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from Saul, nay, had alfo the Assurance of the Sundag Kingdom after him; and St. Paul's Sentence XIV: in this case is most heavy, Rom. xiii. 2. They they that refift, shall receive to themselves Damnation Here is very small Encouragement to any to rise up against the Lawful Magistrate; for though they should so far prosper here, as to Tecure themselves from him by this means, yet there is a King of Kings, from whom no Power can shelter them; and this Damnation, in the close, will prove à fad Prize of their Victories. What is, on the other side, the Duty of the Magistrate to the People, will be in vain to mention here, none of that Rank being like to read this Treatise; and it being very useless for the People to enquire, what is the Duty of their Supreme, wherein the most are already much better read, than in their own, it may suffice them to know, that whatsoever his Duty is, or however performed, he is accountable to none but God, and no failing of his

part, can warrant them to fail of theirs. 6. The Second sort of Parents, are, the Spi- Duties to ritual; that is, the Ministers of the Word, pur Pan whether such as be Governors in the fors. Church, or others under them, who are to perform the same Offices to our Souls, that our Natural Parents do to our Bodies. Thus St. Paul tells the Corinthians, That in Christ Jesus he had begotten them through the Gospel; 1 Cor. iv. 15. and the Galatians, Chap. iv. 19. That he travails in birth of them, till Christ be



Hundar formed in iham: And again, 1 Cor.iii.2. He had fed XIV. them with Milk, that is, such Doctrines as were

agreeable to that Infant-state of Christianity they were then in; but he had stronger Meat for them of full Age, Heb.v. 14. All these are the Offices of a Parent; and therefore they that perform

them to us, may be well accounted as such. que,

7. Our Duty to these, is, first, to love them; to bear them that Kindness which belongs to those who do us the greatest Benefits. This is required by St. Paul, Theff. v. 12, 13

I be. Seech

you, Brethren, mark them which labour among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you; and esteem them very highly in love, for their Works fake, The Work is such as ought in all reason to procure them Love, it being of the

highest Advantage to us. Esleem. 8. Secondly, It is our Duty to value and

esteem them, as we see in the Text now mentioned; and surely, this is most reasonable, if we consider either the Nature of their work, or who it is that employs them. The Nature of their work is of all others the most excellent. We use to value other Professions proportionably to the Dignity and Worth of the Things they deal in. Now surely, there is no Merchandize of equal Worth with a Soul; and this is their Traffick, rescuing precious Souls from Perdition: And if we consider further, who it is that employs them, it yet adds to the Reverence due to them. They are Ambassadors for Christ, 2 Cor. V. 20. and


Ambassadors are by the Laws of all Nations Sunday

XIV. to be used with a respect answerable to the Quality of those that send them. Therefore, Christ" tells his Disciples, when he sends them out to preach ; He that despiseth you, deSpiseth me; and he that despiseth me, defpiseth him that sent me, Luke x. 16. It seems, there is more depends upon the despising of Ministers. than ordinary Men consider, 'tis the despising of God and Christ both. Let those think of this, who make it their Pastime and Sport to affront and deride this Calling And let those also, who dare presume to exercise the Offices of it, without being Lawfully Call'd to it, which is a most high Prefumption ; 'tis as if a Man of his own Head should go as an Ambassador from his Prince. The Apostle says of the Priests of the Law, which yet are inferior to those of the Gospel, That no Man taketh this Honour to himself, but he which was called of God, Heb. v. 4. How Thall then any Mandare to assume this greater Honour to himself, that is not call'd to it? Neither will it suffice to say, They have the Inward Call of the Spirit; for since God hath establish'd an Order in the Church for the admitting Men to this Office, they that shall take it upon them without that Authority, relift that Ordinance, and are but of the number of those Thieves and Robbers, as our Saviour speaks, John X. which come not in by the Door. 'Besides the fad Experience of these

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Sunday Times shews, that many who pretend most XIV. to this inward Call of the Spirit, are called

by some other Spirit than that of God; the Poctrines they vent, being usually directly contrary to that Word of his, on which all true Doctrines must be founded. Such are to be look'd on as those Seducers, those false Prophets, whereof we are so often warn’d in the Epistles of the Apotles. And whoLoever countenances them, or follows them, partakes with them in their Guilt. It is recorded of Jeroboam, as a crying Sin, that he made of the meanest of the People Priests, that is, fuch as had by God's Institution no Right to it; and whoever hearkens to these uncalled Preachers, runs into that .very Sin: for without the Encouragement of being fol. lowed, they would not long continue in the Course ; and therefore, they that give them that Encouragement, have much to answer for, and are certainly guilty of the Sin of deWpising their true Paftors, when they shall thus set up these false Apostles against them. This is a Guilt this Age is too much conkerned in : God, in his Mercy, so timely convince us of it, as may put a stop to that Confusion and Impiety which breaks in so fast upon us by it.

9. Thirdly, We owe to them Maintenance; but of this I have spoken already in

the first part of this Book, and shall not here Obedience. repeat. Fourthly, We owe them Obedience ;



Obey them, faith the Apostle, that have the Sunday rule over you, and submit yourselves, for they XIV. watch for your Souls, Heb. xiii. 17. This Obedience is to be paid them in Spiritual Things; that is, whatsoever they, out of God's Word, shall declare to us to be God's Commands, these we are diligently to obey, remembring that it is not they, but God requires it, according to that of Christ, He that heareth

you, heareth me, Luke x. 16. and this, whether it be deliver'd by the way of Publick Preaching, or private Exhortation; for in both, so long as they keep them to the Rule, which is God's Word, they are the Messengers of the Lord of Hofts, Mal. ii. 7. This Obedience the Apostle enforceth from a double Motive, one taken from their Ministry, another from themselves; They watch, says he, for your Souls, as they that must give an Account, that they may do it with Joy, and not with Grief. The People are, by their Obedience, to enable their Pastors to give a comfortable Account of their Souls; and it is a most unkind return of all their Care and Labours, to be put to grieve for the ill Success of them. But then, in the second place,'tis their own Concernment also; they may put their Ministers to the discomfort of seeing an their Pains caft away, but themselves are like

get little by it, that (fays the Apostle, Heb. xiü. 17.) will be unprofirable for you ; 'tis yourfelves that will finally prove the Losers hy it, you lose all those glorious Rewards which


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