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All was cedar, there was no stone seen. Take stone in the type for that which was really so, and in the antitype for that which is so mystically, and then it may import to us, that in heaven, the antitype of this holiest, there shall never be any thing of hardness of heart in them that possess it for e. ver: all imperfection ariseth from the badness of the heart, but there will be no bad hearts in glory. No shortness in knowledge, no crossness of dilpoli. tion, no workings of lusts, or corruptions, will be there, no, nor throughout the whole heavens. Here, alas ! they are seen, and that in the best of faints, because here our light is mixed with dark. ness, but there will be no night there, nor any stone seen.

And the floor of the house was overlaid with gold, 1 Kings vi. 30. This is like that of which we read of the New Jerufalem, that is to come from God out of heaven, says the text; the street. of the city was pure gold; and like that of which you read in Exodus, “ They saw under the feet of the God of Ifrael as it were à paved work of sap. phire ftone, and as it were the body of heaven in its clearness," Rev. xxi. 21. Exod. xxiv. 10.

All the visions were rich, but this the richest, that the floor of the house should be covered, or overlaid with gold. The floor and street are walke. ing places, and how rich will our steps be then ? Alas! here we sometimes step into the mire, and then again stumble upon blocks and stones. Here we fometimes fall into holes, and have heel often catched in a snare'; but there will be none of these ; gold! gold ! all will be gold, and golden perfections, when we come into the holy place. Job at best took but his steps in butter, buc: we then thall take all our steps in the gold of the fanctuary



10, 11,

с н А Р. LXI. of the Ark of the Covenant, which was placed in

the Inner Temple. N I the word I read of three arks, to wit, Noah's

that in which Moses was hid ; and the ark of the covenant of God, Geni. vi. 24. Exod. ii. 3, 5. But it is the ark of the covenant of which I thall now speak.

“ The ark was made of mittim wood, two cu. bits and a half was the length thereof, and one cubit and an half the breadth thereof, and a cubit and an half the heighth thereof. It was overlaid with pure gold within and without, and a crown of. gold was made for it round abou,” Exod. xxv,

1. This ark was called the ark of the covenant ; as the first that you read of was called Noah's, because, as he in THAT was kept from being drowned ; so the tables of the covenant was kept in this, from breaking.

2. This ark, in this was a type of Christ. For that in him orry, and not in the hand of Mofes, these tables were kept whole : Mofes brake them, the ark keeps them.

3. Not only that wrote on two tables of stone, but that allo called the ceremonial, was put into the ark to be kept. The two tables were put

into the midft of the ark, to answer to this, « Thy law is within my heart to do it,” but the ceremonial was put into the side of the ark, to fhew, that qut of the side of Christ must come that which mult answer that; for out thence came blood and water; blood, to answer the blood of the

ceremonies; and water, to answer the purifyings and rinsings of that law.

The ceremonies therefore were lodged in the Gide of the ark, to fhew, that they should be an,

fwered out of the side of Jesus Christ, Exod. xxv. 16, 17. Deut. x. 5. xxxi. 26. Psal. xl. 8. John xix. 34. Heb. x. 7.

4. The ark had the name of God upon it; yea, it was called the strength of God, and his glory; though made of wood. And Christ is God, both in name and nature ; though made flelh ; yea more, made to be fin for us, 2 Sam. vi. 2. 2 Chron, iv. 14, xiii. 6. John i. 14. Rom. ix. 5. 2 Cor. v. 21,

5. The ark was carried upon mens fhoulders this way and that, to hew how Chrift should be carried and preached, by his apostles and ministers, into all parts of the world, Exod. xxv. 14. i Cor, xv. 15. Matth. xxviii. 19, 20. Luke xxiv. 46, 47.->

6. The ark had these testimonies of God's prefence accompanying it, as it had no other ceremony of the law; and Christ had those signs and tokens of his presence with him as never had man either in law or gospel. This is so apparent, it need, no proof. And now for a few comparisons more.

1. It was at that that God answered the people when they were wont to come and inquire of himn; and in these last days God has spoken to us by his Son, i Chron. xiii, 3. Sam, xiv, 18. Heb. i. 2, John xvi. 23, 24.

