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for the Thirtieth or Thirty-first of January, would be a likely Means to remove the Judgments of God from us, and might help to procure many

and great Blessings to this Nation. And why should they any longer withstand so desirable an End, so blessed an Union? Their paft Neglect might be owing to Ignorance, or Prejudice, or Want of Confideration. Their future Compliance will shew that this Neglect of theirs did not proceed from a Spirit of Obstinacy, Opposition, or Contempt ; or if it did in any Measure, that they have fince laid it aside. And as they now occasionally attend upon the Service of our Church on other Days, it were much to be wished, that for the future they would constantly attend upon this. And may God in his Mercy incline them to so wise and pious a Resolution, that makes so much for their own Peace, and the Peace and Prosperity of this suffering Nation.

In the mean while, let none of our Communion, that have Opportunity and are able to attend, absent themselves from this anniversary Solemnity, for which a most pious and pathetick Office is provided, suited to the mournful Occasion, and full of the Doctrine contained in the Text; in which the Language is so moving and instructive, and the several devotional Parts so solemn and edifying, that no Man who has any true Sense of Piety, would willingly deprive himself of the Benefit of so useful and religious a Service. It is indeed both a Service and a Sermon, and sufficient to supply the Defects of


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all the Sermons that have been, or shall be, delivered on the Occasion.

Since then our Church has taken such abundant Care to instruct her Children in the Duty, and to obtain the Mercy and Pardon of God, for the crying Provocation of this Day: And since we know not how far our Forefathers proceeded, or what Degree of Guilt they might contract in this case, it will become us to comply with the pious Orders of the one, and to humble ourselves for the Iniquities of the other, that so we may not be involved in the Guilt of Royal Blood, nor partake of the Punishment, which

may otherwise (in a publick and national Way) be justly inflicted on us for the Sins of those Times. By this Means we shall have a well-grounded Hope and Confidence, that the Violence and Outrage committed against the sacred Person of the blessed King Charlesthe First, will not be required of us or our Posterity, and that our Land will at last be freed from the Vengeance of his righteous Blood, and God be glorified in the Forgiveness of our Sins, through the Merits and Intercession of his only Son Jesus Christ our Lord;

To whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost,

be ascribed, as is most due, all Honour and Glory, Might, Majesty, Obedience, and Thanksgiving, now and for ever. Amen,

F 1 N I S.

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