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be lost in the mazes of private judgment, i holy virgins, and will never be extinif he did not commit himself to the con- guished, never burn out, never be lost, trol of one personal authority, and gather until in the illumination of the New his attention and affection round one Jerusalem there shall remain of them centre, choose one esteemed judgment to no need ?'"'* be his appeal, rest himself in the direc- 1 In this volume, which may be regarded tion of one man, and trust that he be as “ the speak out” of the party, we not taken away from him, and it be said learn that there is a combined struggle that he like the King Jehoash,' did right,' | of the Romish and Anglican Churches but all the days of Jehoidah the Priest." | against the Protestantism of England “ Roman Catholics have their leader, which is associated with the German their personal appeal, but provided for and French and American philosophies— them without their care ; like the fabled the grand fundamental vice of each of Phonix, his life and presence never pass which is claiming for the individual man away; the embodied law of Romanism, the prerogative of inquiring and thinking so far more absolute, so far more inde for himself on all subjects human and pendent, and of so vastly more universal Divine. We surely cannot mistake the authority than any member of the meaning of notes like these. Referring Church of England could either claim to this struggle between Anglicanism or consent to be, is an ever-renewing and Protestantism, we have the following nucleus of fresh power and opinion. To astounding flight: “ Pontiffs who dared follow a leader or leaders, then, canto excommunicate kings and queensneither be uncatholic nor inexpedient, bishops who hesitated not to demand, since it is both the custom of Christen- and whose asserted power was confident dom and the instinct of the soul.'* We to gain, the deposition of heretical or are happy to know that under all this refractory ministerst-priests who sufsophistry and falsehood, there is a great fered loss of goods, and liberty, and life, truth concealed, which if brought to the rather than burn incense to inaugurated light would be fatal to it. We have an Heresy, are looking on in sorrow, in Infallible Head--the Divine Saviour ! anxiety; it remains to be discovered and renounce the vicegerency of Popes, whether these are to be hushed in serene Patriarchs, and Churches. We have in- | gratulation, or quenched in eternal scorn. spired Apostles ---and leave the apostolic Hildebrand who once cleansed the Episfathers and their unapostolic successors copate of Europe by the simple ordeal of to adjust their respective claims, to con- the sacred Doxology,-A'Becket, weightradict each other and the word of God. ing lightly at the purchase of his lifeWe are unmoved by the rhetoric and the blood the shrine of the pilgrimage of a rhapsody, which would invest fiction million penitents, — Laud, the martyrwith reality, and give to an airy nothing primate of Canterbury of yet more trying a local habitation and a name. We con- | times; these are looking on. Time has fegs "to the fire that came down from brought the occasion to disclose the heaven on the Pentecostal morning;" value of their several genius or agony; but all the rest is vapour. Who can the hour that shall show whether their point us to “ that temple whose lamps great investiture has been made in a were lighted first by the great apostles secure commerce, and shall yield to the from the fire which came down from Church the rent to defray its liabilities." heaven in the Pentecostal morning, and “Put out the light," and the works have been tended since by day and night of darkness may be carried on without even to this far time, by martyrs and interruption. A worldly hierarchy may confessors, anointed bishops and conse be built up in the place of Christ's crated priests, mighty men of God, and

*"Rest in the Church," p. 22. * “ Rest in the Church," p. 60.

† Smithfield, to wit!

