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the stipends of the Constables, as may appear expedient; and in short to correct what is wrong, and to supply whatever may be deficient.

XVI. That the above plan be carried into effect in the next Michaelmas Term.

Fund for the Support of the Constabulary

Establishment, fc. IX. That a fund be raised for defraying the expense of this Establishment by a tax called The Police and Watch and Ward l'ax, of one shilling per quarter on every Member of the University whose name shall be on the books of any College or Hall on any day in the said quarter, and that this tax be imposed in the quarter immediately ensuing midsummer next.

X. That the proceeds of this tax be applied solely and exclusively to the expenses of the Police; and that the ViceChancellor be authorized to suspend or diminish it, as circumstances may require, in order that, if at any time the operation of the scheme should be interrupted, or the receipts greatly exceed the necessary expenditure, the ViceChancellor may be enabled to intermit, or to decrease, without repealing, the tax.

XI. That the sums raised by this tax be collected by the University Bailiff, who will be required to pay the wages of the Constables, and to discharge all other expenses of the Establishment, exhibiting an account of the disbursements, and paying the balance remaining in his hands to the Vice-Chancellor at the end of every quarter, and that the Bailiff be allowed Il. per quarter for his trouble.

XII. That the general statement of the receipts and payments for the year be laid before the Delegates of Accounts at their annual audit, and afterwards printed and circulated for the information of Members of Convocation.

XIII. That when the general plan and details of the intended Establishment shall have been approved, and the proposed tax shall have been sanctioned by Convocation, a communication be made by the Vice-Chancellor to the Mayor at least twenty-eight days before the time fixed on for the first operation of the measure.

XIV. That to provide as much as possible for the permanent efficiency of this Establishment, and to remedy such unforeseen inconveniences and defects as may from time to time arise, a standing Committee be appointed, consisting of the Vice-Chancellor, the four Pro-ViceChancellors, and the Proctors for the time being, of whom five be necessary to constitute a quorum.

XV. That the business of such Committee be to meet once at least in every Term, and whenever occasion may require, to examine into the practical effects of the system, 10 increase or diminish


DOCTORS IN DIVINITY. The Rev. Edward Burton, late Student of

Christ Church, Regius Professor of Di

vinity. The Rev. Edwin Jacob, late Fellow of

Corpus Christi Coll. Vice-President of
King's Coll. New Brunswick.

HONORARY DOCTORS IN CIVIL LAW. His Excellency James Barbour, Esq. of

Barbourville, in Virginia, Envoy of the

United States of America. His Excellency Sir Howard Douglas, Bart.

F.RS. Knight Companion of the Bath, and also of the Order of Charles of Spain, Lieutenant-Governor and Commander - in - Chief of the Province of

New Brunswick. Sir John Eardley Eardley-Wilmot, Bart. of

Berkswell Hall, in the county of War

wick, F.R.S. F.S.A. F.L.S. Sir William Edward Parry, Knight, F.R.S.

Captain in the Royal Navy. Sir John Franklin, Knight, F.R.S. Captain in the Royal Navy.

DOCTOR IN CIVIL LAW. William Robinson, Esq. Balliol Coll.

DOCTOR IN MEDICINE. Thomas Davidson, Worcester Coll.

BACHELORS IN DIVINITY. Rev. Alfred Butler Clough, Fellow and

Tutor of Jesus Coll. The Rev. Edwin Jacob, late Fellow of Corpus Christi Coll. Vice - President of

Kings's Coll. New Brunswick. BACHELOR IN MEDICINE (with Licence to

practise.) Thomas Davidson, Worcester.

W. H. Sinith, Queen's Coll.
William Evans, Jesus Coll.

William Allfree, Exeter Coll. Grand Com-

pounder. William George Lambert, Scholar of Cor

pus Christi Coll. Francis John Moore, Exeter Coll. Stephen Love Hammick, Christ Church. Rev. Robert Henry King, Magdalen Hall. Rev, Samuel Wilberforce, Oriel Coll.