2. At the presence of the ark the waters of Jordan Atood still, till Ifrael, the ransomed of the Lord, passed over from the wilderness to Canaán ; and it is by the power and presence of Christ that we pass over death, Jordan's antitype, from the wildernefs of this world to heaven, Josh, iii, 15, 16, 17. John xi, 25. Rom. viii. 37, 38, 39. I Cor. XV. 54-57

3. Before the ark the walls of Jericho fell down, and at the presence of Christ thall high towers, and strong holds, and hiding places for finners be razed and dissolved at his co:ning, Isa, vi, 20. XXX. 25. ii. 1.-6. 2 Pet. iii, 10, Rev. XX, 11, 12, 13.

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4. Before the ark Dagon fell, that idol of the Philistines ; and Ibefare Christ Jesus devils fell, those gods of all those idols; and he muft reign vill all his enemies be put under his feet, and until

they be made his footftool.. il Sam. V.. Die • Mark v. 12. I Cor. xv, 25. Heb. X. 13.

5. The Philittines were also plagued for med. dling with the ark while they abode ancircumcised, and the wicked will one day be most severely pla. gue for their meddling with Christ with their uneir. aum ised hearts, 1 Saiu. v. 6. 43. Pfal. t. 16. Marth. :xxiv, 15. XXV. 11., 12. Luke xiii. 25.-29.

6. God's bleffing was upon those chat entertain. ed the ark as they should ; and much more is, and will this blessing be open those who embrace and entertain his Chrift, and profefs his nanoe fincerely, 2 Sam, vi, Id. Acts iii, 26. Gal. vi. 13, 14. Matth. xix. 27, 28, 19. Luke xxii. 28, 29.

7. When Uzza put forth his hand to stay the ark, when the oxen Thork it, as de pairing of God's proteđing of it, without a human help, he died be. fore the Lord, even so will all those do (without repentance) who use unlawful nieans to promote Christ's religion, and to support it in the world, 1 Chron.xiii, 9, 10. Matth. xxvi. 52. Rev. xvi. ion

8. The ark, though thos dignifies, was of itself baat low, but a cubit and an half-high : Allo Chrift, tho' he was the glory of heaven and of God, yet made himself of no reputation, and was found in the likeness of a man, Exod.

, XKV, 11, 12. Phil. ü. 6, to

The ark had a crown of gold round about up. on it; to thew how Christ is crowned by his faints by faidb, and shall be crowned by them in glory, før all the good he hath done for them; as allo how all crowns fhall one day stoop to him, and be fet upon his bead. This is bewed in the type,

Zech. vi. 11, 14. and in the antitype, Rev. iv. 10. xix. 12,

10. The ark was overlaid with gold within and without ; to shew that Christ was perfect in inward grace, and out ward life ; in spirit and in righteous. ness, John; i, 12, 13, 14 Pet, ji, 224

11. The ark was placed under the mercy seat, to few, that Jesus Chrift, as Redeemer, brings and bears, as it were upon his fhoulders, the mercy of God to us, even in the body of his fleth, thro death, Exod. xxv. 21. Eph, iv. 23. v. 1, 2.

12. When the ark was removed far from the people, the goldly went mourning after it; and when Christ is hidi or taken froin us, then we mourn in those days, 2 Sam. vii. 24, Mark ii. 19, 20. Luke v. 34, 35. John xvi. 20, 21, 22.

13. All lsrael had the ark again, after their mourning time was over: and Chrilt, after his people have forrowed for him a while, will fee them again, and their hearts shall rejoice, John xvi. 1, 2, 3, 20, 21, 22.

By all these things, and many more that might be mentioned, it is most evident, that the ark of the-testiinony was a type of Jesus Christ; and takt notice a little of that which follows; namely, that the ark at last arrived at the place most holy, Heb.

That is, after its wanderings : for the ark was first made to wander like a none inhabitant, from place to place ';, now hither, and then thither ; now in the hands of enemies, and then abused by friends уса

it caused to rove from place to place, as that of which the world was weary. I need inftance to you for proof none other place than the gth, 6th, and 7th chaptere of the firft bouk of Samuel : and answerable to this was our dear Lord Jesus posted backwards and forwards, hither and thither, by the force of the rage of his enor mies.

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