spiritual kingdom. This is the grand | the Evangelicals, but which confers upon Tractarian artifice. · Mystify the human them the greatest honour :-" They do understanding ; persuade your unsus- not believe that God the Holy Ghostpecting victim that the light within is the Divine Nature itself-is communibis enemy, and will be sure to lead him cated in baptism. They do not believe astray—and he will be prepared to yield that the Deity is brought down from his body, soul, and spirit to a human heaven, and the flesh and blood of Christ authority which you tell him is based on verily and indeed taken and received by Church Principles derived from a Divine the faithful in the Lord's supper. They and Apostolic constitution. The Tract- do not believe these foundations of the arian theory of a church has no found. Christian faith; and is the ground of ation in fact, — the Scriptures utterly their vituperation of Popery and Tractrepudiate its principles, -and Ecclesias- arianism : it is because Papists and tical History, from the Acts of the Tractarians are sound in the faith, on Apostles downwards, is a glaring ex- these points at least, whatever may be posure of their falsehood. The very first their errors on others; and without these position these writers assume is nothing truths THERE IS NO CHRISTIAN Church." better than gratuitous assumption. Let The rhetorical extravagance of this and them learn from a master mind of their what follows, we do not profess to comown fraternity; that “there is no such prehend, unless indeed and in verity thing as a visible, practical catholicity. | every baptized infant is a temple of the It is an idea that may float in the Holy Ghost, the subject of his saving inimagination ; it may be a spiritual emo- fluences, and already a partaker of that tion, expanding the hearts of good men grace which is at once the pledge and of all churches, and cementing them in an antepast of heaven :-“ Here and spirit one to another; but the thing is there” ...."may be discerned the an idea having its reality, its counterpart, gleaming glimpse of that first intensest externally, only to Him that has set truth of God, whose shining light will apart the godly for himself.'".

certainly illuminate the whole,—that little With the Tractarians, their own Epis- leaven which will have power to leaven copate and that of Rome is the only the whole mass,-that key-note of the embodiment of all that is visible,-of all awakening everlasting music of the Cathothat is authoritative,-in fact, of all that lic Church,-the profound and practical is real in the Christian Church. The conviction, that a newly-baptized child Reformed Churches and the Churches of is, in respect of pricelessness, more beauNonconformity,--more simple and primi- tiful and precious than, considering his tive than any that have appeared since natural perfections alone, St. Michael, the the days of Timothy and the illustrious prince of the angelic hosts."'4Throughexile of Patmos; are by these novelists out all these volumes, the absolute efficacy regarded as nonentities, or treated with of the sacraments, as administered by the contumely and scorn.

hand of a priest, is maintained; that is, Their church is a Priesthood, the seat the repetition of a miracle, which places of whose Power resembles that of St. the second and third Persons of the ever Dominick, the magic of holy fingers. blessed Trinity at the command and disAltogether it is an affair of sacerdotal posal of every frail and sinful descendant domination --- sustained by their own of apostate Adam, who chooses to enter craft and the superstitious terrors of their into "holy orders,” whenever he is called deluded votaries. Can Rome say any- upon to perform the sacramental rites of thing more strongly in favour of the his office. opus operatum of her priests than the following, which is intended to reproach

* “Rest in the Church," quoted from “ Tracts Jollowing, which 18 mended to reproach for the Last Days," p. 44. * Maurice's “ Kingdom of Christ."

† Ibid., p. 4.