Charles Henry John Anderson, Oriel Coll.
Henry Hodgkinson Bobart, Christ Church.
Rev. Francis Annesley, St. John's Coll.
Rev. John Missing, Magdalen Hall.
Lovelace Bigg Wither, Oriel Coll.
Rev. Edward Trueman, Worcester Coll.
J. Johnes, Brasennose Coll. Grand Com-
· pounder.
Rev. A. Neate, Trinity Coll.
Rev. J. B. Gwyn, Jesus Coll.
J. Jones, Jesus Coll.
Rev. J. Price, Jesus Coll.
Rev. J. Trevelyan, St. Mary Hall,
Rev. N. Small, St. Mary Hall.
W. Jones, Christ Church.
Rev. J. Kynaston, Christ Church.
Rev. A. Brown, Christ Church.
Rev. R. Lewis, Magdalen Hall.
E. Ray, Brasennose Coll.
Rev. C. W. Pitt, Brasennose Coll.
Rev. G. Wylie, Queen's Coll.
Rev. S. Bellas, Queen's Coll.
Rev. J. West, Worcester Coll.
W. S. Bricknell, Worcester Coll.
Rev. C. Reed, Exeter Coll.
Rev. J. F. Hone, University Coll.
Rev. J. C. Campbell, University Coll.
J. L. Lamotte, Wadhamn Coll.
Rev. G. Lea, Wadham Coll.
Rev. R. Whitelock, Lincoln Coll.
Rev. H. M. Spence, Lincoln Coll.
D. Badham, Pembroke Coll.
W.J. Trower, Fellow of Oriel Coll.
Rev. John Olive, Worcester Coll. Grand

Rev. George Heron, Brasennose Coll.
Rev. Henry Fowle, University Coll.
Rev. William May Ellis, Christ Church.
William Dowdeswell, Christ Church.
Francis Valentine Woodhouse, Exeter Coll.
Rev. William Scott Robinson, Exeter Coll.
Rev. George G. Gardiner, Exeter Coll.
Rev. John Ley, Exeter Coll.
Rev. Hugh Willoughby, Exeter Coll.
Rev. Richard W. Kemplay, Queen's Coll.
Rev. W. Tahourdin, Fellow of New Coll.
Rev. P. Maurice, Chaplain of New Coll.
Rev. Heathfield W. Hicks, Pembroke Coll.
Edward Benbow, Pembroke Coll.
Rev. Daniel Wilson, Wadham Coll.
William Purton, Trinity Coll.
David Vavasour Durell, Christ Church,

Grand Compounder. Rev. David Smith Stone, Exeter, Grand

Compounder. John Aldridge, Christ Church. William Hodgson, Queen's Coll. Rev. Thomas Nixon, Lincoln Coll. Rev. John Alexander Gower, Chaplain of

Magdalen. Henry Edmund Freyer, Pembroke Coll. Peter Stafford Carey, St. John's Coll. Rev. William D. Johnston, St. John's Coll. Rev. Proby John Ferrers, Oriel Coll.

Rev. Robert Kilvert, Oriel Coll.
Edward Powlett Blunt, Scholar of Corpus

Christi Coll.
John Earle Pitcher, Oriel Coll.
Charles Dacres Bevanı, Balliol Coll.
Rev. William Hale, Magdalen Hall.
Digby Cayley Wrangham, Brasennose Coll.

Grand Compounder. Rev. James Nelson Palmer, St. John's Coll.

Grand Compounder. Rev. James Hutchinson, St. John's Coll, Rev. William S. Hadley, Queen's Coll. Rev. Robert Wickham, Christ Church. Charles Waring Paber, Scholar of Univer

sity Coll. and Vinerian Scholar. William Hind, University Coll. Seth Burge Plummer, University Coll. Edward Simms, Wadham Coll. George Thomas Robertson, Lincoln Coll. William Sewell, Fellow of Exeter Coll. Rev. Augustus James Brine, Exeter Coll. John Clutton, Worcester Coll. Rev. James Legrew Hesse, Trinity Coll. William Robinson, Balliol Coll.

