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“ From this time it shall be said, What hath God wrought?” He pointed out to us in what a wonderful manner the Lord had carried on his work in the three kingdoms, within these last thirty or forty years. It was a solemn time. The people were very attentive, though the cold was very severe. At night we had a lovefeast : I was led to speak with some degree of freedom. As I came out, several asked me where I lodged. I told them I should (with the Lord's help) be at home at such an hour every day. Seve. ral came to me, one after another, and the Lord's hand hath been with us of a truth. What amazing answers to prayer have I seen! Lord, give me to endure to the end ! In the classes and bands, also, I find much freedom in speaking for God; and he gives me to cast all iny own burden on himself, and to believe Christ charges himself with all my concerns, while he, in some low degree, gives me to charge myself with those that relate to his glory. Here are many souls who seem to thirst for spiritual conversation, as the traveller for the cooling stream; and whenever we are together, our Lord is in the midst.

March.--Conversing with a gentleman who knew some. thing of my situation, he said, “ If I had had such losses as you have had, and was in such an encumbered situa. tion, I should stamp and tear, and go raving mad.” I began to reflect on his words, and thought, How is it that I am kept so calm ? I saw and adored the hand of my God, and was constrained to cry out, “ Lord, thou hast known my soul in adversity!" This is thy doing, and I will praise thee. · April 4.-—When I was in this city fourteen years ago, the Lord was pleased to give me some souls. I wondered often what was become of them; but glory be to God! I find them as simple and steady as ever ;-and some are much advanced. I asked of the Lord at my first coming at this time, that some soul might be particularly blessed, that I might be encouraged to think that I was come in his nanc. A few days after we came, the answer was given. Brother Cousins was restored to the love of God. But this was only the beginning of good things. Each day opened the providence of God more and more. Seve. ral persons got good, and I saw my call quite clear. One old disciple gave me much pleasure. She had long been a follower, and useful to others. The first time I saw her, she laid open her whole heart, and was simple as a little child. I scarce ever found so much of the power of God in conversing with any one as with her. Before we parted the Lord gave her a taste of the liberty she came to in. quire after. She sent others-among whom was onc young woman, an upright soul, but who had got into sore temptation, and lost her peace. The Healer of the breaches again appeared, and she was filled with consola. tion, and found (as she afterward told me) she was a new creature. A inan and his wife the next day called on me; they had a measure of life ; but they were come (as they said) to inquire when, and how, “the blood of Jesus would cleanse them from all sin.” Such simplicity I hardly ever met with before. My heart was ready to melt with de. sire. I found such access in addressing the throne of grace as I cannot express. It was all · ask and have !" I did ask, and, glory be to God, he granted my petition, and brought the dear souls into farther light and liberty !

April 24.-I am now at Bristol. Lord! what shall I ineet with here? O let me be ever observant of thy will !

May.-I wrote and sent to my Wednesday nights' Inceting, (consisting of about fifty persons, who meet at Cross Hall,) the following letter :

“ Though various occupations in my Master's work have rendered my pen for a longer time silent than I at first intended, I can assure you with a pleasing sincerity, my heart has often been warmed when pleading before the throne in your behalf. Very dear are all the followers of the Lord to me in every place ;-but my little com. pany on Wednesday nights will ever hold a peculiar place in my heart. I also include the spreading branch in Wakefield. May lively grace rest on you all !—and may you ever adorn your profession as a company of the choicest followers of the bleeding Lamb! Many here inquire, .How goes on your Wednesday nights' meeting ?' There is a general belief of great life in Yorkshire. In this your farne is gone out into other Churches. O, how alarming the thought! •What manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness! A city set on a hill cannot be hid. Either a ray of light, or a shade of darkness, will reflect from every protessor.

Adorable Jesus, fill us with that jealous, just concern, that our light may never become darkness! In order to prevent this, let the most strict and ardent watchfulness keep your eye and heart for ever fixed on the Lamb who taketh away your sins!' For it is by those believing views that all the streams of consolation, wherewith our souls are replenished and refreshed, are given. I would have you praise the Lord for me, and therefore I tell you, I have, and do prove him to be a God of faithfulness and truth.

“ The account of a Jewess in this city may perhaps help your strains of praise to rise a little higher. I will therefore give it you in the best manner my memory will afford.

