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BEDMINSTER.—Contributions, amounting to 28001., have been made for building a new Church in the Parish of Bedminster, near Bristol. The Church is to accommodate 650 persons in pews, and 950 in free sittings.

NEWPORT.-The Chapel of Ease at Newport has been consecrated by the Bishop of Exeter.

PLYMOUTH.-Charles Chapel, at Plymouth, has been consecrated by the Bishop of Exeter.

PREFERMENTS. The King has been pleased to order a congé d'élire to the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Oxford, empowering them to elect a Bishop of that see, the same being void by the death of Dr. CHARLES LLOYD, late Bishop thereof: and his Majesty has been pleased to recommend to the said Dean and Chapter the Very Reverend RICHARD BAGOT, CLERK, M. A. to be by them elected Bishop of the said See.


Preferment. County. Diocese. Patron. (Preb. of Cath. Ch. of Chester

Bishop of Chester and St. Bees, C.

Cumberl. Chester Earl of Lonsdale Ainger, Wm. D.D.

and Sunninghill, V. Berks Pec.D.ofSarum St.John'sC.Camb. (to Northenden, R. : Chester Chester D. & C. of Chester

( Preb. in Coll. Ch. of Westminster Allen, Joseph, D.D. and Battersea, V.

Surrey Winchest. Earl Spencer 2 to St. Bride, Fleet Street Middlesex London D.&C.of Westminst.

Domestic Chapl. to Right Hon. Earl O'Neil Allgood, James .. and Felton, v.

Northum. Durham

SLord Chancellor ( to Ingram, R.

{P.J. Selby, Esq. Arthur, James .... Atherington, R. Devon Exeter Rev. J. Pike, and

T. Barnard, Esq. Barlow, William .. Weston-super-mare, R. Somerset B.&Wells Bp. of Bath & Wells

( Vic. Chor. in Cath. Ch. of York Beckwith, H. A..and Collingham, v. W. York Wass Mrs. Wheler (to St. Martin's, Coney-st. V. York }"

& C. of York us S Minor Can, in Cath. Ch. of Canterbury Braham, W.H.S...

We and Willesborough, V. Kent Canterb. D.&C.of Canterbury Brice, Henry Crane Bristol, St. Peter, R. Bristol Bristol Corp. of Bristol

(Vic. Chor. in Cath. Ch. of York Bulmer, William.. and St. Sampson, P. C. )

City of York me to St. Mary, Bishophill, York York ne

D. & C. of York 2d Med. R. ) Minor Can. in Cath. Ch. of Norwich

and Trowse, V. Carter, George ·

with Lakenham, V. - Norfolk Norwich D. & C. of Norwich

to Bawburgh, V. Davy, Charles .... Preshute, V.

Wilts Salisbury Vic.Chor.ofSalisbury Gretton, Charles .. Elmstone Hardwick, V. Gloucester Gloucester Lord Chancellor Harding, Henry .. Aldridge, R.

Stafford Lichfield Sir Edw. Scott, Bt. Hill, J. Oakeley.. } Jom S Ashenden, C.

Bucks Lincoln D. &C.ofChr.Ch.Oxf. Dakeley. with Dorton, C. Hone, R. Brindley : Portsmouth, c.

Hants. Winchest. Vicar of Portsmouth Landon, George .. Branscombe, V.

Devon Exeter D. & C. of Exeter


County. Diocese. Patron. Maddock, H.William BethnalGreen, St. John's, C.Middlesex London Brasenn. Coll. Oaf.


in Parsons, Joseph .. Campsey Ash, R.


SirC.W.Flint, Knt.

and others Can. in Cath. Ch. of St. David's

Bp. of St. David's and Preb. in Coll. Ch. of Brecon and Devunnuck, V.

(Bp. of Gloucester Payne, Henry T.. and Llanbedr, R.

Brecon St.David's

Duke of Beaufort and Patricio, P.C.

Duke of Beaufort and Ystradvelty, P.C.)

(Bp. of Gloucester toArchd.of Carmaerthen. inC.Ch.of St. David's Bishop of St. David's Perkins, B. Robert . Wootton-under-Edge, V. Gloucest. Gloucest. Christ Ch. Oxford

( Vic. Chor. in Cath. Ch. of York Richardson, Wm.. and St. Michael-le-Belfry,k. York York D. & C. of York

(with St. Wilford, R. Rookes, Charles .. Teffont Evias, R. Wilts Salisbury J. T. Mayne, Esq.

( Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Canterbury
D.D.X to St. Michael & Trinity, Middlesex London
Queenhithe, R. 3

D.&C.of London,alt. Salmon, Henry.... Hartley Wintney, V. Hants Winchest. Lady St.Jn. Mildmay Salwey, Richard .. Fawkham, R.

