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Sect., that the Secret of the Vocation of the m Gentiles is in the Gospel made known, ma

rifested and declar'd; and therefore 'remains no longer a Mystery. The next thing under the Designation of a Mystery in the above-mention'd Sense is one Circumstance of the Resurrection. The Apostle having no lefs clearly and solidly than largely reason’d upon this Subject, (1 Cor. 15.) obviates an Ob jection or Scruple that might be rais’d. about the State of such as should be found alive on the Earth at the last day. Behold, says he, ver. 51, 52. I few you a MYSTERY, I impart a Secret to, you; we shall not all peep, or die, but we shall all be chang'd' in a Moment, in the twinkling of an Eye ;

- the Dead fall rise, and we shall be chang’d. It is not the Doctrine of the Resurrection then, you see, that is here calld a My. ftery, but only this particular Circumstance of it, viz. that the Living shall at the Sound of the last Trumpet put off their Flesh and Blood, or their Mortality, without Dying, and be in an Instant renderd incorruptible and immortal, as well as those that shall revive. In the fifth Chapter to the


Ephesians, ver. 31, 32. we learn that Ch.
the mutual Love and Conjun&tion of
Man and Wife is a Type of that in-
diffoluble Union which is between
Christ and his Church. This was que-
stionlessa great Mystery before we were
told it, but now there is nothing more
intelligible than the Foundation of that
Resemblance or Figure. The King-
dom of Antichrist in opposition to the
Gospel or Kingdom of Christ is also
calsd a Mystery, because it was a secret
Design carry'd on insensibly and by
degrees : but at length, all Obstacles
being remov?d or surmounted, it ap-
pears bare-fac'd to the Light, and (as
it was divinely fore-told ) ceases to
continue a Mystery. Let no Man de-
ceive you by any means, says Paul to the
Thessalonians, (2 Theff.2,3,4,5,6,7,8.)
for that Day fball not come except there
be a falling away or Apostacy first ; and
that Man of Sin be reveal'd, the Son of
Perdition, &c. And now you know what
with-holdeth, that he might not be re-
veald in his time ; for the MYSTERY
of Iniquity doth already work, only be who
now hindreth, will hinder till he be taken
out of the way, and then sball that wicked

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Sect. be revealed. These are all the Palú sages relating to the second Head.

32. Mystery is, Thirdly, put for any thing vaild under Parables or Enigmatical Expressions in these parallel Places following. The first is in Mat.13.10; 1. The Difciples' came and said unto him, Why speakest thou únto them in Parables? He answer'd and said unto them, Because it is given to you to know the MYSTERIES of the Kingdom of Hea: ven, but to them it is not given.

The fecond Passage is in Mark 4. 11. And Jesus said to his Disciples, Unto you is given to know the MYSTERT of the Kingdom of God; but unto them that are without, all these things are done in Parables. The same Words are reo peated in Luk.8.10. And it is most evideat from all of 'em, that those things which Christ spoke in Parables were not in themselves incomprehensible, but mysterious to them only to whom they were not unfolded, that (as it is there faid) hearing they might not understand. It is now the most ordinary Practice in the World for such as would not be understood by every one, to agree upona way of speaking peculiar to them



selves. Nor is there any thing more


3. easy than the Explication which Christ gave of these Parables at the Request of his Disciples.

33. There are but two Passages on, ly left, and Mystery in them has no reference to any thing in particular, but it is put for all secret things in its usmost Latitude or Acceptation. The first Place is in 1 Cor. 13. 2. And tho I have the Gift of Prophecy, and underft and all MYSTERIES and all Knowledg*;, and tho I have all Faith so that I could remove Mountains, and have no Charity, I am nothing. The fecond, parallel to this, is in 1 Cor. 14. 2. He

that speaketh in an unknown Tongue, Speaketh not unto Men but unto God; for no Man understandeth him, however in the Spirit he speaketh MYSTERIES; chat is, what is intelligible enough to him, are Secrets to fuch as understand not his Language.

34. Having so particularly alledg'd all the Passages where there is mention made of Mysteries in the New Testament, if any should wonder why I have omitted those in the Revelation, to such I reply, that the Revelation


Sect.3. cannot be properly look'd upon as a m Part of the Gospel; for there are no

new Doctrines deliver'd in it. Far from being a Rule of Faith or Manners,

it is not as much as an Explanation of any Point in our Religion. The true Subject of that Book or Vikon is a Prophetical History of the External State of the Church in its various and interchangeable Periods of Prosperity or Adversity. But that I may not fall under the least Suspicion of dealing unfairly, I shall subjoin the few Texts of the Revelation wherein the word Mystery is contain'd. The first is in Rev. 1. 20. The MYSTERY of the seven Stars which thou Jawest in my right Hand, and the seven Golden Candlesticks : Well, what is the Mystery or Secret of these Stars and Candlesticks? The

seven Stars are the Angels of the seven Churches; and the seven Candlesticks, which thou saweft, are the seven Churches, namely, of Afit. Another Passage is in chap. 17.5,7. And upon her Forehead was a Name written, MrSTERY, BABILON THE GREAT, &c. And the Angel said, I will tell thee the MYSTERY of the


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