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1. The Inspector-General of Musketry.

2. The authorized system of musketry instruction being strictly followed out in all its details.

3. The circumstance is to be brought to the notice of the general officer commanding.

4. Three hundred yards.

5. By pairs (when practicable), with an interval of 40 or 50 yards between them.

6. Daily.

7. They are to examine them, at least, once a month, to ascertain that the entries therein agree with the " duplicate total points" of the registers.

8. Once a month, when they are to see the men both at drill and practice, and examine the returns.

9. Once in three months.

10. Procure the sanction of the general officer commanding to do so.

11. Report the circumstance, at once, to the general officer commanding, and notify that they have done so in their next report to the Inspector-General of Musketry.

12. They are to bring the circumstance to the notice of the commanding officer, notifying the same in their next monthly report.

13. To ascertain their eligibility for the rewards granted to marksmen.

14. The "District Musketry Report," to the general officer commanding the division, and to the InspectorGeneral of Musketry.

15. A statement shewing the progress, in musketry training, of the troops under their orders.

16. The progress of every regiment and depôt in the circuit of his supervision.

17. In duplicate.

18. No; they are to be examined by the Inspectors, and the duplicates returned to the several battalions.

19. They are to draw it up under separate headings, viz., instruction, returns, &c., and are to mention the corps that they have visited during the month, stating the number they found under instruction, the nature of the instruction, and the proficiency of the men in the several musketry exercises.

20. They examine the officers on the theory and practice of musketry, and on the system of conducting the musketry instruction of the recruits, and of the drilled soldiers of their respective companies.


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