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Thanks. p. 158 e. 150 f. 161 b. V. Prayer, p.
166 d. 173 d. 175 a. V. Publ. Al. p. 178 f.

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237 d.

SACRILEGE. V. Vows, p. 169 d, e, f, g.
SCRIPTURE. V.p. 3, &c. Given by Inspiration, v.

p. 4 b, &c. Clearness of the Script. v. p. 6.

Perfection, p. 7 b, &c,
SPIRIT. God is a Spirit, v. p. 24. Spirit of Man,

p. 12 d. 54. a, c. 58 c. 61 f. 73 a. 118 d.
Spirit of God. V. H. Ghost, p. 95. Created Spi-

rits, v. Angels, p. 121.
SPIRITUAL Nature of the Christian Religion, v.

New Covenant, p. 86 e, &c. V. Operat. of Spi-
rit, p.97, &c. V. Church of Christ, p. 102 d, e.
V. Christian Knowledge, p. 110 d. Holiness, p.
III, &c. Happiness, p. 118 b, &c. V. Duty to
God, p. 129 d, e, &c v. Faith, p. 135 d. y.
Obedience, p. 146 f, &c. V. Worship, p. 155 a,
&c. 172 a. 174 b, c. 176 a. 177 b. V. Mortifi-

cation, p. 267, &c. V. Perfection, p. 282, &c.
SUPERSTITION. V. Vanity, p. 66 e V. Duty to

God, p. 130 f, g. 133 b. V. Fear of G. P. 142 f.
V. Prayer, p. 163 f. 166 g. V. Holy-days, p.
174 b, c. V. Edif. gen. p. 270 g. Edif. by

Knowl. p. 272 f. V. sup. Divination.
TEMPTATION. V. Sinfulness of Man, p. 74 a. V.

Christ as Man, p. 83 c. V. Devil, p. 127 c, d, f.
128 a. V. Submif. to G. P. 150 d, e. V. Prayer,
p. 162 e. 163 g. 165 b. V. Watchfulness, p.

276 h. 277 b. V. Company, p.277 i. 278c, &c.
THOUGHTS. V. Knowl. of God, p. 29 f, g, h. V.

Vanity of Man, p. 62 c. 66 c. ignorance, p. 68 a.
Insufficiency, P. 69 d, f. 70 d. V. Knowl. of
Chrift, p. 79 f. V. Thoughts of the Wicked, p.
131 c. V. Justice, p. 191 d, e, f. V. Candour
in judging, p. 211 c. V. Humility, p. 246 a.
V. Chastity, p. 259 e. V. Univ. Obedience,

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p. 284 f. V. Sincerity, p. 286 d, e, f, i. V.

fup. Conscience. TRINITY. V. p, 108; &c. VAIN-GLORY. V. Humility, p. 246 d, f, &c. WORDS. V. Vanity of Man, p. 62 g. 66 e. V.

Oaths, p. 167 d, &c. V. False Wit, p. 200, &c. V. Candour in speaking, p. 212, &c. V. Truth and sinc. p. 213, &c. V. Edific. p. 216 a, b. 220 e. V. Meeknefs, p. 253 c, d, e, f. 254 a, &c. V. Chastity, p. 260 c, f. V. Watchfulness, p. 277 e. V. Univ. Obedience, p. 283 f, &c. V.

Tup. Blasphemy, Cursing, Flattery, Profaneness. Works. Of God. v. Ch. II. Part. p. 20 a, b, c.

21 e, f. 23 b. 33 d. 34 d, f. 35 d. si d, &c. of Chrift, v. p. 78 a, &c. 8o a, &c. Of the H. Ghoji, v. p. 96, 97. Works of Man. V. Weak-ness, p. 70 C, &c. V. Faith, p. 136 c, d, e. 137 g. V. Fuftice of God, p. 43 f, g. V. Re

wards, p. 309 a, d. V. Punish. P. 316 a. 321 b. WORLD. V. Love of God, p. 145. V. Mortifica

tion, p. 269 a, &c.


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