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thou not, at these Mens Prayers, let go thine wond,

appear. Thou would's have spared so many Thousands of moft wicked Men, if in the City of Sodom had been found but Ten good Men. Now here be- fo many Thousands of Men which love the Glory of ithy Name, which figh for the Beauty of thy Houfe; and wilt Anger, and remember thine accustomed and old Mercies? Shalt thou nor, with thy Heavenly Policy, turn our Folly into thy Glory? Shalt thou not turn the wicked Mens Evils into thy Church's Good ? For thy Mercy is wont then moft of all to succour, when the thing is with us - paft Remedy, and neither the Might nor Wisdom of Men can help it.

Thou alone bringest Things that be never fo out of Order into Order again, which art the only Author and Maintainer of Peace. Thou

framedft that old Confusion, wherein, with out Order, without Fashion, confusedly lay the discordant Seeds of Things; and with a that fought together, thou didst allay and knid in a perpetual Band. But how much greated Confusion is this, where is no Charity, no Fidelity, no Bonds of Love, no Reverence neither of Laws, nor yet of Rulers; no Agree ment of Opinions, but, as it were, in a misor dered Choir, every Man singeth a contrary Note. Among the Heavenly Planets is no Dift Tention; the Elements keep their Place, every one do the Office whereunto they be appoinKk 2


ed: And wilt thou fuffer thy Spouse, for whose fake all Things were made, thus by continual Discords to perish? Shalt thou suffer the wicked Spirits, which be the Authors and Workers of Discord, to bear such a swing in thy Kingdom uncheck’a? Shalt thou suffer the ftrong Captain of Mischief, whom thou once overtherwelt, again 'to invade the Tents, and to spoil thy Soldiers? When thou wer't here, a Man conversant among Men, at thy Voice fled the Devils. Send forth, we befeech thee, O Lord, thy Spirit, which may drive away out of the Breasts of all then that profess thy Name, the wicked Spirits, Masters of Riot, of Covetousness, of Vain-glory, of Carnal Lust, of Mischief and Discord. Create in us, o our God and King, a clean Heart, and renew thy Holy Spirit in our Breafts : - Pluck not from us thy Holy Ghost : Render unto us the Joy of thy Saving Health, and with thiy principal Spirit strengthen thy Spouse, and the Herdsmen thereof. By this Spirit thou reconcileft the Earthly to the Heavenly: By this thou didst frame and reduce so many Tongues, so many Nations, so many sundry forts of Men, into one Body of a Church; which Body, by the same Spirit, is knit to thee their Head. This Spirit if thou wilt vouchsafe to renew in all Mens Hearts, then shall all the foreign Miseries cease; or if they cease not, they shall turn to the Profit and Avail of them which love thee. Stay this Confusion, fec in order this horrible Chaos,

(O Lord,


(O Lord Jesus) let thy Spirit stretch out itself upon these Waters of evil, wavering Opini

And because thy Spirit, which according to thy 'Prophet's Saying, containeth all Things, hath also the Science of Speaking; make, that like as unto all them which be of thy House is one Light, one Baptism, one God, one Hope, one Spirit, so they may also have one Voice, one Note, one Song, professing one Catholick Truth. When thou didit mount up to Heaven Triumphantly, thou threweft out from Above thy precious Things, thou gavest Gifts amongst Men, thou dealest sundry Rewards of thy Spirit. Renew again from Above thy old Bountifulness, give that Thing to thy Church now fainting and growing downward, that thou gavest unto her shooting up at her first beginning. Give unto Princes and Rulers the Grace fo to stand in Awe of thee, that they may so guide the Commonweal, as they should shortly render account unto thee that art the King of Kings, Give Wisdom to be always assistant untothem, that whatsoever is best to be done, they may espy it in their Minds, and pursue the fame in their Doings. Give to the Bishops the Gift of Prophecy, that they may declare and interpret Holy Scripture; not of their own Brain, but of thine Inspiring. Give them the Threefald Charity which thou once demandedst of Peter, what Time thou didft betake unto him the Charge of thy Sheep. Give to the Priest


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the Love of Soberness and of Chastity. Give
to thy People a good Will to follow thy
Commandments, and, a Readiness to obey
such Persons as thou hast appointed over
them. So shall it come to pass, if through
thy Gift thy Princes shall command that
thou requirest, if thy Pastors and Herdsmen
hall teach the same, and thy People obey
them both, that the old Dignity and Tranquil-
lity of the Church shall return again, with
a goodly Order, unto the Glory of thy Name.
Thou sparedit the Ninevites appointed to be
destroyed, as soon as they converted to Re-
pentance; and wilt thou despise thy House
falling down at thy Feet, which instead of
$ackcloth, hath Sighs, and instead of Ashes,
Tears? Thou promisest Forgiveness to such as
turn unto thee; but this self thing is thy Gift,
* Man to turn with his whole Heart unto thee,
to the intent all our Goodness should redound
unto thy Glory. Thou art the Maker, repair
the work that thou hast fashioned. Thou are
the Redeemer, save that thou hast bought.
Thou art the Saviour, suffer them not to perish
which do hang on thee, Thou art the Lord
and Owner, challenge thy Possession. Thou
art the Head, help thy Members. Thou art the
King, give us a Reverence of thy Laws. Thou
art the Prince of Peace; breathe upon us bro-
therly Love. Thou art the God, have pity on
thy bumble Beseechers, be thoy according to
Paul's Saying, all Things in all Men, to the

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intent the whole Choir of thy Church, with agreeing Minds and consonant Voices for Mercy obtained at thy Hands, may give Thanks to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; which, after the most perfect Example of Concord, be distinguished in Property of Perfons, and one in Nature: To whom be Praise and Glory eternally. Amen.


out of the Liber Regalis.

05 DD, the unspeakable Author of the tutorld, Creator of

upen, Governor of Empires, and Etablither of all kingdoms, who, out of the Loins of our father Abraham, pidt chule a king that became the Saviour of all Bings and Nations of the Earth ; Bless, we beseech thee, the faithful Servant, and our Dread Sovereign Lozd, king GEORGE, with the richet Blefangs of the Glace. Eta. blith him in the Throne of his kingdom by thy mighty Pid and Pzotedton; Milit him as thou didat Mofes in the Wulh, Joshua in the Battle, Gideon in the field, and Samuel in the Temple. Let the Dew of thine abundant Mercies fall upon his head, and give him the Blelling of David and Solomon. 2Be unto him an thelmet of Salvation againữ the face of his Eneinies, and a trong Tower of Defence in the KTime of adverQty. Let his Beign be prosperous, and his Daps many. Let Peace, and Love, and Holiness ; let Juttice, and Truth, and all Chritian Wertues flourith in his Time. Let his people fer be him with Honour and Dbedieiice : 2nd let him fo duly Cerbe thce here on Earth, that he may hereafter everlastingly Weign with thee in Heaven, though Jesus Chritt our Lozd. Amen.


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