Kent Rochester P. Pusey, Esq. (Marston, R.

with Hougham, R. Thorold, Edward


Lincoln Lincoln Sir J.H.Thorold, Bt. ( to Morcott, R.

Rutland Peterboro'Rev. E. Thorold. Wade, C. T. .... St.James'C.Ashted, Birming. Warwick Lichfield. Williams, E. H. G.. St. Peter, Marlborough, R. Wilts Salisbury Bishop of Salisbury

N. York Chester Marm. Wyvill, Esq. am.. to Black Notley, R. Essex London M. Wyvill, Esq.


of Can

S Spenithorpe, R.


Wyvill, William.

CLERGYMEN DECEASED. Bowman, Thomas . Flintham, V.

Notts York Trin. Coll. Camb. Felix, David...... Llanylar, V.

Cardigan St.David's Bp. of St. David's Vic. Chor. in Cath. Ch. of York and Helperthorpe, V. E. York

and Upper Poppleton,C. W.York
Forrest, Richard. and Weaverthorpe, V. e. York SYork D. & C. of York

with West Lutton, c.]
and St. Mary, Bishophill

2d Med. R. S
(Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Ely

Bishop of Ely
St. Benet Gracechurch,

SD.&C.Canterb. and Gaskin, G. D. D. . < 4-St.LeonardEastcheap, R. Middlesex London

D.&C.St. Paul's, alt.

ondon Preb. of Newington and Stoke Newington, R.

Vin Cath. C. St. Paul's S Baruiston, R. Gilby, John ....

SE. York York Sir F.Boynton, Bart. "* with Ulrome, V. Hughes, John .... North Tidworth

Wilts Salisbury Lord Chancellor
Johnson, J. T. ..

S Ashreigny, R.
and Wembworthy, R.

Devon Exeter Rev. J. T. Johnson Postle, Gunton.... Ringsfield, R.

Suffolk Norwich Samuel Postle, Esq. Smith, R. Hopton, Westley Waterless, R. Camb. Ely Southouse, Edward Woolstone, R.

Gloucester Gloucester Earl of Coventry



Thos. Calvert, Henry Hebson, Lawson The Regius Professorship of Divinity Peter Dykes, Edward Fawcett, Joseph in this University, to which are annexed Dodd, and Thomas Bowser Harrison a Canonry of Christ Church, and the Thompson, Scholars of the same Society. Rectory of Ewelme, Oxfordshire, has A t the election of Scholars from St. been given to the Rev. Edward Burton,

Peter's College Westminster, to the two D. D. late Student of Christ Church, and

Colleges of Trinity, Cambridge, and Chaplain to the deceased Bishop.

Christ Church, Oxford, there were eight The nomination by the Vice-Chan candidates, of whom Mr. Ralph Barnes, cellor and Proctors of the Rev. Edward Mr. Alexander John Sutherland, Mr. Burton, D.D. of Christ Church, to be a Stephen Fox-Strangways, and Mr. Wm. Delegate of the University Press, in the Archibald Biscoe, were elected to Christ room of the late Bishop of Oxford, has Church. been approved in Convocation.

At the annual election of Scholars The nomination of the Rev. Charles from Merchant Taylors' School to St. Kevern Williams, M. A. and Fellow John's College, the following gentlemen of Pembroke College, to be a Public were nominated :-Mr. John Saltwell Examiner in Disciplinis Mathematicis et Pinkerton, Mr. Edward Wm. Vaughan, Physiois, has been approved in Convoca and Mr. John Joseph Pratt, to be Protion.

bationary Scholars; Mr. Seth Benjamin The Rey. Willam Kay, M. A. Fellow Watson, and Mr. John Francis Boyes, of Lincoln College, has been nominated to be Andrews's Exhibitioners; and Mr. a Public Examiner in Disciplinis Mathe Francis John Kitson, Stuart's Exhibimaticis et Physicis.

tioner, On the first day of Act Term, the The following gentlemen have been following gentlemen were nominated in elected Scholars of Trinity College:Convocation to be Masters of the Schools Messrs. Thos. Legh Claughton, Trinity for the year ensuing :

College; Alfred Menzies, Worcester ColThe Rev. J. Ottley, M. A. late Fell. of lege; Nutcombe Oxnam, Oriel College; Oriel Coll.

William Laxton, Trinity College; The Rev. G. Moberly, M. A. Fell. of Richards, from Eton School, Scholars Balliol Coll.

on the Old Foundation; and Mr. GuilleThe Rev. R. Eden, M. A. Scholar of

Eden MA. Scholar of mard, from Tiverton School, Blount's Corpus Christi Coll.