BACHELORS OF ARTS. William Nigel Gresley, St. Mary Hall. Thomas Farebrother, Queen's Coll. Richard Croft, Scholar of Balliol Coll. James Dennis, Exeter Coll. Francis Ossian Durant, Worcester Coll. Henry Davison, Scholar of Trinity Coll. Howel Gywn, Trinity Coll. Charles Powell, Trinity Coll. Charles Marriott, Queen's Coll. Edward Hartley Orme, St. Mary Hall. Sir T. F. F. Boughey, Bart. Christ Church. Sir John Mordaunt, Bart. Christ Church. Edward Hulse, Christ Church. William Seyer Lendon, Christ Church. William H. I. Mackworth, Balliol Coll. John Lawson, St. Alban Hall. James Stoven Lister, Worcester Coll. William Webb Ellis, Brasennose Coll. Ernest Adolphus Waller, Brasennose Coll. Bennet V. Townshend, Brasennose Coll. Thomas Lewis, Jesus Coll. William Bowling, Jesus Coll. William Lloyd, Jesus Coll. Charles Lloyd, Jesus Coll. Richard Bassett Wilson, University Coll. William Henry Ruoper, University Coll. Alfred Charles Bridge, Exeter Coll. Henry Mogg, Exeter Coll. William Littlehales, Exeter Coll. Charles Moore, Exeter Coll. Thomas Waddon Martyn, Exeter Coll. Henry Flesher, Lincoln Coll. Charles J. Laprimaudaye, St. John's Coll. Hugh Matthie, Pembroke Coll. George Robert Marriott, Oriel Coll. Osmond Charles Huntley, Oriel Coll. James Forbes, Oriel Coll. James Hughes Hallett, Oriel Coll..

Alexander Murray, Magdalen Hall.
John Procter, Brasennose Coll.
Walter, Cecil Davies, Jesus Coll.
John Henry Barker, Christ Church.
Richard W.P. Davies, Worcester Coll.
Thomas Streatfield Lightfoot, Exeter.
Henry Hugh Way, Postmaster of Merton.
Edward C. Brown, Postmaster of Merton.
John Holt Ensell, Queen's Coll.
Hargood B. Snooke, Pembroke Coll.
William Nicholson, Trinity Coll.
G. H. S. Johnson, Scholar of Queen's Coll.
John Capel H. Tracy, Oriel Coll.
John Hockley Taylor, Queen's Coll.
William Abbott, Scholar of Queen's Coll.
Charles Viscount Marsham, Christ Church.
Hon. Robert Liddell, Christ Church.
Simeon James Etty, New Coll.
H. D. Harrington, Pellow of Exeter Coll.
B. W. Newton, Fellow of Exeter Coll.
W.J. Copeland, Scholar of Trinity Coll.
Charles John Bond, Trinity Coll.
Thomas Henry Paddon, Trinity Coll.
John Seeley, Exeter Coll.

Hon. A. J. Ashley Cooper, Christ Church.
C. O. Mayne, Christ Church.
S. C. J. Berdmore Christ Church.
W. Moore, Christ Church.
R. Heelis, Queen's Coll.
W. Leech, Queen's Coll.
W. Hutton, Queen's Coll.
M. Burnham, Queen's Coll.
H. T. Streeten, Queen's Coll.
J. Tardifle, Queen's Coll.
H, Sweeting, Queen's Coll.
J. K. Simpkinson, Balliol Coll.
C. T. Dawson, Balliol Coll. Grand Comp.
C. T. Cary, Magdalen Hall.
E. Bagnall, Magdalen Hall.
F. Reyroux, St. Edmund Hall.
R. Stranger, Pembroke Coll.
W. Gilkes, Pembroke Coll. Grand Com-

E. Williams, Jesus Coll.
T. Davies, Jesus Coll.
W. D. Phillips, Jesus Coll.
J. Roberts, Jesus Coll.
R, Suckling, Exeter Coll.
C. T. James, Exeter Coll.
H. Morshead, Exeter Coll.
G. Kennard, St. Alban Hall.
E. E. Blencowe, St. Alban Hall.
A. Stewart, St. Alban Hall.
D. Lang, St. Alban Hall.
E. Lilley, Worcester Coll.
G. J. Quarmby, Lincoln Coll.
G. J. Gould, Lincoln Coll.
E. Meade, Wadham Coll.
A. T. Corfe, All Souls' Coll.
J. Pope, St. John's Coll.
H. Horn, St. John's Coll.
G. E. Smith, St. John's Coll.
Samuel Hooper Whittuck, St. Mary Hall.
Aldred Hadheld, St. Mary Hall.
J. F. West, Scholar of Brasennose Coll.
Henry C. Partridge, Brasennose Coll.
John Samuel Williams, Jesus Coll.
William Williams, Jesus Coll.
Septimus H. Palairet, Worcester Coll.
Edward Fitzgerald, Balliol Coll.
John Ekins, Balliol Coll.
Harry Buckland Lott, Balliol Coll.
Jacob Wood, Postmaster of Merton Coll.
E. M. Atkins, Demy of Magdalen Coll.
R. Jones, Oades' Exhibitioner, Pemb. Coll.
Broake William Robert Boothby, Student

of Christ Church. Charles Baring, Student of Christ Church. The Earl of Ossory, Christ Ch:rch. William R. Freemantle, Christ Church. William Syms, Wadham Coll. Henry Wells, Trinity Coll. William Gray, Magdalen, Grand Com

pounder. Charles Sergeaunt, Brasennose Coll. Grand

Compounder. Henry W. Wiseman, Balliol Coll. Grand


The following gentlemen of Cambridge have been admittied ad eundem of this University :· The Most Hon. the Marquis of Bute, M. A. of Christ College.

