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of the Duty of Children to Parents, Reverence, Love, Obe

dience, 296. Especially in their - Marriage, miniftring to their Wants, p. 301. Duty to the worst of Parents, p. 304. Of the Duty of Parents to their Children, ibid.

SUNDAY XV. Of Duty to our Brethren and Relations, p. 317. To a Husband, Obedience, Fidelity, Love, p. 323: The Faults of the Husband acquit not from these Duties, p. 324. Dues to the Wife, Love, Faithfu'ness, Maintenance, Instruction, p. 316, &c. Husbands and Wives mutually to pray for and flit eacb other in all Good, p. 328. Vertue the chief Confideration in Marriage, unlawful Marriages, p. 329. FriendThip; p. 331. Servants Duty, p. 335. Masters Daty, p. 338.

SUNDA Y XVI. Other Branches of our Duty to our Neighbour, p. 342. The Duty of Charity to Mens Souls, Bodies, Goods, Credit, &c. p. 343, to the End.

duits S Ú N DA Y XVII. Et of Charity, in respect of our Neighbour's Goods, Alma giving, p. 372, &c. of Charity

, in refpect of our Neighbowr's Credit, p. 385. Of Peace-making, p. 390. Of going to Lav, p. 392. Of Charity to our Enemies, p. 393.

Chris ftian Duties botl possible and pleasant, p. 396. Tbc Danger. of delaying our turning to God, p. 399.




Rayers for Morning

Page 405 Prayers for Night

413 Collects for several Gračes

419 A Paraphrafe on the Lord's Prayer

434 Pious Ejaculations out of the Book of Psalms

431 Brief Heads of Examination before the Sacramens 440 Prayers before the Sacramenti '!

457 Ejaculations at the Lord's Table, 8cc.

463 Prayers after the Sacrament

465 Prayers for the Sick

474 Ejaculations for the Sick

484 Time of Publick Calamitics

490 A Prayer for this Church

494 A Prayer for the Peace of the Church A Prayer for the King's Majesty...




BOOK S Printed for JOHN BAS.

KETT, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, .

: در راه .. ن : ما ر ر .


HE WORKS of the Learned and Pious Au

thor of The Whole Duty of Man, Printed in a farge Folio, of a very fáir Character

The Causes of the Decay of Christian Piety' ; 'or, An
Impartial Survey of the Ruins of Christian Religion,
undermined by Unchristian Practice.
The Gentleman's Calling.

The Ladies Calling, in Two Parts.
The Government of the Tongue.

The Lively Oracles given to us. Or, The Christian's Birth-Right and Duty, in the Gustody and Ule of the Holy Scripture. These Six by the Author of The whole Duty of Man. Printed in Ostavo.

Thu Whole Duty OP MAN, put into significant Latin, For the use of Schools,

A Collection of Articles, Injunctions, Canons, Orders, Ordinances and Constitutions Ecclefiaftical, and other Publick Records of the Church of England : With a Learned Preface. By Anthony Sparrow, Lord Bishop of Norwich. Newly Reprinted.

The Book of Homilies; appointed to be read in Churches in the Time of Queen Elizabeth. Newly Reprinted


BOOKS Printed for J. BASKETT, ETC.

Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiastical. In 4to.

A Treatile of English Particles, Shewing much of the Variety of their Significations and Ules in English : And how to render them into Latin, according to the Pro priety and Elegancy of that Language. By William Wall ker, B. D. The Fifteenth Edition. Corrected and Amen ded by A. Tooke, A.M. Usher of the Charter-House School.

A Collection of Articles, Canons, Injun&ions, &c. to gether with several Acts of Parliament concerning Ecclefiaftical Matters; some whereof are to be read in Churches. In Otave...

The 39 Articles of Religion, agreed upon by the Archa Bishops and Bishops of both Provinces, and the Whole Clergy, in the Convocation holden at London in the Year 1962,

In Quarto.

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