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109, p.

299, b.

it means,

161, 8.

it means,

428, q.



Not named or known, what it sig- Phæbe, why she is called a suc-
105, c. courer of many,

382, b.
Power, what the phrase brought

under power, (1 Cor. vi.) refers
Offence, how the law entered, to,

that the offence might abound, Pray with the understanding, what
Offended, (Rom. xiv.) what it Praying and prophesying, how to

375, m. be understood, 137, (3).
One God, (Rom. iii30) how to Present evil world, (Gal. i.) what
be understood,

278, d.
is meant by it,

30, e.
(Gal. iii.) the meaning Princes of this world, how to be
of the expression, but God is understood,

87, c.

50, e. Principalities, powers, &c. signify
Open face, (2 Cor. iii. 18) what

persons vested with authority,
201, t.

Prophesying, (1 Cor. xi.) the no-
tion of it,

138, (5).
Passing sins over, how God is Proportion of faith, what it signi-
said to do this, 277, w.


363, h.
Paul, his epistle to the Galatians

Put on Christ, the meaning of that


53, b.
the general design of this
epistle shown,

how said to be an apostle not
of men, nor by men,


Quicken your mortal bodies, this
how he was said not to please phrase largely explained, 328, f.

Quickened, how far Christians are
went into Arabia immedi-

412, u.
ately after his conversion, 35,e.
his first epistle to the Co-

rinthians explained,

75, &c.
his second epistle to the Co- Redemption, how expounded by
rinthians explained, 185, &c. the author,

276, r.
his epistle to the Romans ex- Reprobate mind, what it signifies,
plained, and its general scope,

260, s.
247, &c. Resurrection of the dead, (1 Cor.
his wisdom in treating the xv.) how to be understood, 172, k.
unbelieving Jews, 255, &c. Revellings, what they were, 66, h.

what he means by my Go Right hand of fellowship, what it
266, h. signifies,

41, a.
his epistle to the Ephesians Righteousness often taken for libe-

389, &c.

221, i.
taught the expiration of the

of the law, this
law more than the other apostles, phrase largely explained, 267, r.
391, &c.

of God, what is
is wont to join himself with meant by it,
the believing Gentiles in speak- Rose up to play, (1 Cor. x.) what
ing to them,

131, d.
Perfect, (1 Cor. ii.) how to be un- Running, what it means and al-

396, b.
it refers to,

87, a.
ludes to,

37, a.

33, d.

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257, d.

42, a.

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119, P.



T. Sanctified in Christ Jesus, what it Testimony of God, (1 Cor. ii.)

what it signifies, means, 109, m.

85, a. Saved, (Rom. xi.) what it means,

Theatre, how St. Paul alludes to it,

in the words set forth last, 100, r.

257, r. (Ephes. ii.) the import of Things that are not, the import of

413, 2.

that expression, it,

83, c.

that pertain to God, what Scribe, (1 Cor. i.) what, and why mentioned by the apostle, 81, a.

this phrase signifies, 379, b.

Time is short, what it Sealed,(2 Cor. i.) what it signifies,


192, c.

118, 1. Secular times, what St. Paul means

Truth of the Gospel, (Galat. ii.) by that phrase,

385, k. what it signifies, Seemed to be somewhat, (Gal. ii.) how to be understood,

39, b. Set forth last, (1 Cor. iv.) what it

Vessel to honour, meaning of it, alludes to, 100, r.

342, x. Simplicity that is in Christ, ex

Virgin, (1 Cor. vii. 37) seems to plained,

228, b.

signify a single state, Sin not imputed, (Rom. v.) what it

Unbelief, in what sense charged on imports,


Jews and Gentiles, 358, x. what it is to serve sin, 303, d.

Unclothed, and clothed upon, (2 how it has no dominion over

Cor. v. 4) what they mean, Christians,

305, m. what meant by its being exceeding sinful, --how it is condemned in the

325, o. Wages of sin, (Rom. vi.) what Sinners, (Gal. ii. 17) means un- meant by,

308, w. justified sinners, 43, a, Walk not after the flesh, but after So let him eat, how to be under- the spirit, what it means, 323, stood,

145, f. Sovereignty of God's justice, in Weakness, the meaning of through casting off the Jews,

341, w. weakness, (2 Cor. xiii.) 241, b. Speaking unknown tongues, why Wisdom of God in a mystery, the apostles insisted on it, in (1 Cor. ii.) how to be under

writing tothe Corinthians, 163,0. stood, Spirit, the Gospel usually called so Witnesses, what St. Paul means by by St. Paul,

62, d.

two or three witnesses, 240, a. Such an one, who St. Paul means Women, of their behaviour in by it,

194, k. Christian assemblies, 136, a. Supper, how eating one's own sup- Workmanship of God, created, per (1 Cor. xi.) is to be under

what it means,

416, a. stood,

143, a. Works, how excluded by the Go


206, f.

318, g.



e. g.

88, f.

352, d.




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