Rev. John Lodge, M. A. Fellow of Magdalene College, and Principal Librarian of the University.

Rev. Thomas Thorpe, M. A. Fellow of Trinity College.

Rev. John Baines Graham, M. A. late Fellow of Queen's College.

Rev. C. Lawson, M. A. St. John's Coll.
Mr. Edwards, B.C.L.

The Marquess of Abercorn, and the Marquess of Douglas and Clydesdale, eldest son of the Duke of Hamilton, have been admitted Noblemen of Christ Church.

MARRIED. At Plymstock, Devon, the Rev. James Lampen Harris, M. A. Fellow of Exeter College, and Perpetual Curate of Plymstock, to Sophia Elizabeth, relict of the late Lieut.-Colonel Henry Browne, of the 87th regiment.

At Beddington, the Rev. Charles William Knyvett, M. A. Student of Christ Church, and of Mitcham, Surrey, to Julia, second daughter of the Rev. J. B. Ferrers, Rector of Beddington, in the same county.

At St John's Church, Hereford, the Rev. F. H. Brickenden, B.D. Vice-Provost of Worcester College, Rector of Hoggeston, Bucks, and Vicar of Dewsall, Herefordshire, to Anne, youngest daughter of the late Miles Coyle, Esq.



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and The Rev. Samuel Wilkes Waud, M.A. Thursday of the week following: of Magdalen College, has been elected

2. That the subjects of examination a foundation Fellow of that society.

shall be one of the four Gospels or the Acts of the Apostles in the original

Greek, Paley's Evidences of ChristiGRACES.

anity, one of the Greek and one of the The Syndics appointed to consider of Latin Classics. the arrangements concerning the “ Old 3. That the appointment of the parCourt lately purchased of King's Col- ticular subject in the New Testament, lege," have reported to the Senate: - and in regard to the two last-mentioned

“ That they consider it necessary that subjects, the appointment both of the provision should be made, not merely authors and of the portions of their for a large increase of the accommo works which it may be expedient to dation of the Public Library, but like select, shall rest with the Vice-Chanwise for four additional Lecture Rooms, cellor for the time being, the three for Museums of Geology, Mineralogy, Regii Professors of Divinity, Civil Law, Botany, and, if practicable, of Zoology, and Physic, the Regius Professor of for a new office for the Registrary, for Greek, and the Public Orator, (proan additional School for the Professor vided that not more than two of them of Physic, and for other purposes con are members of the same college); upon nected with the despatch of the ordinary this clear understanding, that in the business of the University :—That they exercise of the powers thus to be vested consider the extent of ground, now the in them they shall so limit the exaproperty of the University, including mination, that every one who is to be the site of the present Library, as amply examined may be reasonably expected sufficient for all these objects : That to show a competent knowledge of all they consider it expedient to make ap the subjects. plication to four architects, for com 4. That in case three or more of those plete plans, elevations and estimates, to to whom the appointment of the subjects be forwarded to the Vice-Chancellor, on of examination has been assigned, shall or before the 1st of November next: belong to the same college, deputies for and that the Syndicate should be au any number exceeding two shall be apthorised to give the necessary instruc pointed, every year, by a Grace of the tions; to offer the sum of 100 guineas Senate. to each of the three architects whose 5. That every person when examined, plans shall not be adopted; and to make shall be required: (1) to translate some à further report to the Senate before portion of each of the subjects appointed the end of the next term.”

as aforesaid ; (2) to construe and explain A grace for the adoption of the above passages of the same; and (3) to answer recommendation has passed the Senate. printed questions relating to the evi

dences of Christianity.

