Answers to questions on the instruction of musketry and the Hythe papers

W. Mitchell, 1862 - 80 páginas

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Página 31 - At the last command, without moving the body or eyes, raise the rifle smartly to the front of the right shoulder to the full extent of the left arm, elbow inclined downward, the barrel nearly horizontal, muzzle slightly depressed, heel of the butt on a line with the top of the shoulder.
Página 16 - A plane superficies is that in which any two points being taken, the straight line between them lies wholly in that superficies.
Página 32 - WERE. {Place the forefinger round the trigger like a hook, that part of it between the first and second joint to rest flat on the trigger, and restrain the breathing. {Kaise the muzzle steadily until the top of the fore-sight is brought in a line with the object through the bottom of the notch of the back-sight.
Página 28 - That the line of sight should be taken along 'the centre of the notch of the back-sight and the top of the fore-sight, which should cover the middle of the mark aimed at.
Página 5 - ... that no degree of perfection he may have attained in the other parts of his drill can upon service remedy any want of proficiency in this ; in fact, all his other instructions in marching and manoeuvring can do no more than place him in the best possible situation for using his weapon with effect.
Página 31 - ... the sight upright ; the top part of the heel plate to be in a line with the top part of the shoulder, the muzzle to be a few inches below the mark the eyes are fixed upon, the forefinger to be extended along the outside of the trigger-guard, and both elbows to be inclined downwards.
Página 5 - The rifle is placed in the soldier's hands for the destruction of his enemy ; his own safety depends upon his efficient use of it...
Página 42 - danger," or " cease firing," is in all cases to be a red flag, which will be hoisted and planted on the top of the butt, whenever it is necessary to cease firing to re-colour the targets, or for any other purpose. 8. Whenever a shot strikes to the right, the flag denoting its value is to be inclined to the right, and vice vers&.
Página 33 - To see when the men are at the " present," that the sights are upright, that the rifle is pressed firmly to the shoulder with the left hand, that the trigger is pressed steadily without the slightest motion of the hand or arm...
Página 35 - ... to march a squad of six men, formed two deep, on the alignment chosen, and halt it at 50 yards distance, when No. 3 of the rear rank will face about and cover the two men already aligned ; the man 20 yards off will now be removed.

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