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laity to afford any reasonable ground of hope for such a desirable conclusion; there is more danger of evil communications corrupting good man ners than being amended by them.

Mr. Peel has brought a bill into the House for regulating the police of the metropolis and the adjacent parts, to be extended at the option of his Majesty in council to any additional parishes within twelve miles of Charing Cross. The principal regulations enact, that the Secretary of State shall have the appointment of the officers of the police establishment, their rewards and salaries. Neither of the justices, of whom there are three, can have seats in Parliament, nor can any of the policemen vote at the elections for those counties, a district of which is subject to the regulations of the bill. A new watch is to be appointed by the Secretary, and to be under his control; and the existing watch-rate will then cease. The overseers of parishes are to levy a police-rate, not to exceed sixpence in the pound; but in case of their default, the Secretary is to appoint collectors: and if dissatisfied with existing valuations, he may appoint assessors, to make new arrangements. on public notice being given of such intention. The general plan of the bill is to take away the appointments and influence exercised by corporations and justices, and vest them in Government.

It is the intention of Government shortly to bring forward a bill to compel half-pay officers and other statepensioners to reside in Great Britain, or be subjected to a heavy tax. · A lamentable deficiency appears in the public revenue for the last quarter. There is a decrease upon every head except the taxes, amounting in the whole to upwards of 500,000). This may in a great measure be attributed to the very low ebb to which some of our manufactures are reduced, particularly the silk trade. Owing to the great improvements in mechanism, a larger quantity of goods can be manufactured in less time and with the employment of fewer hands; and these alterations continually progress

ing, the consequence is, that the markets are all overstocked, and any foreign country which might be in want could not take off more than a month's work would supply. In addition to this, the removal of the duty from foreign silks has occasioned a great influx of French goods, chiefly gauzes and those light articles, which, being quicker work, are the most profitable to the artisan. The labourers in this branch of our manufactures are in the deepest distress. Of about 13,000 persons in Spitalfields, usually employed in weaving, 10,000 are at present out of work, and the trade is equally dull in other parts of the kingdom where it is carried on. In a debate on this subject in the House of Commons, Mr. Vesey Fitzgerald announced that it was not the intention of Government to depart from the principles they have laid down for the encouragement of free trade; and therefore no expedient could be devised which could effectually relieve the present stagnation: they must patiently wait for the development of the means now in practice for the extension of our commerce.

The accounts from the agricultural districts are highly satisfactory, both as to the state of the land and the forwardness of the various agricultural operations. The dry weather, which continued through the whole of March, was peculiarly favourable for the seed time, though not, of course, without some alloy. The long prevalence of easterly winds proved detrimental to vegetation in bleak and exposed situations; but, excepting in some few breadths of wheat which, having perished, the ground has been broken up and resown with other crops, no material injury has been sustained ; and the genial showers which fell in April have had the effect of exciting to the full that fertility of which our poorest soils are susceptible. The seasonableness of the weather in both months give us every reason to hope that we shall have a good harvest, and that to the misery of a depressed state of trade the evils attendant on a scarcity of provisions may not be added.




Appointment. Carter, T. ....... ... Fell. of Eton College. Hall, W.J....... .. Priest in Ordinary of H. M. Chapels Royal. Kemp, E. Curtis .. .. Dom. Chapl. to H. R. H. the Duke of Cambridge. Whittenoom, J. B. ........ Chapl. to the Swan River Settlement, New South Wales. Younge, C. .............. Under Mast.

..... Under Mast. of Eton College.



County. Diocese. Patron.
( R. of Flimstone,

Glamorgan Llandaff

w Trust.of J.Thornton Biederman, G. A. and R. of Michaelstow, S angam wandau Earl of Dunraven (to Dauntsey, R.

Wilts Salisbury Sir C. Trotter, Bart. ( R. of Tamerton-foliot 2

Devon Boyles, E.G..... with Martinstow, P.C. )

Exeter Lord Chancellor (to Buriton, R.

Hants Winchest. Bp. of Winchester Bunting, E. Swanton.. Datchworth, R. Herts Lincoln Clare Hall, Camb. Davys, G. ...... Allhallows, London Wall, R.MiddlesexLondon Lord Chancellor Dewing, Edward .. Barningham Parva, R. Norfolk Norwich G. D. Graver, &c. Escott, T.S. .... Poston, R.

York York Lord Chancellor Fitzclarence, August. Mapledurham, V. Oxford Oxford The King

(Preb.of Caddington Major,inCath.Ch.ofSt.Paul, London, Bp.of London

and Preb. of Fairwater, in Cath. Ch. of Llandaff Bp. of Llandaff Gaisford, Thomas

and R. of Westwell, Oxford Oxford Christ Ch. Oxf. to a Prebend in Cath. Ch. of Durham

Bishop of Durham Gordon, William .. West Bromwich, New Ch. Stafford Lichfield Earl of Dartmouth Hale, W. H. .... Preb. of Islington inCath.Ch. of St.Paul, London Bishop of London Hall, William .... Tuddenham, R.

