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TEMPLE oily tree, or these ollve posts, on which these doors do hang, causes that they open glibly or frankly to. the soul.

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What the Doors of the Temple were made of.

HE doors of the temple were made of fir,

that is fo fweet-scented, and pleafunt to the smell, 1 Kings vi. 34.

2. Mankind is also often compared to the fir. tree, as Ifa. xli. 19. lv. 13. Ix. 17. and xiv. 8.

3. Now, since the doors of the temple were made of the fame, doth it not fhew, that the way in o God's house, and into his favour, is by the same nature which they are of that thither enter, even through the vail, his flesh? Heb. x. For this door, I mean the antitype, doth even say of himfelf, “ I am as a green fir-tree, from me is the fruit found, Hof. xiv 8. 4. This fir-tree is Chrift; Christ as man, and so way to the Father.

The doors of the tem. ple are also, as you see here, made of the fir tree : even of that tree which was a type of the humani. ty of Jesus Chrift. Consider, Heb. ii, 14.

5. The fir-tree is also the houfe of the stork, that unclean bird, even as Christ is a harbour and fhelter for finners. As for the ftork, faith ihe text, the fir tree is her house : and Christ faith to lin. ners, that see their want of melter, “Come unto me, and I will give you reft. He is a refage for the oppressed, a rofuge in time of trouble,” Deut: xiv. 18. Lev. xi. 19. Pfal. civ. 17. Pfal. lxxxiv, 2, 3. Matth. xi. 27. 28. Heb. vi, 17,-21,

He is, as the doors of fir of the temple, the in. let to God's house, to God's presence, and to a par. taking of his glory, Thus God did of old by limi. litudes teach his people his way,. :

as the

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xli. 15

How the Doors of the Temple were adorned. | AN AND Solomon carved upon the doors " cheru

birns, palm-trees, and open flowers, and o. verlaid them all with gold," 1 Kings vi. 35. Ezek.

" He carved cherubims thereon."

These cherubims were figures, or types of angels, and for as much as they were carved here upon the door, it was to fhew,

First, What delight the angels take in waiting upon the Lord, and in gning at his bidding, at his beck. They are always waiting fervants at the door of their Lord's house.

Secondly, It may be alfo to fhew how much pleased they are to be where they may see finners come to God. “ For there is joy in the presence of the angels of God, over one sinner that repenteth, and comes to God by Christ for mercy,” Luke xv, 10.

Thirdly, They may be also placed here, to behold with what reverence or irreverence, those that come hither to worship do behave themselves. Hence Solomon cautions those that come to God's.

house to worMip, “thit they take hced to their 1

feet because of the angels ” Paul also says, woo men must take heed that they behave themselves in the church as they should, “ and that because of the angels,” Eccles. v. 1, 2, 6. 1 Cor. xi, 14.

Fourthly, They may be also carved upon the Tenple doors, to thew us how ready they are, fo soon as any poor creature comes to Chrift for life, to take the care and charge of its conduct through this miferable world : “ Are they not all ministring fpirits, sent forth to minister for those which shall be heirs of salvation," Heb. i. 14.

Fifthly, They may also be carved here, to shew. that they are ready at Chrift's command, to take vengeance for him upon those that despise his peo

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ple, and hate his person. Hence, he bids the world take heed what they do to his little ones, their angels behold the face of their Father which is in heaven, and are ready at the door to run at his bidding, Matih. xviii. 10.

Sixthly, or lastly, They may be carved upon these doors, to thew that Christ Jesus is the very supporter and upholder of angels, as well as the Sa: viour of linful man; for as he is before all things, so by him all things consist: angels stand by Chrift, men are saved by Christ, and therefore the very cherubims themselves were carved upon these doors, to sew they are upheld and fubfist by him, i Cor. viii. 6. Col. i. 17. Heb. i. 3.

Secondly, Again, as the cherubims are carved here, so there were palm-trees carved here allo. The palm-tree is upright, it twisteth not itself awiy, Jer. x. 5.

1. Apply this to Chrift, and then it News us the uprightness of his heart, word, and ways with sin. Ders..

~ Good and upright is the Lord, therefore will he teach finners in the way,” in at the door to life, Pfal. xxv, 8. xcii, 15.