“ She was born in Germany. Her father was a famous Jew rabbi. He gave her a good education, and brought her up very strictly according to the laws of the Jews. When she was about eighteen she found a strong inclination to come to England. This her parents much opposed, as they could well provide for her, and could see no reason why she should leave her native country. But she had no rest in her spirit while in Germany ; so at last they gave consent that she should visit their own people in England. They gave her a handsome sum of money, and sent her off with their blessing, in company with some friends. She continued to live some time in Eng. land, till at length she was cheated out of the greatest part of her money. She was then reduced to many hard. ships, and after a time went as a servant into a Jew's family. Her mistress liked her greatly, and used her as one of her own children. Here she thought her lot was cast in a fair portion, for she loved her mistress, and rejoiced to do her service. But after a short time a great change took place. Her mistress was awakened to a sense of the things of God, and in the end found there was no name under heaven whereby she could be saved, but the name of Jesus Christ.' This grieved the young woman beyond expression. She now hated her mistress, as much as before she had loved her; and very often her behaviour corresponded with the feelings of her heart. The arrows of conviction, however, now began to fasten on her also; and oft she reasoned with herself, saying,

What a difference there is between my mistress and me! If I had such a servant I would turn her off at once. But my mistress seems all love since she believed in Jesus Christ as the Messiah ; but I am all hatred. Besides, she is happy, always happy, while I am always miserable. Then again, she would start at the thought and say, What! am I going to leave the true religion ? O, no! I will never believe in Christ. I will pray to the true Mes. siah. Then she would go up to the top of the house, and (as she thought) looking toward Jerusalem, would cry,

O Lord Jehovah, hear me! Thou hast done great wonders for our people, and for our nation; and when we were in the hands of our enemies, thou didst send deliverance for thy chosen people Israel. O hear me! thou God of Abra. ham, Isaac, and Jacob, and send us our Messiah, that he may take away our misery! Then “shall kings be our nursing fathers, and queens our nursing mothers, and we shall be restored again to our former privileges !' It would then come to her mind, Jesus Christ, whom you despise, is the very and true Messiah! But that thought she thrust away with fear.

« One night she went to bed in great distress, and dreamed she was walking on a common, and that a man came up to her whom she knew to be Jesus Christ. She looked on him, and between hope and fear said, “Tell me, are you my Messiah ? He answered, “I am your Mes. siah. Yet she drew back, and was afraid to believe. In the morning she knew not what to think. Wherever she went she seemed always to see Christ as hanging on the cross! And in her own soul felt so deeply the sentence of death, that she seemed to have no hope of salvation, At last she told the Lord, one day, she could almost be. lieve, and if he would give some sign, she thought she should hold out no longer. The sign which God gave to Israel, through Samuel's prayer, came strongly to her mind, as she waited before the Lord-her soul then strug. gling between faith and unbelief. It was at that time rather cold weather ; but the Lord was pleased, before the close of the day, to send a storm of thunder and light. ning, which terrified her beyond expression. While she was on her knees, expecting every moment to drop into hell, (which she now clearly felt she deserved.) she cried to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to hear and save her! God did hear. Glory be to his free mercy, he made her to feel, .None but Jesus could do helpless sinners good!' In the same moment she felt his blood applied, and shouted aloud the praises of her Messiah !

* From this time she continued happy in the love of God. She then became sensible of the stirrings of inbred sin, from which she had no thought of ever being delivered: tih she should lay down the body. I found much blessing in conversing with her; and after the first time she was much stirred up to seek a farther salvation. For some weeks she was tossed between hope and fear.-One day as I was meeting brother Sims's class, she seemed un. commonly oppressed with unbelief, yet she pleaded, 0 ! can it be possible that I should be wholly delivered from anger, and live in a place where I have ten children to look after ? I recommended her to look to Jesus, who could and would save her to the uttermost. Several of us walked home together. As she was praying inwardly, and meditating on the all-sufficiency of the Saviour, sister Tripp said, • God kept Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, in the fire, and why not you ? She answered nothing, but pondered the words in her heart. When she got home, she began to consider, He really did keep the three children in the furnace! And he can keep me from anger. As she strove to believe, her faith grew stronger and stronger, till she could cast the full weight of her soul on Jesus, as her uttermost Redeemer. O my friends, praise the Lord !”

Cross Hall, September 12.-This day I am thirty-nine years of age. O that I might live to Thee more than ever! What have I either done or suffered for thee, in this last year ? As to the state of my soul, I trust I am nearer to God than before I went ny journey. But I am still a dull scholar in thy school. I want that full baptism of the Spirit : God's promise to all believers. Mr. *** is very kind and helpful to me in the care of my temporal affairs ; but what my trials are, none but God knows. To-day I was blessed in praying for him, with that word : “ I will bless them that bless thee !” Amen! Amen!

Sunday, November 15.—This day I found a blessing in

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