Suffolk Norwich Marquess of Bristol Hurlock, D......• Langham, R.

Essex London The King as D. Larcast. Landor, R. Eyres. . East Birlingham, R. Worcester Worcester A. Luders, Esq.

Dean of Peterborough

and R. of Fiskerton Lincoln Lincoln ) Monk, J.H. D.D.

SPeakirk, R. to

D. & C. of Peterboro' } Northam.Peterb. with Glinton, Ch.

D Parham, J. D. .... Holne, v.

Devon Exeter Rev. S. Lane Slocock, Samuel .. St. Paul Portsea, P.C. Hants Winchest. V. of Portsmouth Smith, Samuel .... Dry Drayton, R. Camb. Ely Rev. S. Smith, D.D. Sparke, E. Bowyer.. Prebend in Cath. Ch. of Ely

Bishop of Ely Spence, John .... Culworth, R. & V. Northam. Peterboro' Sawyer Spence, Esq.

( Rector of Lincoln Coll. Oxford Tatham, E. D.D. 3 and P. C. of Twyford Berks Salisbury Lincoln Coll. Oxf.

to Whitchurch, R. Salop Lichf. Countess of Bridgewater

( Preb. of Llandrindod in Coll. Ch. of Brecon Thorp, Charles .. and R. of Ryton Durham Durham

Durham Bp. of Durham ( to Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Durham . Tillbrook, Samuel . Freckenham, R. & V. Suffolk Norwich St. Peter's Coll. Cam. Tiptaft, William .. Sutton Courtney, V. Berks Salisbury D.&Cns. of Windsor CLERGYMEN DECEASED.

Newman, T. jun.

and Ingrave, R.


Preferment. County. Diocese. Patron.
Clarke, William .. East Bergholt Grammar School, Suffolk
Corrie, John ...
S Morcott, R.

Rutland Peterboro'Rev. E. Thorold
and Osborny, V.

Lincoln Lincoln Duke of Rutland Goddard, H. D.D. Longbridge Deverell, v. 2

Wilts Salisbury Marquess of Bath l and Castle Eaton. R'

Rev. T. Shepherd Hawkes, Samuel .. Fell. of Trinity Coll. Cambridge

( Archd. of Stafford lin Coth Ch of Lichfield
ra Sin Cath. Ch. of Lichfield

and Canonry

Bp. of Lichf. & Cov.

S Nares, Robert, D.D.

Preb. of Islington in Cath. Ch. of St. Paul, London Bp. of London C&Allhallows London Wall, R. Middlesex London Lord Chancellor S Alresford, R.

Essex London Rev. T. Newman Peacock, Thonias.. Denton, C.'

Durham Durham V. of Gainford ( Alderley, R.

Mr. & Mrs. Hale Phelps, James ..} and Brimsfield, R. ( with Cranham, R.

(Gloucest. Gloucest. E. Mount Edgcumbe Poulter, Brownlow. Buriton, R.

Hants Winchest. Bp. of Winchester Rose, William .. Beckenham, R.

" and Carshalton, V. Surrey Winchest. Ryall, Narcissus .. East Lydford, R. Somerset B.&Wells John Davis, &c.

SHemiock, R. Sparrow, James . with Culm-davy, Ch.

Devon Exeter Mrs. Hutton Tattersall, W.D. Westbourne, R. & V.

Sussex Chichester Rev. L. Way W.D. Wootton-under-Edge, V. Gloucester GloucesterChrist Ch. Oxford Thomas, John .... Caerleon, V.

Monmouth Llandaff Archd.&Ch.Llandaff ( Minor Can. in Coll. Ch. of Westminster D.&C.of Westminster Webb, Richard .. Minor Can. in Coll. Ch. of Windsor

D. & Cns. of Windsor Minor Can. in Cath. Ch. of St. Paul, London (und Kensworth, V. Herts Lincoln)

D. & C. of St. Paul's

. Wren, Philip... I Ipsley, R.

Rev.T. S. Dolben { and Tanworth, V.


Rochester > John Cator, Esq.

Warwick Worcester Earl of Plymouth


Hall, J. K. .................. Kettering ..............
Pugh, John .................. Hereford .............
Rennell, William.............. Tarcross ............
Smyth, C.W................. Norwich ........
Waldron, George .............. Bayswater ........