Scholar. The Rev. J. M. Echalaz, M. A. William Jacobson, Esq. B. A. of Lin

has been elected Probationary Fellow.

Mr. Charles Cheyne, Commoner of coln College, St. Vincent Love Hammick,

Pembroke College, has been elected Esq. B. A. of Exeter College, and Richard

Scholar of Lincoln College.
Croft, Esq. B. A. Scholar of Balliol Col-
lege, have been elected Fellows of Exeter

Messrs. Jas. Guillemard, John Carter,

The prizes for the year 1829 have been and Thomas Chandler Curteis, have been admitted Fellows of St. John's College;

adjudged to the following gentlemen :and Mr. James Parker Deane has been

CHANCELLOR'S PRIZES. elected Founder's Kin Fellow.

Latin Verse—"M. T. Cicero cum faMr. M. H.G. Buckle, B.A. has been miliaribus suis apud Tusculum" John elected a Probationer Fellow; and Mr. Eardley Wilmot, Scholar of Balliol ColCharles Browne Dalton, of the county of lege. Essex, a Scholar, of Wadham College. English Essay—“ The power and sta

The Rev. Henry Allison Dodd, M.A. bility of federative governments.” Geo. the Rev. Thomas Pearson, M. A. and the Anthony Denison, B. A. Fellow of Oriel. Rev. Robert Coulthard, M. A. have been Latin Essay“ Quibus potissimum elected Fellows of Queen's College, on rationibus gentes a Romanis debellatæ the Old Foundation; G. H. S. Johnson, ita afficerentur ut cum victoribus in unius J. Richardson, and W. Abbot, Taber- imperii corpus coaluerint?” W. Sewell, dars; and J. Hetherington, Thos. Dand, B. A. Fellow of Exeter College.


Theological Prize instituted June 2, English Verse—“ Voyage of Discovery 1825-" Whether the doctrine of One to the Polar Regions." Thomas Legh God, differing in his nature from all Claughton, Scholar of Trinity College.

other beings, was held by any Heathen Dr. Ellerton's Theological Prizem"What

nation or sect of Philosophers, before were the causes of the persecution to

the birth of Christ." which the Christians were subject in

The above subject, for an English the first centuries of Christianity ?" Mr. Essay, appointed by the judges, is proWilliam Jacobson, B. A. of Lincoln Col posed to members of the University on lege.

the following conditions:

I. The candidate must have passed The following subjects are proposed his examination for the degree of B. A. for the Chancellor's prizes for the en or B.C.L. suing year :

II. He must not on this day (June 26) For Latin Verse—“Tyrus."

have exceeded his twenty-eighth Term. For an English Essay"The Charac

III. He must have commenced his ter of Socrates, as described by his dis

sixteenth Term eight weeks previous to ciples Xenophon and Plato under the the day appointed for sending in his different points of view in which it is Essay to the Registrar of the University. contemplated by each of them.”

In every case the Terms are to be For å Latin Essay—“ Utrum apud computed from the matriculation inGræcos an apud Romanos magis exculta

clusively. fuerit civilis Scientia.”

The Essays are to be sent under a The first of the above subjects is in- sealed cover to the Registrar of the tended for those gentlemen who, on the

University on or before the Wednesday day appointed for sending the exercises in Easter week next ensuing. None to the Registrar of the University, shall

will be received after that day. not have exceeded four years, and the

The candidate is desired to conceal other two for such as shall have exceeded his name, and to distinguish his comfour, but not completed seven years,

position by what motto he pleases; sendfrom the time of their matriculation.

ing at the same time his name sealed Sir Roger Newdigate's Prize ; for the up under another cover, with the motto best composition in English verse, not inscribed upon it. limited to fifty lines, by any Undergra

The Essay to which the prize shall duate who, on the day above specified, have been adjudged will be read before shall not have exceeded four years from

the University in the Divinity School on the time of his matriculation_" The some day in the week next before the African Desert."

Commemoration. In every case the time is to be computed by calendar, not academical years,

EXAMINATIONS. and strictly, from the day of matricula

The names of those candidates, who tion to the day on which the exercises

at the close of the Public Examinations are to be delivered to the Registrar of

in Easter Term were admitted by the the University, without reference to any

Public Examiners into the three classes intervening circumstances whatever.

of Litera Humaniores and Disciplina MaNo person who has already obtained thematica et Physicæ respectively, accorda prize will be deemed entitled to a ing to the alphabetical arrangement in second prize of the same description. each class prescribed by the statute, stand

The exercises are all to be sent under as follow : a sealed cover to the Registrar of the In the First Class of Litera Humaniores. University on or before the first day of Baring. Charles. Christ Church. May next. None will be received afterDayman, Edward Arthur, Exeter Coll. that time. The author is required to Jacob, George Andrew, Worcester Coll. conceal his name, and to distinguish his

Povah, Francis, St. John's Coll. composition by what motto he pleases; sending at the same time his name, and In the Second Class of Literæ Humaniores. the date of his matriculation, sealed up Armitstead, James, Wadham Coll. under another cover, with the motto in Clarke, William Wilcox, Wadham Coll. scribed upon it.

