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at an equally low rate with the Irish workmen.

The state of the church in Ireland, whether we regard the spiritual operation of her institutions, or the security of her temporalities, has been placed in circumstances of great difficulty and danger by the late bill, which recent events in that part of the kingdom have proved to be most unhappily miscalled the Relief Bill. As might have been naturally expected, the friends of the Protestant cause, which can never be separated from the civil and religious freedom of the country, have taken alarm, and feel desirous of pursuing such measures of defence as their present situation requires. All seem agreed, that the united energies of the Protestants are the only means that can be relied on, and that their attempts must be directed to endeavour to rouse and stimulate these into action. With this view a meeting was held at Cork a few weeks since, the earl of Mount-Cashel in the chair, and a long string of resolutions passed, the wisdom of which we must be allowed to doubt. We admit with the noble earl, that the unbeneficed clergy, both in England and Ireland, are a neglected and necessitous, but most important body of men ; that both the church and the country owe far more to their labours than is commonly supposed, and of course, that something ought, and before long must be done for them; but we tremble for any hasty measure, especially such as may originate with parties without the church, who can neither estimate the value, nor judge of the mode of relief most likely to benefit this large and useful portion of the clergy. Reasonable alarm may also be felt at any attempt at interference from an administration which has already done so much for the injury of that church to which they outwardly belong, and which, there is just cause to fear, are more ready to undermine than to support her. In this crisis, every true friend of the establishment should be found at his post, and on the alert for her advantage, to prevent the adoption of any hasty and violent measures, however

flattering they may appear at the first glance. All great changes ought to be gradual; the working of one step should be proved before another is attempted. A careful examination of history proves, that in every established church which has experienced a decay or dissolution, these events may be principally traced to pluralities and non-residence of the clergy: so that the entire abolition of these would amend every great evil that exists in our establishment, and small ones must exist in every human institution. These are measures in accordance with the spirit of our church, and only require a more complete application of principles adopted and partially employed for ages. The theory has been approved by all judicious men, and acted upon by many good men, without that compulsion with which the law ought to enforce it. Let the state admit of none of these in any shape or to any degree whatever, and every other evil will cure itself. Any attack upon the revenues of the church, which is a primary object with most reformers, would directly accelerate her ruin. Constituted as society now is, the duties of the higher ranks of the clergy as imperiously deserve ample revenues as those of the lower ones do adequate compensation ; but the abolition of pluralities would provide for at least five thousand of the latter, without the least injury to the former, for no man can be justly entitled to the remuneration for that duty which he does not perform, and which he cannot receive but by extortion, and the oppression of him by whom they are performed. The temptations to nonresidence would be proportionally removed, and the church would be raised to a degree of eminence and security she has not possessed for ages.

RussIA AND TURKEY.–The treaty of peace between these countries has been officially ratified at Adrianople, and the Turkish empire in Europe may be said to exist no longer. The terms are sufficiently hard, but the relative situations of the contending powers were such, that, whatever the one chose to demand, the other was

obliged to yield. Russia is to keep the principalities of the Danube, until the indemnity for the expenses of the war is paid; and as this amounts to between five and six millions, the Sultan, in the present exhausted and impoverished state of his kingdom, can have but very slight expectations of ever seeing them return under his authority. This and the stipulation of a free navigation for the Russian men of war and merchantmen to and from the Black Sea, are the leading articles in the published treaty; but it is supposed, i hat there are secret and more severe conditions, which are not laid before the public, stipulating for the dismantling of the fortresses of Silistria and Schumla, and effectually crippling the Turkish navy. With respect to Greece, the Russian cabinet is said to have considered it as absolutely necessary, that its boundaries should extend to the Gulfs of Arta and Volo. The Russian army was to commence its retreat on the 28th of October, beginning with the evacuation of Adrianople; but their garrisons are to remain in Sizeboli and Bourgos for another year, even though the army shall have re-passed the Balkan. An insurrection of the

Pachas in the ceded provinces has been easily quelled, the Pacha of Scutari being the only one enabled to keep the field; and as General Geismor has been sent in pursuit of him, it is probable that before this his resistance is at an end. In general, the inhabitants seem gratified at this prospect of a change of masters, hoping for more prosperous days than they experienced under Turkish misrule and tyranny.

