Journey's End: Removing Biblical Barriers Between Women and Their Destiny

iUniverse, 2003 - 328 páginas
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More than a narrow focus on a few verses, Journey's End applies the entire sweep of Scripture to illuminate passages that have puzzled Christians for generations, and have too often been misused to hurt women. God never intended this; let this book answer your questions and settle your heart!

Reclaims Scripture as woman's Magna Charta
Brings out St. Paul's true meaning and intent
Sheds light on Genesis, Ephesians 5 and I Corinthians 11 and 14
Provides a fresh translation of I Timothy 2:12-15 based on Greek grammar
Spotlights the cultural concerns Paul addressed
Corrects "traditionalist" errors of translation, interpretation, and Bible doctrine
Liberates Christian marriage
Takes the sting out of the "problem passages"
Sets women free to be all God wants!

The "serpent's seed" has attacked God's daughters long enough. It's time for the truth to set them free! You will be refreshed, challenged and inspired by this thought-provoking book.

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