County. .. Northampton




Fellow of Wadham College, who has vacated On the 2d of April the election of a by marriage. At the close of the poll Professor of Anglo-Saxon took place, in the the numbers were-For Francis Pearson room of the Rev. Arthur Johnson, M. A. Walesby, Esq. B.C. L. Fellow of Lincoln

[blocks in formation]

BELL'S SCHOLARSHIPS. the election to these Scholarships has been determined as follows:John Edward Bromby, St. John's, 2 James Williams Inman, St. John's, «q.

ELECTIONS. At a convocation for the election of Proctors, the offices having become vacant by resignation, the Rev. Henry Kirby, M.A. Fellow of Clare Hall, and the Rev. Joseph Power, M. A. Fellow of Trinity Hall, were elected Proctors for the remainder of the year.

George Thackeray, Scholar of King's College, has been admitted Fellow of that Society

W. H. Miller, B. A.; W. Keeling, B. A.; C. Yate, B. A.; E. Peacock, B. A.; and W. Selwyn, B. A. have been elected Foundation Pellows, and F. E. Gretton, B. A. Platt Fellow, of St. John's College.

Henry Philpott, Esq. B. A. has been elected a Foundation Fellow of Catharine Hall.


The Chancellor's gold medals for the two best proficients in classical learning among the Commencing Bachelors of Arts, have been adjudged to Mr. William Aldwin Soames, of Trinity College, and Mr. Wm. Martin, of St. John's College.

The subject of the Seatonian prize poem for the present year is, “ The Finding of Moses."

Rev. Joseph Jackson, St. John's Coll.
Rev. John Luxmoore, Pembroke Coll.
Rev. Ellis Walford, Corpus Christi Coll.
Rev. William Goodwin, Jesus Coll.

The Vice-Chancellor and other official electors of Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholarships have announced, in pursuance of the 13th regulation of the Senate, bearing date the 14th of March, 1826, that a premium of 501. will be given for the best dissertation on The nature and extent of the Hebraïsms found in the writings of St. Paul, including the Epistle to the Hebrews."


Graces to the following effect have passed the Senate :

1. To adopt the recommendation of the Syndicate appointed to treat with the Provost and Fellows of King's College for

i rellows or King's College for the purchase of their Old Court, to empower the Vice-Chancellor to take the requisite steps to complete the purchase, and to affix the University Seal to the deeds of transfer.

2. To affix the University Seal to a Receipt for a legacy of 50001. left to the University by the late Rev. Jobn Manistre, Fellow of King's College, to purchase books for the Public Library.

William Law, Fellow of Trinity Coll.
John Hodgson, Fellow of Trinity Coll.
Marmaduke Prickett, Trinity Coll.
Henry Collins, Trinity Coll.
Rev.É. Bowyer Sparke, Fell. St.John's Coll.
John Hymers, Fellow of St. John's Coll.
Henry Jesson, St. John's Coll.
Rev. Chas, Dilnott Hill, St. Peter's Coll.
Rev. Robert South, Pembroke Coll.
Richard Trott Fisher, Fell. Pembroke Coll.
Rev. W. H. Hanson, Fell. of Caius Coll.
Rev. Robert Willis, Fellow of Caius Coll.
Rev. Henry Clinton, Fellow of Caius Coll.
Rev. Ralph Clutton, Fell. Emmanuel Coll.
Rev. John Gibson, Fellow of Sidney Coll.
William Gurdon, Downing Coll.

William Crosbie Mair, Jesus Coll.
Heneage Gibbes, Downing Coll.

Rev. R. Adolphus Musgrave, Trinity Coll.
George Luxton, St. Peter's Coll.
Rev. Edward Bethell Cox, Christ Coll.


Robert Black, Trinity Coll.

Hon. Thos. Hugh Nugent, Corpus Christi

Coll. second son of the late Earl of West

Rev.G.Osborne Townshend, Fell.King's Col.
Rev.W.Gifford Cookesley, Fell. King's Coll.

Robert Forsayeth, Trinity Coll.
Charles Longuet Higgins, Trinity Coll.
H. Fullelove Mogridge, St. John's Coll.
Solomon Gompertz, St. John's Coll.
John Samuel Scobell, St. Peter's Coll.
Horatio Nelson Wm. Comyn, Caius Coll.
Hippesley Maclean, Caius Coll.
Adam Fitch, Christ Coll.
Robert Hawthorn, St. Peter's Coll.
William James Burford, Trinity Coll.

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. We have received H. W.-H. I. B. and the Account of the Episcopal Floating Church. The request of Theophilus shall be attended to. We regret that we cannot inform“ A Subscriber of 1819," where to obtain a Number of our Periodical for May, 1828, it having been out of print for some time.

ERRATUM.—Before“ reductum" in page 229, ipsert“ utrinque."

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