Whilst these negotiations were pending, the fortress of Schumla, still closely pressed by the besiegers, was carried by assault, after the most dreadful slaughter on both sides, particularly among the Turks, who defended the place with the greatest obstinacy under the direction of the Grand Vizier, who fell, with all his staff, prisoners into the hands of the Russians. Almost at the same time, Count Paskewitch defeated a Turkish army at Beiburt, the chief advanced post of Trebizonde on the south side, and commenced operations against that ancient city, a Russian fleet attacking it in conjunction with him on the sea side: so that the war has proved equally unfortunate to the Porte in both Europe and Asia.


The following Churches have been consecrated :
Golcar, St. John, in the Parish of Huddersfield, by the Archbishop of York.
HAMMERSMITH, St. Peter, by the Bishop of London.

KIRKSTALL, St. Stephen, in the Parish of Leeds, by the Archbishop of York. This Church is calculated to afford sittings for 1000 persons.

MACCLESFIELD, St. George, by the Bishop of Chester. This eles ant edifice was originally built for a congregation of Dissenters, but is now a Church belonging to the Establishment.

VEREWOOD, in the Parish of Cranbourne, by the Bishop of Bristol. It will hold 200 persons.

The following Churches are nearly ready for consecration:-
CHELTENHAM, Suffolk Square.

QULTon, near Leeds. This Church is to accommodate 600 persons. The late Mr. Blagds bequeathed 40001. in the 3 per cents. for its endowment. -- WiveLISCOMBE, Somersetshire.

The Church of the “ Holy and Undivided Trinity" at Gosport has been re-opened. It contains 300 additional free sittings.

The foundation-stone has been laid of a New Church at BIRKENSHAW, in the Parish of Birstall, Yorkshire; and at New Mills, in the Parish of Glossop, Derbyshire.


Bird, Charles............ Head Mastership of Leominster Granım. School.
Carver, James .......... Chapl. to the City of London Lying-in Hospital.
Duningham, John ...... Head Mastership of Cuckfield Gramm. School.
Newbold, F.S. .......... Head Mastership of Macclesfield Gramm. School.
Norton, W. A. .......... Domestic Chapl. to the Right Hon. Lord Crewe.
Powell, William Frederick . Domestic Chapl. to H. R. . the Duke of Sussex.


Preferment. County. Diccese. Patron.
(Gresham, R.

Rev. J. Spurgin and Paston, V.

Lord Visc. Anson Arden, Francis E.

Norfolk Norwich , w. Repton, Esq. to Burrough, R.

If Rev. F. E. Arden Buller, Richard .. Lanreath, R.

Cornwall Exeter John Buller, Esq. National Society's Ch. Middlesex Loudon 3

S Abp. of Canterbury,

" and Bp. of London Campbell, A. M... and Little Steening, R. Lincoln Lincoln Lord Gwydyr

(to Paddington, C. Middlesex London Bishop of London Carter, Williain .. Weston, V.

W. York York Governors of Sed

berg Gramm School Cleveland, Henry.. Barkston, R.

Lincoln Lincoln Preb.of N.Grantham

" in Cath.Ch.of Sarum Cockburn, W.D.D. Dean of Cath. Ch. of York

· to Weaverthorpe, V. E.York P.of D.&CYork D. & C. of York Cotterill, J. H. .. L S Newcastle-under-Line, s. "

· St. George's, C.

Stafford Lichfield Crosthwaite, vom

Barlavington, R. Crosthwaite, John 3 and Egdean, R.

} Sussex Chichester Earl of Egremont Green, Charles .... Burgh Castle, R. Suffolk Norwich Lord Chancellor Gurdon, Philip .. Dhiling Southberg, R.

Warfall, V S Rev. P. Gurdon romp" to Hackford, R.

Nortolk Norwich T.T. Gurdon, Esq. Hampden, J. .... Hinton Martel, R. Dorset Bristol Earl of Shaftesbu y Hill, Wm. Charles . Fremington, V.

Devon Exeter Rev. W. C. Hill Holt, T. B. ...... Golcar, C.

W. York York Vic. of Huddersfield Mack, W.Bumpstead Horham, R.

Suffolk Norwich Rev. W. Mack
Mills, Thomas .... Great Saxham, R. Suffolk Norwich Trustees
Moore, William ..