2. The palm or palm-tree is alfo a token of vic. tory, and as placed here, it betokeneth the conquest that Chrift, the door, thould get over fin, death, the devil, and hell, for us, Rom. vii. 24. viii, 37, 1 Cor. xv. 54, 550 56. Rev. vii. 9, 10, 11.

3. If we arply the palm-tree to the church, as we may, for The also is compared thereto, Song vii. 8, 9, 10. then the palm tree may be carved here, to thew, that none but such as are upright of heart and life shall dwell in the presence of God. “ The hypocrite, says Job, thall not come before him. The upright, fays David, Thail dwell in thy p elence, Job xii, 16. Pfal. xxiv, 3, 4.

They are they that are cloathed in white robes, which fignifies uprightness of life, that stand be. fore the Lamb with palms in their hands, Rey.



Thirdly, There were also carved upon these doors open flowers ; and that to teach us, that here is the sweet scent and fragrant smell ; and that the coming foul will find it so in Christ, this door, “ I 20, faith he, the Rose of Sharon, and the lily of the vallies.” And again, “ his cheeks are as beds of {pices, and feveral towers; his lips, likelilies, drop sweet sinelling myrrh," Song ii, 1. v. 13.

Open flowers, cpen flowers are the sweetest, because full grown, and because as such, they yield their fragrancy most freely. Wherefore, when he fáith upon the doors are open flowers, he fetteth Christ Jesus forth in his goou lavours, as high as by such finilitudes he could ; and that both in name and office ; for open flowers lay, by their thus opening theinfelves before us, all their beauty alto mof plainly before our faces. There are va. rieties of beauty in open flowers, the which they also commend to all observers. Now, upon these 'doors you see are open flowers, flowers ripe, and spread before us, to thew, that his name and offices are favoury to them that by hiin do eriter his house to God his Father, Song i. 1, 2, 3, 4.16

All the se were overlaid with fine gold.” Gold : is molt rich of all nietals ; and here it is faid the doors, the cherubims, the palm-trees, and oper flowers, were overlaid therewith. And this thews, that as these things are rich in themselves, even fo: they thou'd be to us:

We have a golden door to go to God by, and golden angels to conduct us through the world ; we have golden palm-trees as tokens of our victory; and golden flowers to smell on all the way to hea. Ven.


Of the Wall of the Temple.
HE wall of the Temple was a ceiled with fir,

which he overlaid with fine gold ; and set: thereon palm trees and chains, 2 Chron. ii, 5,6,7.

The walls were as the body of the houle, unte

which Christ alluded, when he faid, “ Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up," John ii. 19. 21.

Hence to be, and worship in the Temple, was a type of being in Christ, and worshipping God by him ; for Christ, as it was faid, is the great Temple of God, in the which all the elect meet, and in whom they do service to and for his Father.

Hence again, the true worshippers are said to be in him, to speak is, him, to walk in him, to obey in him, 2 Cor. ii, 14. xii. 19. Col, ii. 6. For, as of old, all true worship was to be found at the Temple, so now it is only found with Christ, and with them that are in him. -.1 he promise of old was made to them that worfhipped within these walls : “ I will give, faith he, to them in my house and within my wails,” (to them that worship there in truth) a place and a pame better than that of sons and of daughiers, Ifa.. V, 5, 6.

But now, in New Testament times, “ all the promiles in him are yea, and in him amen,

to the glory of God by us, 2 Cor. i, 20.

This is yet further hinted to us, in that it is said, these walls are ceiled with fir ; which, as was thewed bufore, was a figure of the humanity of Jesus Christ.

A wall is for defence, and so is the humanity of Jesus Christ It is, was, and will be, our defence for ever. For it was that which underwent and over: came the curse of the law, ard that in which oor everlasting righteoufress is found. Had he not in that interposed, we had perished for ever. Hence; we are said to be reconciled to God in the body of his flesh thro' death, Col. i. 19, 20. Rom. v. 8, 9, 10:

Now this wall was overlaid with fine cold, Gold here is a figure of the righteousness of Chrift, by which we are juftified in the light of God; there. fore you read, that his church, as justified, is said 19 stand at his right-hand in cloth of Gold. Upon klay right hand did stand the queen in gold of O. phir ; and again, her cloathing is of wrought gold,

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