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544 LETTER from Captain Sentry on the character of

Sir Roger de Coverley, and on his own situation STEELE

545 Letter from the emperor of China to the pope-

Note from Mr. SĪy . .

546 On dishonest dealing-Cibber's Heroic Daughter

-Letter on a generous benefactor . .-
547 Cures performed by the Spectator .. . ADDISON
548 Letter on poetical justice .

549 On reluctance to leave the world_Letter from Sir

Andrew Freeport on his retiring . • ADDISON
550 Proposal for a new club
551 Translation of Greek epigrams--Letter on law-
phrases .


552 Recommendations of industrious tradesmen

Motteux – Harris - Rowley - Proposals for

new globes .


553 On the Spectator's opening his mouth-Com-

mendations of him .



Letter from Oxford correspondents


554 On the improvement of genius.


555 Farewell paper and acknowledgments of assist.

ance-Letter from the Academy of Painting • STEELE

556 Account of the Spectator opening his mouth . ADDISON

557 On conversation ---Letter by the ambassador of


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558 Endeavours of mankind to get rid of their bur.

thens, a dream •




559 The same concluded .

560 Letters, from the dumb doctor from a pert bag-

gage on the author's recovering his speech UNKNOWN

561 Account of the widows' club . .

562 On egotism-Retailers of old jokes .

563 Letters, from a blank-complaining of a choleric

gentleman . . .


564 On making a just estimate of the characters of


565 On the nature of man--of the Supreme Being . ADDISON
566 Letters on military life, by various soldiers UNKNOWN
11567 Method of political writers affecting secrecy ; spe-

cimen . . . . .
568 Coffee-house conversation on the preceding paper

-The Whole Duty of Man turned into a libel
569 On drunkenness
570 On petty ambition


571 Advantages of seeking the protection of the Su-

preme Being


572 On quacks .


573 Letter from the president of the club of widows UNKNOWN

574 Advantages of content.


575 The present life preparatory to the happiness of

eternity . . .
576 On singularity; the dread and affectation of it.
577 Letter from a person supposed to be crazed— Pe-

tition of John a Nokes and Tom a Styles UNKNOWN

578 On personal identity_Story of Fadlallah

579 On adultery-Dogs which guarded the temple of


580 On the glories of heaven
581 The author's answer to his correspondents ; let-

ters from a lover and young lady . UNKNOWN

582 On the itch of writing


583 Duty of being usefully employed-on planting .

584 Story of Hilpa .

585 The same concluded

586 The use of dreams



587 The vision of hearts i .


588 On self-love and benevolence ..


589 On planting-Folly of destroying wood . UNKNOWN

590 On eternity ...


591 Questions and cases of love .

592 Dramatic improvements-Criticisms . • ADDISON
593 On dreams, how to be improved

594 On calumny . .


595 On the abuse of metaphors .

596 Distresses of a very amorous gentleman .

597 The dreams of various correspondents .

598 On a merry and serious cast of temper · • ADDISON

599 The cave of Trophonius, a dream . UNKNOWN

600 Various opinions of future happiness . . ADDISON

601 On benevolence-Causes which obstruct it . GROVE

602 Advantages of an air of importance in making

love. i


603 Phæbe, a poem


604 On a desire of knowing future events . UNKNOWN

605 A difficult case in love resolved.

606 Embroidery recommended to the ladies .

607 Qualities necessary to make marriage happythe

Aitch of bacon .

608 List of persons who demanded the flitch of bacon
609 Letters, on the improper dress of young clergymen

-On antipathies Against embroidery

610 Applause of men not to be regarded—Story of


611 Letter from a lady insulted by her seducer-Re-

flections on the subject :
612 On the pride of genealogy
613 Letters, on ambition-Eloquence of beggars—from

a lady marked by the small-pox
614 Questions on widows, answered by the love

casuist—Custom of Enborne . .

615 On fear. .

616 On vulgar phrases_Specimen.

617 On strained and pompous phrases—Specimen

618 On epistolary poetry .

619 Answers to various correspondents

620 The Royal Progress, a poem .


621 On improper pride . . . . UNKNOWN

622 Memoirs of an honest country gentleman

623 Account of the custom of Enborne .

624 Division of mankind into classes-Pursuits of

avarice, ambition, &c.

625 Questions in love solved by the love casuist
626 On novelty .

627 Letter to Želinda from her lover-his death

628 On eternity . . .
Translation of Cato's soliloquy.

629 Absurd claims of reward

630 Church music recommended—Improper behaviour

in church . .

631 On cleanliness.

632 Power of numbers-Grotto work-Verses on a

grotto .

633 On oratory--Advantages from Christianity . PEARCE

634 On aiming at perfection .


635 Enlargement of the powers of the mind in a

future state .


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No. 544. MONDAY, NOV, 24, 1712.

Nunquam ita quisquam benè subducta ratione ad vitum fuit,
Quin res, ætas, usus, semper aliquid apportet novi,
Aliquid moneat: ut illa, quæ te scire credas, nescias;
El, quæ tibi putaris prima, in experiendo ut repudi

TER, Adelph. Act. v. Sc. 4.


No man was ever so completely skilled in the conduct of life,

as not to receive new information from age and experience : insomuch that we find ourselves really ignorant of what we thought we understood, and see cause to reject what we fancied our truest interest.

THERE are, I think, sentiments in the following letter from my friend captain Sentry, which discover a rational and equal frame of mind, as well prepared for an advantageous as an unfortunate change of condition,

Coverley-ha!!, Nov. 15, 'SIR,

Worcestershire. "I am come to the succession of the estate of my honoured kinsman, Sir Roger de Coverley; and I assure you I find it no easy task to keep up the figure of master of the fortune which was so handsomely enjoyed by that honest plain man. I



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