The Rev. W. Gresley, a prebendary then, on the other hand, what misery is of Lichfield, while in words protesting it to think of any member of Christ's against all union with the Church of Church falling daily from bad to worse, Rome, and lightly censuring some of her without receiving a daily warning to turn practices, is in principle one with her, on from the error of his ways. the great doctrine of justification, fasts, The writer of “ Amy Herbert"-a penance, apostolical succession, and most work to which the imprimatur of the unequivocally on the sacraments. He Rev. W. Sewell, Tutor of Exeter College, has the assurance, in his “ Bernard Les- Oxford, is appended, — represents two lie,” to declare, “that our Lord himself | misses, just entering on their teens, disprominently insisted upon the doctrine of cussing the merits of this baptismal abbaptismal regeneration;" and he asserts, surdity. She is not alone in confounding that if this doctrine be not“ the cardinal inward grace and an outward inheritance. point of the Christian scheme, in point But it seems either may be forfeited of order at least, it holds the first rank." that the regenerated may be the slave of “ It is, in fact, the starting-point of the every sin that destroys the soul, and the Christian's course. It is the beginning of inheritor of the kingdom of heaven a the life of God in his soul. It is the child of wrath. implanting in the heart the seed of Divine “I don't think I was right," said grace, thenceforth to be cherished and Amy: “I am sure indeed I was not; confirmed. It is the grafting of the for I spoke to mamma about it afterredeemed soul into the stock of Christ, in ' wards, and she told me it was vanity.". which, if he remain firm, he is assured of “As for that,” said Dora, “every one salvation."* The same thing, in every is vain."_“But then," said Amy, we variety of phrase, is affirmed, ad nauseam, I promised at our baptism that we would in the “ Tales of a Village;" by the Rev. | not be so; and mamma says that persons Francis E. Paget, Chaplain to the Lord who are vain soon become envious, and Bishop of Oxford. On one occasion he re- / that envy leads to very great crimes, and fers a profane and semi-infidel to his “bap- that if we indulge in vanity we can never tismal vows,” and complains that his life tell how wicked we shall become by-andand habits were very different from what by.” they ought to be, and very inconsistent "I cannot understand why you are with all to which he pledged himself when | always talking of baptism, Amy,” said he was made a “member of Christ, a Dora; “it seems as if it had something child of God, and an inheritor of the to do with everything, according to your kingdom of heaven.” Ilow perplexing notions." is all this to common sense! A child of “ According to mamma's notions, you God and a child of Satan!-Is not this a mean; she reminds me of it so often that moral hybrid, without parallel in the I cannot possibly forget it." history of anomsling? But we have a “But there is no one in the world reiteration of the same heterogeneous who has kept the promise,"if said Dora; combination—"a member of Christ and "and then they say we have such a a blasphemer of his name !" It is obvi wicked nature ; what is the use of thinkously a clergyman's duty not to allow, ing about being good, when we have no either the doctrines he is commissioned power to be so ?” to teach, or his sacred office, to lose “I do not think I understand it quite," respect in the eyes of men; and yet, I replied Amy; "and I am sure, Dora, I how can either be brought into the com- | cannot teach you; but I could tell you pany of the bold and open scorner, with-! what mamma tells me." out their being exposed to the licentious. i

* Paget's “ Tales of a Village,” third scries, ness of his rude irreverend tongue ? But

sus pp. 56, 66. * " Bernard Leslie," p. 140.

† Who ever makes it?

“And what is that?" asked Dora good nature given us at our baptism?"

“Mamma says," answered Amy, “ that | said Dora: “I never feel it; I don't when we are born we all have very think I do anything that is right all day wicked natures; but that, when we are long : you may have a good nature, Amy, baptized, God gives us a new nature which and I think you have ; but I know I is good; and that, when we grow up, we have not." can do right if we really wish to do it, “Mamma says," answered Amy, “that because we have the Holy Spirit always being sorry for our faults, and wishing to to help us; and once, when I made an do better is a sign of it: and you know, excuse for something I had done wrong, Dora, you often tell me how much you by saying that it was natural, and I wish to do right; and sometimes, when could not help it, she told me that it I have had a great many wrong feelings, might have been an excuse if I had not —vain feelings, I mean, and angry and been baptized, but that now it was no envious ones,—the only thing that makes excuse at all."

me at all happy again, is because I feel " Then, what are we to do?" said sorry for it.” Dora: "no person really keeps their Dora sighed deeply. “I wish,” she promise. How wicked we must all be !” said, “that the bad nature would go all

"Mamma says we are," replied Amy; at once, I am so tired of wishing to do " and that we ought to be so very care. good, and always doing wrong ; and then ful about our smallest actions, and our I begin to think there is no use in trying. words and thoughts, because it is so It would be easier if I could believe that dangerous to do wrong now.”

| it was true about baptism, because then “ But,” said Dora, “I cannot see why it would appear as if there was something people should be baptized, if it only to help me; but I have always heard makes them worse off than they were." | people talk about having such a very

"Oh! but indeed, Dora," exclaimed wicked nature,-till at last it seemed Amy, looking rather shocked, “it makes foolish to hope to be good, as if it were us better off than we were before,-a | impossible: not but what I do try somegreat deal better off; for you know the times, Amy," she continued, with a service about baptism says that we are sudden impulse to be unreserved, which made God's children, really his children ; she had occasionally felt when talking to and that, when we die, we shall go to her cousin since their little disagreement, heaven, if we try and do right now, and _“I do try sometimes, though I dare beg him to forgive us when we do wrong, | say you will not believe it, because I am for our Saviour's sake.”

so cross." # "I do not understand it,” said Dora; Dora is not the only one that is "and I never heard any one talk about disposed to doubt, nay to deny altoit till I came to Emmerton."