S Brimsfield, R.
with Cranham, R.

Gloucester Gloucester Mrs. Pitt
Neate, Arthur....
Alvescott, R.

| Oxford Oxford
and Shilton, V.

Rev, T. Neate Parr, T.G. ...... Vicarial Stall in Cath. Ch. of Lichfield tons pas Burntwood, C.

Stafford : Svic.of St.M. Lichf. Remington, B.D. to Winkworth, V. Derby S mucid Dean of Lincoln Sams, J. B jun. .. Fakenham, R,

Suffolk Norwich Duke of Grafton Shillibeer, John .. Wadenhoe, R.

Northam. Peterboro'Robert Roberts, Esq. Stockwell, J. S. .. Les S North Newington, V.

Preb. of Beminster 2

Do with Liitle Knoyle, c. }


7 secunda in Sarum C. S Thetford, St. Cuth. C. 7 Sworde, J. .....

}Norfolk Norwich Earl of Albemarle --- St. Peter, R. }

Lassington, R.

Gloucest. Gloucest. Sir W.Guise, Bart. Cheston, J. B.....

( B.Johnson, Esq. as and White-Lady-Ashton, V.Worcest. Worcest. Trust. for R. Berke

( ley, Esq.a R. Cath.

(Governors of St.BarCrowther, Samuel S Christ Church, V. el and St. Leonard, R.

MiddlesexLondon tholomew's Hosp. &

(D.&C.of Westm. alt. Norfolk Norwich

Bishop of Ely

Name. Prefernent. County. Diocese. Patron.
( Bexwell, R.

Karbat Narich)
Daubeny, P. H... and Criinplesham, v. }

( and Tyd, St. Giles, R. Camb. Ely )
S Kinver, C.

Stafford Lichfield Trustees
Davies, Henry .. and Peterchurch, v. Hereford Hereford Guy's Hospital
France, John ....

Little Brandon, R.
and New Buckenham, C.

Norfolk Norwich F.R.Reynolds, Esq.

" Parishioners Gresley, William .. Seals, R.

Leicester Lincoln Rev. W. Gresley Guard, John .... S Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Sarum

Bishop of Salisbury. " and Pembridge, R. Hereford Hereford Corp. Chr. Con. Oxf. Johnson, George .. Hinton Blewett, R. Somerset B.&Wells Rev. G. Johnson Penrose, John ..

Fledborough, R. and Thorney, V.

Notts. York Ş Earl Manvers

George Neville, Esq. Cornwall Exeter 3

S John Buller, Esq. 1 and Morvall, V.

ter Lord Chancellor Trist, Jeremiah .. Veryan, v.

Cornwall Exeter D. & C. of Exeter
Vouchon P S
Vaughan, E.T..

Foston, R.
Leicester, St. Martin, V.

Leicester Lincoln

ST. H. Lamb, Esq. in Lord Chancellor

1. (South Bradon, sin. R. Somerset B. &Wells ) and Barlavington, R.

Earl of Egremont

Sussex Chichester ( and Hardham, R.

Sir C.F.Goring, Bt. (Preb. in Cath. Ch. of Sarum

Bishop of Salisbury. North Newington, V.

Wilts Sarum | Preb. of Bensinster Wickhamn, Thomas with Little Knoyle, c.

secunda in Cath.C. Sar. and Yatton, V. (with Kenn, c.

Somerset B. &Wells | Preb.of Yatton in

Cath.Ch. of Wells

Lanreath, R.

Puddicombe, S.

Watson, Robert ..

and Egdean, R.


OXFORD. The Rev. Dr. Jones, Rector of Exeter Mr. Charles Williams, B. A. Scholar of College, has been the second time nomi- Jesus College, has been elected Fellow of nated as Vice-Chancellor, by letters from that Society. the Chancellor of the University, and Congregations will be holden for the pur. approved by Convocation. The Vice pose of granting Graces and conferring Chancellor has nominated, as his Pro- Degrees on the following days in the preVice-Chancellors, the Rev. Dr. Hall, Master sent Term :of Pembroke; the Rev. Dr. Jenkyns, Master Oct. Saturday, 10. Nov. Thursday, 12. of Balliol; the Rev. Dr. Rowley, Master of Thursday, 15. - Thursday, 19. University; and the Rev. Dr. Gilbert, - Thursday, 22. | Dec. Thursday, 3. Privcipal of Brasennose.