Croft, Richard, Balliol Coll. The exercises to which the prizes shall Dennis, James, Exeter Coll. have been adjudged will be repeated Huntley, Osmond Charles, Oriel Coll. (after a previous rehearsal) in the Lawson, John, St. Alban Hall. Theatre, upon the Commemoration Day, Meade, Edward, Wadham Coll. immediately after the Creweian oration. Nicholson, William, Trinity Coll.

Palairet, Septimus H. Worcester Coll.
Pigott, John Dryden, Christ Church.
Richardson, John, Queen's Coll.
Sealy, John, Exeter Coll.
Syms, William, Wadham Coll.
In the Third Class of Literæ Humaniores.
Abbott, William, Queen's Coll.
Aldrich, John, Lincoln Coll.
Berdmore, Samuel Charles Jas. Chr. Ch.
Corfe, Arthur Thomas, All Soul's Coll.
Duckworth, Sir J. T. B. Bart. Oriel Coll.
Ellis, William Webb, Brasennose Coll.
Forbes, James, Oriel Coll.
Horn, Henry, St. John's Coll.
Jones, Robert, Pembroke Coll.
Lang, Dashwood, St. Alban Hall.
Laprimaudaye, Chas. J. St. John's Coll.
Philpotts, William John, Oriel Coll.
Worsley, William, Magdalen Hall.

Thomas T. CHURTON,

In the First Class of Discip. Mathemat. et

Phys. Baring, Charles, Christ Church. Corfe, Arthur Thomas, All Souls' Coll. Johnson, W.Wilbraham, Brasennose Coll. Madan, George, Christ Church. In the Second Class of Discip. Mathemat.

et Phys.
Dennis, James, Exeter Coll.
Webb, Thomas William, Magdalen Hall.
Winterbottom, R.Townsend, Balliol Coll.

A, P. SAUNDERS, Examiners.

C. K. WILLIAMS, The number of the Fourth Class, namely, of those who were deemed worthy of their Degree, but not deserving of any hononrable distinction, was 138.

conduct irregular Gownsmen to their respective Colleges and Halls, without taking them into custody in their capacity of Constables.

II. That of this number, thirteen be ordinary Constables, who will be required to keep watch and ward in their respective rounds or beats, to prevent burglaries, felonies, and all other outrages and breaches of the peace; to call the hour of the night; to arrest and apprehend idle and disorderly persons, rogues, vagabonds, prostitutes, and all disturbers of the peace; and, if necessary, to lodge them for the night in some place of security, till they can be brought before a Magistrate, to be examined and dealt with according to law; and that the remaining two Constables act as Superintendents or Inspectors, whose duty it will be alternately to visit the several stations and rounds of the other Constables; to observe whether they perform their duty according to the orders and regulations to be hereafter made, and to report any case of misbehaviour or neglect of duty to the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors, or to the members of the standing Committee hereafter mentioned.

III. That both the superintending, as well as the ordinary Constables, be bound to assist (when called upon by an express order from the Vice-Chancellor to that effect) in putting down any breach of the peace or disturbance in the day-time, and in preserving order at the Commemoration, or any other public Academical celebrity.

IV. That each Constable, upon taking the oath of office, be furnished with a printed copy of the Rules to be observed by him in the discharge of his duty. . V. That thirteen watch-boxes be erected at convenient distances for the accommodation of the ordinary Constables, and that a Room be provided under the eastern extremity of the Old Clarendon Press for the Inspectors or Superintendents, in which said places, respectively, printed copies of the Rules and Orders are to be hung up in a conspicuous situatiou.

VI. That several stations and rounds for the Constables be established, subject to such alterations as experience may suggest.

VII. That each of the ordinary Constables receive as a remuneration for his trouble 1l. and each of the Inspectors ll. 58. per week.

VIII. That each Constable be furnished with a plain great coat, once in every two years, staves, lantern, rattle, &c.

3 x

The following plan for the establishment of a Police within the precincts of the University and City of Oxford, was approved of in Convocation on Friday, the 5th of June. Appointment, Duties, Remuneration of Con

stables, &c. Under the authority of the Act 6 Geo. IV. c. 97, it is proposed,

I. That fifteen constables be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, to continue in office for a time dependent on circumstances, and that they be also nominated to act as Vice-Chancellor's Men, in order to be enabled more readily in this capacity to


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