| gether, the statement so constantly re"I did not understand it half as well," | peated by Tractarians on the subject of replied Amy, “till mamma told me a baptism, and which Amy, with so much story about uncle Harrington's birth-day, artless simplicity, pressed upon her attenand said that, when we were baptized, tion. This is not the place in which to we were made heirs of heaven, just as | argue the question at length, or indeed he was heir to this place and all the at all. But it must be obvious to those property : and even now it puzzles me who study the Scriptures,—that regenevery much, and very often I cannot ration, as taught by Christ and his believe that it is all true; but I try | apostles, stands in no relation to bapto do so, because mamma says it is, tism, as the cause or instrument of proand shows me where it is written in ducing it. If administered to an adult, the Bible."

it must be on the profession of his faith, " But how can we tell that we have a * “Amy Herbert,” vol, ii., p. 4.

which is the fruit of regeneration, and Clergy are the sowers,—a certain germitherefore precedes baptism. If admini- nating principle in Baptism, as they stered to an infant, faith is the pro assure us, is the seed;—that is, we are spective, and not the immediate result. told the Holy Spirit is thus sown through Nowhere in the Bible is it declared that the length and breadth of the land. We baptism originates any inward or spiritual know what are the natural fruits of the benefit in those to whom it is admini-Spirit. If in the one field, instead of a stered. Baptism is not the renewing of plentiful crop of wheat we should see the Holy Ghost-regeneration is. Bap- only cockle, we should impeach the tism is the sign of what already is, or understanding of the husbandman; and must be, in order to the real possession if in the other the very opposite of what of religion. In the adult it is taken for was predicted grows up in luxuriant granted-in the infant it is anticipated - abundance-ignorance, irreligion, vice, resulting not from baptism, but from the and misery--we should be shocked with truth of God exhibited to the mind, and the impiety and wickedness which could impressed upon the heart, by the Holy venture to put forth such pretensions, to Spirit. Baptismal regeneration has no be contrasted by such results. Palpable foundation in experience. If, indeed, as all this is, the Tractarians still attempt the answer of the sponsor were bona fide to delude the nation into the vain beliefthe answer of the infant, we should then that they, and they alone, in connection have the evidence of miracle in favour of with their Popish coadjutors, are the the doings of the priest. As it is, there is regenerators of the apostolic descent. no promise pade regarding the baptized Mr. Gresley, in his “Bernard Leslie," child. The question is ---Wilt thou re- expresses his serious apprehensions that nounce the world, the flesh, and the Dissenters have never received Christian devil ? It is addressed to the uncon-baptism ;_"For who," he asks, “can scious babe, --the reply is made by an perform that holy ceremony ?"--and he adult, who is, very ignorant, or very adds: “The apostles, before their deimpious, saying, “I will,"—and the infant parture from the world, commissioned is from that moment regenerated. “God, others to perform this and other minithe Holy Ghost, the Divine nature itself, sterial functions. Again; the bishops is communicated to it.” We read but of whom they ordained commissioned others One thus distinguished—who, in conse in their turn. There never was any quence, grew in wisdom and in stature, doubt, that persons so ordained by the and in favour with God and man. But bishops, have authority and power to baptism was not the medium of that baptize; but whether any others have communication of which it is said : the same power, there is very great God gave not the Spirit by measure doubt.” It seems unbaptized persons are unto him." We ask for one, only one, not in a state of salvation, nor in the authenticated case, that any person ever way of salvation. Uncovenanted mercy, received the Holy Ghost at his baptism, by possibility, may extend to the unbapand whose conversion to God, holy life, tized children of schismatics and heretics and preparedness for heaven can be ---but as a general usage of the Divine traced to this event. The evidence of a government, they are among the doomed million daily and hourly occurring facts and the lost! The sacrament of the body is directly opposed to the monstrous and blood of Christ is even more indis. assumption. If a man has an immense pensable than baptism. But all its effi. field, and we observe him sowing it with cacy depends upon the consecration of we know not what seed, and upon inquiry the elements by priests ordained by a we learn that it is wheat, we naturally bishop: “In every age of the church, expect that wheat will be the produce. these have been well known as the perThe Church of England is this field-her sons who are authorized to consecrate

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