to reject the Pre SECOND COMING OF CHRIST, BUT TO BE THEX Millennial doctrine, however modified, we SET UP IN A NEW FORM ; WHEX WITH HIS have felt ourselves equally repelled by its GLORIFIED SAINTS, THE REDEEMER WILL details. A system which is thus opposed to REIGN IN PERSON ON THE THRONE OF DAVID the general principles of Scripture, cannot be AT JERUSALEM FOR A THOT SAND YEARS, in harmony with its minute details. Mil. OVER A WORLD OF MEN YET IN THE FLESH, lenarians are about the worst interpreters of

EATING AND DRINKING, PLANTING AND Scripture that we are acquainted with. Their BUILDING, MARRYING AND GIVING IN MARpre-conceived notions respecting the kingdom RIAGE, UNDER THIS MYSTERIOUS SWAY." of Christ vitiate all their expositions. They To the full and critical examination of this find the second advent where no one but theory Mr. Brown addresses himself with all themselves would look for it; and, when they the talent and tact of a scholar and a divine. think they have found it, they are more oc He lets no author of note, who has written in cupied with the event itself than with the defence of the Pre-Millennial theory, escape revealed objects to be accomplished by it, as his severe and searching, but, at the same notified in Scripture.

time, Christian and gentlemanly criticisin. Mr. Brown has some most sensible and It would be difficult to present to our readers pertinent remarks on this subject. “ One any adequate idea of the laborious character day," says he, “the Redeemer will assuredly of this work. It literally exhausts the subcome in person. Is that day, then, now 'at ject, and leaves, as we think, to his opponents hand, even at the doors?' or, shall that day not an inch of ground to stand upon. It is not come until' certain events, yet far in the an eminently scriptural treatise. Mr. Brown future, have prepared the way for it? A deals with the whole controversy as & Bible momentous question ; yet not precisely the question; and seldom have we seen & more

masterly induction of scriptural evidence | as the principles and polity to which Nonconbrought to bear upon any disputed point. formists are pledged. Mr. Viney wisely comHis course of argument is to trent, first, of the plied with this request, and now the address second advent, second, of the Millennium, and is given to the public in a permanent form. third, of objections. One great recommenda- | We, then, earnestly commend it to the attention of the volume is, that it enables the tion of our readers as one of the most beautireader fully to judge of the opponents' views, ful and comprehensive embodiments of facts while it rebuts their arguments, unravels their and principles with which it has boen our sophistry, and places the post-millennial ad good fortune to meet. Its wide circulation vent upon the firm basis of revealed truth. among churches of our order, and, indeed, We have, in the December number of the among Christians of all denominations, could Magazine, furnished our readers with a fair not fail to be attended with the most benespecimen of the manner in which Mr. Brown ficial results. Although our limited space deals with his subject.

forbids lengthened extract, we cannot withWe regard this treatise as a standard work hold a short passage or two, as a simple, in theology. As long as the millennial con which will doubtless induce our readers to troversy divides the Christian church, it will possess themselves of the whole. claim its place in the libraries of the learned. “How absurd,” observes Mr. Viney, respect

ing the sacredness and inviolability of con

science, “ we cannot but be reminded, are The Past AND FUTURE. By Josiau VINEY.

all attempts to force men's opinions, and to

intrude into the province of conscience! As London: Jackson and Walford.

sure as they do this, whether they be civil or The laying of the first stone of an edifice ecclesiastic, so sure are they to overshoot in which the worship of God is to be main their own mark, and to secure opposite results tained, and the gospel published, is an event to those at which they aimed. The object invested with importance to the parties imme- | of the Act of Uniformity was to secure the diately concerned, and fraught with moment suppression of puritan and evangelical sentious results to generations yet unborn. It ments. Did it succeed? It was intended to is proper, therefore, that it should be signal tighten the chain of clerical allegiance : and ised by solemnities accordant with the objects it did tighten it, but so that, in tightening, it contemplated, and handled down to posterity, snapped it, and the nobility of the church was accompanied by a distinct announcement of lost. The domain of conscience is a sacred the polity and doctrines of the denomination enclosure, and may not be intruded on. It or church by which the sanctuary is to be is the Holy of Holies, and may not be entered reared. These things were not overlooked by the vulgar upon pain of mortal results. by Mr. Viney and his devoted people, on the It cannot be forced. Let the ocean be reauspicious occasion when the foundation of strained by the chain of Xerxes, if it can betheir beautiful and coinmodious chapel and let the avalanche be checked in its descent school-room was laid. A great multitude by the touch of a feather, if it may be-birt assembled, attesting their interest in the un never think to bind the Samson strength of dertaking; supplications and praises ascended an enlightened conscience by the green to Him to whom the sanctuary is dedicated; withs,' or the new cords' of any Philistine and the pastor, in an address distinguished authority. It will burst the bands asunder, by comprehensiveness, eloquence, and great as when tow is touched by the fire; and going power, adverted to the past, tracing the origin forth to shake itself, it will be urged to yet and ancestry of his flock amid the cruel per greater exploits by the efforts which have secution of the second Charles, and the over been made to restrain it. Nothing ever so whelming sufferings of puritan confessors strengthened the ranks of Nonconformity as and glanced at the future, distinctly and fear the act which was intended to crush it." lessly avowing our principles, as Christians, Again, when urging higher attainments in and our polity, as Nonconformists, as “the religion, Mr. Viney adds, “ Religion is too chart of our journey.” As was to be ex. much a thing of seasons, place, circumst:inces, pected, the people, who are deeply attached with us, instead of being a pervading intlıto their principles and their pastor, and ence-an atmosphere-a life. It is an act, who had alreadybountifully, and as rather than a habit; a spasm, rather than a cheerful givers," contributed £4000 towards pulse; a convulsion, rather than a 'walk' with the erection of their sanctuary, earnestly God; but it should be just the opposite. requested that a "permanent form" might Profession, like the fair vestment of the anbe given to the admirable address, which cient baptized, may now be easily assumed, connected them with the " noble army" but believers must put on the 'Lord Jesus of puritan martyrs, and so beautifully and Christ,' if they would indeed be baptized for eloquently exhibited the instrumentality by the dead.' Intelligent, large-hearted, living which Christianity is to be extended, as well picty--the piety of the New Testament; that VOL. XXVII.

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