- Thursday, 29. - Thursday, 10. The nomination of the Rev. William Nov. Wednesday, 4. - Thursday, 17. Kay, M. A. Fellow of Lincoln College, as a Public Examiner in Disciplinis Mathematicis et Physicis, has been approved in Convocation.

DEGREES CONFERRED. The Rev. Edward Field, M. A. Michel

DOCTORS IN CIVIL LAW. Fellow of Queen's, and the Rev. James Garbett, M. A. Fellow of Brasennose, Rev. Llewelyn Lewellin, M. A. late Schol. have been nominated Public Examiners; of Jesus Coll. Principal of St. David's the former in Disciplinis Mathematicis et Coll. Lampeter, S. W. and Preb. of Physicis, the latter in Literis Humani St. David's. oribus.

Rev. Charles Burton, Magdalen Hall.

Lord de Tabley, Lord Boscawen, Marquis of Waterford, and Hon. G. F. R. Harris.

Rev.M.H.G.Buckle, Fell. of Wadham Coll.
William Jacobson. Fell. of Exeter Coll.

Lewis Tomlinson, Wadham Coll.

The Rev. Charles Burton, Bachelor in Civil Law, of St. John's Coll. Cambridge, has been incorporated as a Member of Magdalen Hall.

The following Noblemen are entered at Christ Church: Lord Conyers Osborne,

At Christ Church, Middlesex, the Rev.
William Stone, M. A. Fell. of Brasenrose
Coll. and Rector of that Parish, to Louisa
Toogood, only daughter of the late George
William Downing, Esq.

At St. Ebbe's Church, Oxford, the Rev.
Henry Bellenden Bulteel, Fell. of Exeter
Coll. to Eleanor, youngest daughter of the
late Mr. Sadler, of the same city.

CAMBRIDGE. On the first day of Terin, the following Rev. John Gibson, M. A. Sidney Coll. gentlemen were elected University Officers Sen. Regent. for the year ensuing :PROCTORS.

Mr. Lewis William Sampson, of King's

Coll. has been admitted a Fellow of that Rev. Henry Kirby, M.A. Clare Hall

Society. Rev. Edward John Ash, M. A. Christ Coll.

The Rev. William Carus, B. A. Thomas TAXORS.

Williamson Peile, B.A. Charles Perry, B.A. Rev. Wm. Hodgson, M. A. St. Peter's Coll.

and James Prince Lee, B.A. of Trinity Coll.

have been elected Fellows of that Society. Rev. Henry Howarth, M.A. St. John's Coll.

The Rev. W. M. Heald, M. A. of Trinity MODERATORS.

Coll. has been appointed Chaplain of that Rev. W. H. Hanson, M. A. Caius Coll.

Society, in place of the late Rev. John Joshua King, Esq. M. A. Queen's Coll.

Stevenson, M.A.

The Rev. E. A. Siedley, M.A. of Trinity SCRUTATORS.

College, has been also appointed Chaplain Rev. William Okes, M. A. Caius Coll.

of that Society, in place of the Rev. N.W. Rev. Thomas Musgrave, M. A. Trin. Coll. Gibson, M. A.

The following gentlemen have been
appointed the Caput for the ensuing year:
The Vice-Chancellor.
Rev. Joseph Proctor, D.D. Master of Catha-

rine Hall-Divinity.
William Frere, Esq. LL.D. Master of

Downing Coll.—Law.
John Thomas Woodhouse, M. D. Caius

Rev. Thomas Shelford, B.D. Corpus Christi

Coll.–Sen. Non Regent.


Rev. Henry Browne, Corpus Christi.

Rev. William John Aislabie, Trinity Coll.
Thomas Boodle, Trinity Coll.
Benjamin Thomas Williams, Clare Hall
William Perkins, Peinbroke Coll.
Abel Chapman, Queen's Coll.
W. Charles Holder, Emman. Coll. (Comp.)
Vicessimus Knox Child, Sidney Coll.

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. “A Comtry Curate” and “M. A.” who both write on the same subject, will find their wishes met by the reprint which is commenced in our present Number.

“ M." is not forgotten.
“ K.” in our next.
“G. B.” has been received.

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