*6. That previously to the commenceREPORT OF THE PREVIOUS EXAMINA ment of the examination, the Examiners TION SYNDICATE.

shall prepare an alphabetical list of all The Syndicate appointed by Grace the persons to be examined, and divide of the Senate, May 27, 1829, “ to con- them into equal portions according to sider what alterations it is expedient to the number of days of examination ; and make in the mode of conducting the that they shall send a copy of such list Previous Examination," beg leave to to the Prælector of each college, notifyrecommend to the Senate that the fol ing the day on which each of the perlowing plan of examination be substi sons to be examined belonging to that tuted for that now in force :

college shall be required to attend the * 1. That the Previous Examination examination. of the Junior Sophs in the Senate-House *7. That each of the persons to be shall begin on the Monday in the week examined, shall be required to attend before the end of the Lent term in each from eight o'clock till eleven in the year; and that this examination shall morning, and from twelve o'clock till continue throughout that week (with the three in the afternoon on the day of exception of Friday) and during the which he has previously received notice.

date for such degree has passed, to the satisfaction of the Examiners, some one of these examinations.

*15. That public notice of the subjects of examination in each year shall be issued in the first week of the Lent term of the year preceding.

16. That, in every year, at the first congregation after the 10th day of October, the Senate shall elect four Examiners, (who shall be members of the Senate, and appointed by the several Colleges according to the cycle of Proctors and Taxors), to conduct the Examination of the succeeding year.

17. That each of the Examiners shall receive 201. from the University chest.

18. That the foregoing regulations shall not interfere with the composition between the University and King's College.

The regulations which contain deviations from those now in force have an asterisk prefixed.

A grace for the adoption of the above recommendation will be offered to the Senate in the ensuing term.

*8. That the persons to be examined each day shall be formed into two divisions; that each of these divisions shall be examined in the Greek subject by two of the Examiners, and in the Latin subject by the other two during the morning; and that the Greek Testament and Paley's Evidences shall be the subjects of examination in the afternoon.

*9. That the persons under examination shall be employed in translating the passages, or answering the printed questions proposed, each individual being called upon in turn during the time of examination to construe and explain passages of the appointed subjects.

*10. That in general the examination of each individual shall be concluded in one day, and that the result of each day's examination shall be notified as soon as conveniently may be to the Prælector of each college : but if the Examiners shall judge it expedient to examine any person further, in order to ascertain whether he shall be permitted to have a certificate of approval, they shall send notice of the day on which his further attendance will be required.

*11. That every Undergraduate shall be required to attend the examination in the year next but one after that in which he commences his residence.

12. That in case any one shall be prevented by illness (a certificate of which shall be submitted to the ViceChancellor and Proctors for the time being, for their approbation), from attending the regular examination of his year, he shall be required to attend the next following examination, and so on; and that, if any one shall absent himself upon any other account from the proper examination of his year, he shall not be allowed the term in which the examination takes place, and shall, moreover, be required to attend the examination of the next year, and so on.

13. That two classes (each of them arranged alphabetically) shall be formed out of those examined—the first consisting of those who have passed their examination with credit--and the second, of those to whom the Examiners have only not refused their certificate of approval.

14. That those who shall not be approved by the Examiners, shall be required to attend the examination of the following year, and so on; and that no degree of B. A. M.B. or B.C.L. shall be granted, unless a certificate be presented to the Caput, shewing that the candi

There will be congregations on the following days of the ensuing Michaelmas Term:

Saturday...... Oct. 10, at ten. Thursday .... Oct. 29, at eleven. Wednesday .... Nov. 18, at eleven. Wednesday .... Dec. 9, at eleven. Wednesday .... Dec. 16, (end of term)

at ten.

DEGREES CONFERRED. On Tuesday, July 7th, being Commencement Day, the following Doctors and Masters of Arts were created :

DOCTORS IN DIVINITY. The Rev. William Dealtry, late Fellow of

Trinity Coll. Rector of Clapham, and Chancellor of the diocese of Winchester. The Rev. Joseph Allen, late Fellow of

Trinity Coll. Prebendary of Westminster. The Rev. Gilbank Ackland, St. John's

College, Rector of St. Mildred's, Bread
Street, and Lecturer of St. Andrew's,

Holborn, London.
The Rev. Martin Joseph Naylor, late Fel-

low of Queen's Coll. The Kev. Samuel Thomas Bloomfield, Sidney Coll. Vicar of Bisbrooke, Rutland.

Henry Shuckburgh Roots, Jesus Coll.
George Shaw, Caius Coll.
Richard Pinckard, Caius Coll.
John Burdett Steward, Pembroke Coll.

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