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This Treatise is primarily addressed to Dr. John Pye Smith, Mr. Josiah Conder, the reputed editor of the Patriot Newspaper and of the Eclectic Review, and the undoubted author of a work entitled “On Protestant Nonconformity;” Mr. Thomas Binney, Mr. John Angell James, and other educated sectarian teachers; together with those of their congregations who are desirous of instruction in righteousness. The author has so scrupulously adhered to conciseness, as to have rendered the argument and the style, in places, rather difficult probably to persons not accustomed to study.

He trusts, however, that all that is necessary for the comprehension of his subject, is to read it from beginning to end with attention, with the references to the Bible most particularly, and with as much repetition as may be requisite to carrying its substance in the memory during the perusal. It is presumed that no


one will judge of the force of the argument on a partial view of its nature, nor venture to put forth any attempt at reply which does not fully disprove, by discussing all the main parts of the controversy, the point intended to be established: that the reasons for British subjects uniting with the Church of England, are infinitely stronger than those for separation from it.

The eighth chapter ends with the demonstration of Episcopacy and Prelacy as divine appointments for the most essential purposes. The ninth chapter contains the objections of dissenters to the Church as an establishment; to the Prayer-book, &c. &c. with appropriate answers. The tenth contains the conclusion of the whole argument, as it affects Nonconformists. An Appendix to the volume is intended to exhibit the relations of the government of the country to members of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and to those of opposing societies.

The Author has to regret a considerable number of typographical errors, for the greater part of which he is himself accountable, and feels that the chief excuses which he can offer,—his distance from the press, and the hurry of a single revision,

-are but an inadequate apology.

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