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National Sins to be deplored by the Innocent
'as well as the Guilty.


Preached in the Parish-Church

Great Torrington,

On Sunday^ the Thirtieth Day of

January\ 1742.

And now Published,

On Occasion of a late Pamphlet, intitled,
The Presbyterians not chargeable
•with King CHARLES'S Death.

Minister of the said Church.


Printed for W. Parker, at the King's Head in
St Paul's Church-yard; and sold by Mr James
Fletcher, Bookseller in Oxford. 1745.

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TH O* the following Sermon was designed for the Press one Time or other, it would not have been printed at this Time, had it not been for some new Attempts of the Disienters, to vindicate themselves as to the Murder of the blessed King Charles the First. I wish with all my Heart they could fully clear themselves in this Relpect: But as the Method they have now taken, will avail but little towards their Justification before God or Men; I have in this Discourse pointed out to them the only Method that can be effectual in this Case; and I am not without Hopes that some of them, at least, will be induced to comply therewith, especially when they shall perceive

that that my Design is not to provoke, upbraid, or insult, but only to convince and perswade them for their own Good,

The Pamphlet aforementioned was, I find, first published in the Year 1717, but it was not my Fortune to fee it before the last Publication about three Months ago; which I here take Notice of, in order to satisfy the Reader, that as this Sermon could not be intended for an Answer to that Pamphlet, so neither have I made any Alteration in it upon that Account, having, I presume, said enough beforehand to shew the Vanity of all such Vindications.


Jonah i. 14.

Wherefore they cried unto the Lord, and said. We beseech thee, 0 Lord, we beseech thee, let us not perish for this mans life, and lay not upo?i us innocent blood: for thou, 0 Lord± haft done as it pleased thee.

THESE Words were spoken by seafaring Men, that were Aliens and Strangers from the Commonwealth of Israel, and whose Occupation, as it exposes Men to the greatest Dangers, so does it often teach them in what Manner to apply themselves to God, on any sudden or emergent Occasion. The Words were delivered in the Time of a great Storm, and on Occasion of casting Jonah into the Sea, at his own Request, in order to lay the Storm. Jonah was the most antient of all the Prophets, that are distinguished by their Writings as such. But though he was the first in Order of Time, he has been thought to be the last in Order of Dignity; some i'.i B having

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