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Psal. xlv. 9, 13. This the wall was overlaid with; this the body of Chrift was filled with. Men, while in the temple, were cloathed with gold, even with the gold of the Temple ; and men in Chrift are cloathed with righteousness, the righteousness of Christ. Wherefore this consideration duih yet more illustrate the inatter.

In that the palm-trees were set on this wall, it may be to Mew that the elect are fixed in Jesus, and to shall abide for ever.

Chains were also carved on the se walls, yea, and they were golden chains. There were chains on the pillars, and now also we find chains upon the walls, Phil. i, 12, 13:

1. Chains were ufed to hold captives, and such : did Paul wear at Rome, but he called them his bonds in Christ.

2. Chains sometimes only fignify great afflictions, which God lays on us for our lins, Pfal. cvii. 9,.10, 11. Lam, i. 14. iii. 7.

3- Chains also may be more mystically under. stood, as of those obligations which the love of God lays upon us to do and suffer for him, Acts

4., Chains do sometimes signify beauty and come. ly ornaments : " thy neck, saith Christ to his spouse, is comely with chains of gold :” and again, 66. I put bracelets upon thy hands, .a chain about thy neck," Song i. 10. Ezek. xvi. 8, 9, 10, 11.

5. Chains also do sometimes denote greatness. and honour ; such as Daniel had when the king made him the third ruler in the kingdom, Dan. v. 7, 16, 29.

Now all these are temple-chains, and are put upon us for good; some to prevent our ruin, some to dispose our minds the better, and some to dignify and make us noble. Temple-chains are brave chains, None but Temple worshippers must wear Temple chains.

XX, 22.

Prov. 1. go


CH A P. XXXII. of the garnishing the Temple with precious Stones:

ND he garnished the house with precious

ftones for beauty," 2 Chron. iii. 6, 7. 1. This is another ornament to the temple of the Lord ; wherefore, as he faith, it was garnished with them; he faith, it was garnished with them for beauty. The line faith garnished, the margin faith cover.d.

2. Wherefore, I think, they were fixed as stars, or as the stars in the firmament ; so they were fet in the cieling of the houle, as in the heaven of the holy temple. 13. And thus frxed, they do the more aptly tell us of what they were a figure ; namely, of the mi. nisterial gifts and officers in the church. For miniffers, as to their gifts and office, are called stars of God, and are said to be in the hand of Christ, Ker..

i. 20.

4. Wherefore, as the stars glitter and twinkle in the firmament of heaven, fo do true ministers in the firmament of his church. ; Chron: xxix. 2 John v. 35. Dan. xii. 3

5. So that it is said again, these gifts come down from above, as signifying, they distill their dew from above. And he ice again, the ministers are faid to be fet over us in the Lord, as placed in the firmament of his heaven, to give a light upon his carth. “There is gold, and a niultitude of rubies,, but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel, Prov. xx. 15.

Verily it is enough to make a man in this house: look always upward, since the cieling above head: do thus glitter with precious stones.

Precious stones, al nianner of precious stones; ftones of all colours : " For there are divers gifcs, differences of adminiftrations, and diversities of operations : but it is the same God which worketh all in all,?? Cor. xii. 4. 59.6.

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This had the cieling of this house, a pearl here, and there a diamond ; here a jasper, and there a sapphire; here a fardys, and there a jacynth; here a fardonyx, and there an amythyst : “ For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom, to anoa ther the word of knowledge; to one the gift of healing to another faith ; to this man to work miracles, to that a spirit of prophecy; to another the discerning of spirits, to another divers kinds of tongues," 1 Cor. xii. 8, 9, 10, 11.

He also overlaid the house, beans, posts, walls, doors, óc. and all with gold. O what a beautiful house the temple was! how full of glory was it ! and yet all was but a shadow, a thadow of things to come, and which was to be answered in the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of truih, by better things than these.

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Of the Windows of the Temple.
ND for the house he made windows of

narrow lights, 1 Kings vi. 4. here were windows for this house, windo'v't for the chambers, and windows round about, Ezak. iv. 16. 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 33, 36.

These windows were of several lizes, but all nar. Tow; narrow withour, but wider within ; they also were finely wrought, and beautified with goodly kones, Isa. liv. 14

1. Windows, as they are to an house an ornament, so also to it they are a benefit. " Truly the light is good, and a pleasant thing it is for the eye to behold the sun, Ecclef. xi, 7. The window is shat which Christ looks for th at, the window is that which the fun looks in at, Song ii. 9.

2. By the light which shines in at the window we also fee to make and keep the houle clean, and also to do what business is necessary, there to be

done. “ In thy light we see light ;" light to do our dury, and that both to God and man.

3. These windows therefore wore figures of the writter word, by and through which Christ lhe ws himfelf to his, and by which we also apprehend him. And hence the word of God is compared to a glasn, through which the light doth come, and by which we see not only the beams of the sun, but our own fmutches also, 2 Chron. iii. 18. James i. 23, 24, 25.

4. The lights indeed were narrow, wherefore we see also threugh their anti:ype but darkly, and imperfectlyNow we see through a glaf darkly, or as in a riddle, now we know but in part, . Cor. xiii., 12.

5. Their windows and their lights are but of little service to those that are without. The world fees but little of the beauty of the church by the light of the written word, though the church by that light can see the dismal state of the world, and also how to avoid it.

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Of the Chambers of the Temple. IN the Temple Solomon made chambers, 1 Kings

vi. 5:


l. The chambers were of feveral sizes; fome little, fome large, fome higher, some lower, fome more inward, and some outward,

2. These chambers were for several serviees: fome for reft, some to hide in, fome to lay up trea. fire in, and Tome for folace and delight, 2 Chroni ÎN. 9. Ezek. xl. 7. xli. 5, 9, 44.

2 Chron. xxxi. 11, 12. 2 Kings xi.. 1, 2, 3, Ezra viii, 29.

1. They were for resting places : Here the priests and porters were wont to lodge.

2. They were for hiding places. Here Jehofhe. bah hid Joalh from Athalia the term of six years.

3. They were also to lay the temple treafure, or

dedicated things in, that they may be safely kept there for the worshippers.

4. And some of them were for folace and de. light ; and I mult adel, some for durable habitation, Wherefore, in some of them, fome dwelt always : yea, their names dwelt there when they were dead.

1. Thole of them which were for rest, were types of chat rest which by faith we have in the Son of God, Matthxi. and of that eternal reft which we fall have in heaven by him, Heb. iv. 3..

2Those chambers which were for hiding and security, were types of that safety which we have in Chrift from the rage of the world, Ifa, xxvi. 20.

3. Those ehnmbers which were for the reception of the treafures, and dedicated things, were types of Christ, as he is the common store-house of bē. lievers : “ For it pleased the Father, that in him should all fulness dwell, and of his fulness we all receive, and grace for grace," John i. 16. Col.


4. Those chambers that were for folace and de. light, were types of those retirements and secret meetings of Christ with the foul, where he gives it his embraces, and delights her with his bofom and ravishing delight. “ He brought me, said the, into his chambers, into the chamber of her which conceived me," and there he gave her his love, Song i. 4. iii, 4. 5.

The chambers which were for durable dwel. ling.places, were types of those eternal dwelling, places which are in the heavens prepared of Christ and the Father for them that all be saved, John xiv. i. -4. 2 Cor, v. I.

-4. This it is to dwell on high, and to be safe from fear of evil. Here therefore you fee are chambers for reft, chambers for safety, chambers for trea. sure, chambers for solace, and chambers for dura. ble habitations. O the rest and peace that the chambers of God's high houfe will yield to its in. habitants in another world! here they will rest from

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