Punch, Volúmenes42-43

Punch Publications Limited, 1862

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Página 182 - Upon my secure hour thy uncle stole. With juice of cursed hebenon in a vial, And in the porches of mine ears did pour The leperous distilment ; whose effect Holds such an enmity with blood of man, That, swift as quicksilver, it courses through The natural gates and alleys of the bodv ; And, with a sudden vigour, it doth posset And curd, like eager droppings into milk. The thin and wholesome blood : so did it mine ; And a most instant tetter bark'd about, Most lazar-like.
Página 71 - He cursed him at board, he cursed him in bed ; From the sole of his foot to the crown of his head ; He cursed him in sleeping, that every night He should dream of the devil, and wake in a fright; He cursed him in eating, he cursed him in drinking, He cursed him in coughing, in sneezing, in winking ; He cursed him in sitting, in standing, in lying ; He cursed him in walking, in riding, in flying, He cursed him in living, he cursed him dying ! — Never was heard such a terrible curse!! But what gave...
Página 54 - There was a little man, And he had a little gun, And his bullets were made of lead, lead, lead ; He went to the brook, And saw a little duck, And shot it through the head, head, head.
Página 209 - I can, indeed, hardly doubt that all vertebrate animals having true lungs have descended by ordinary generation from an ancient prototype, of which we know nothing, furnished with a floating apparatus or swimbladder.
Página 92 - 3. To produce a forfeiture of the License it is by no means necessary that the holder should be convicted of any new offence. If he associates with notoriously bad characters, leads an idle and dissolute life, or has no visible means of obtaining an honest livelihood, <&c., it will be assumed that he is about to relapse into crime, and he will be at once apprehended, and recommitted to prison under his original sentence.
Página 61 - His contributions to the cause of progress and improvement were far more powerful and far more precious. He gave to it his thought, his time, his toil : he gave to it his life.
Página 72 - em liquoring in Washington in May. " Now really, Father Abraam, this here's the extra ounce. And we are almost sick, you see, of such almighty bounce ; We ain't afraid of being killed at proper times and seasons. But it's aggravating to be killed for Mac's* strategic reasons. " If you'd be so obliging, Father Abraam, as to write To any foreign potentate, and put the thing polite, And make him loan a general as knows the way to lead, We'd come and list, Jerusalem and snakes ! we would indeed. " But...
Página 119 - tis cold instead of hot ; Wax wings would freeze, not run, By which a chap as near had got, As could be, to the Sun ; As snow upon a mountain's top Might show to every fool : So that slow fable you must drop That we are taught at school. But...
Página 165 - A creature manifestly between the Gorilla and the Negro is to be met with in some of the lowest districts of London and Liverpool by adventurous explorers. It comes from Ireland...
Página 61 - Englishmen to accomplish, there was still a great deficiency in our national character, and which, if neglected, might lead to the impairing not only of our social happiness, but even the sources of our public wealth, — and that was a deficiency of culture. But he was not satisfied in detecting the deficiency, he resolved to supply it.

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