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started up, saying, “ Who wants me?" That instant three women came to the door, and brought me some food. They were entire strangers to me, and I to them : But thou, Lord, carest for me.

On Tuesday night, my wife and sister Mitchel came to see me, and found me lying on the boards. I said, “ Behold the fruits of the gospel: now you see the word of God is fulfilled, • They lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and he that turneth from evil maketh himself a prey.' But God looks down from Heaven, and will plead our cause : fear not." “ No, (answered they) we do not fear; for our God is as able to deliver now, as he was 1700 years ago." So they took their leave of me that night, wishing me a good repose on my wooden bed: where, thanks be to God, I slept as well as if I had been on a bed of down.

Next morning they brought me something to eat, and bade me be strong in the Lord, and not fear them that can kill the body only. My heart rejoiced to see them so stedfast in the faith.

This day a court-martial was held, and I was guarded to it by a file of musqueteers, with their bayonets' fixed. When I came before the court, they asked, “What is this man's crime?" The answer was, “ This is the Metho. dist Preacher, and he refuses to take money.” Then they turned to me, and said, “ Sir, you need not find fault with us, for we must obey our orders, which are to make you act as a soldier; for you are delivered to us; and if you have not justice done you, we cannot help it.”

My answer was, “I shall not fight; for I cannot bow my knee before the Lord, to pray for a man, and get up and kill him when I have done: for I know God both hears me speak and sees me act; and I should expect

the lot of a hypocrite, if my actions contradict my prayers." « Well, don't stand preaching to us, said they, for we must make

you obey us: Sergeant, give him some money.” He offered me two shillings, but I refused to take it. They threatened me sore, but I could not fear them at all. :)

Well,” said they, “ if you run away, you are as liable

to suffer as if you had taken our money." 'I answered, « If I cannot be discharged lawfully, I shall not run away? if I do, punish me as you please.” Then they ordered the sergeant to go to quarters with me : who took me to the Wild-man, in Peter-gate ; where the people behaved well to me, though they had eight more quartered upon them. They said, “ It is a pity you should come among such a wicked crew as these we have ; for there are but few like them in the world.” They ordered me a room and a bed to myself.' Blessed be God, who gives me favour in the sight of the Egyptians. These people were professed Papists, who, I might imagine, would shew no more mercy to a man that preaches salvation by faith, than they would do to a mad dog ; yet I see it is not the man that makes the Christian, but the mind which was in Christ, and whosoever hath this mind in him, he is a Christian, let the world call him what they will.

I came to Margaret Townshend's, and met with my wife, and sister Mitchell, who rejoiced to see my feet once more out of prison. We sang praises to God for his great mercies to me at this time, and passed the afternoon in encouraging each other. Next morning I sent them out of town, and went, as I was ordered, to parade at the Blue-Boar, in Castle-gate ; where the officers ordered corporal Wto fetch me a gun and other warlike instruments ; and tho' he seemed to shudder at the task, he was forced to obey ; and when he brought them, and was girding them about me, he trembled as if he had the palsy.

I asked, “ Why do you gird me with these warlike ha biliments, for I am a man averse to war, and shall not fight but under the Prince of Peace, the Captain of my salvation; and the weapons he gives me are not carnal, like these ??? “ Well, (said they,) but you must bear these till you can get your discharge." 6. As you put them on. me, (I answered,) I will bear them as a cross, and use them as far as I can, without defiling my conscience; but that I will not do for any man on earth.

The officers bade them march us off to Hepworth Moor to learn the exercise of a soldier : but corporal W,



seemed as tender to me as if he had been my own father, and carried the gun for me to the field. And when he came to teach me their exercise, his heart seems ed to fail him, and he bade me lay down the gun, and we fell into discourse, I found be had the fear of God before his eyes, and the Lord bad shewn him the light of his countenance. But he was a sparrow


on the house top: none cared for his conversation ; but they all despised him, because he would not get drunk and swear as they did. Oh, my God, remember him for his good alway, I beseeck thee.

Next day I was ordered to the field, and others must teach me the warlike exercise, who also behaved civilly to mé. I had more to see me than all the rest, and it caused the truth to break out the more, and removed prejudice from many I found the people at York looked upon one that is called a Methodist, as one who had the plague, and infeets all whom he comes near; and they blessed God that none had come to preach there.

But if I was bound, the word of God was not bound; for if any blasphemed, I reproved them, whether rich or poor, and fell into many disputes with them; and God

gave me words such as they could not resist. My disa courses had such an effect on them, that they said, they wished :Mr. Wesley would come and preach there, I gave them several of our little books ; so by hearing and reading, they found out the doctrine to be only the plain word of God. And now several attended my coming ta the field ; not to see me as before, but to ask questions, and to know of the new doctrine, (as some were pleased to call it.) Surely by all these things shall the gospel be spread. The Lord is in the tempest, and it shall turn to his glory: Satan doth but whet a knife to cut his own throat,

One day, as I was talking to the people, a man came and feigned himself to be concerned about his soul. As he was coming, it was impressed upon my mind that he was a deceiver, As soon as he approached, I said, “You Are a wicked man, and Satan has sent you with a lie in your mouth, but God will not be mocked." He went away as one condemned. Before he had gone one hundred yards, he fell down and broke a limb, and dislocated his shoulder; then he roared like a bear, saying, It is a just judgment from God on me stand desired me to pray

your such

for him. · On Sunday the 13th, I went to Coney-street church, and the Lord inanifested himself to me in great love at the sacrament. At night Hannah Scholefield and I, and our brother Haughton from Manchester, with two or three more, went out into the fields, thinking to retire : but some had seen us, and told others that we were gone to sing hymns. In a few minutes we had near an hundred to keep 318 company.

We sang two hymns, and I gave them an exhortation. They received my word with meekness, and wished to hear me again.

We went a mile another way; but there were people walking there also, who knew me, and flocked to us, and desired to hear what sort of doctrine it is we preach, which causes all men to hate us. I said, “ It is the doctrine of Jesus Christ, which made all men hate him: and ye are sensible our great Shepherd said, Ye shall be hated of all men for my sake." But they said, “ This is a Christian land, and it is not go now." * Well, (said I,) then you must say the gospel is not an everlasting gospel, or you declare us blest, and almost all the people in England curst." They said, “What do you point the blessings to you, and the curse to all the rest? We think it is the other way." Then said I, “ You think as Christ spake ; for he said, Blessed are ye when all men speak evil of you, and hate you for my sake, and the gospes : rejoice, and be exceeding glad, for so they did to the prophets of oldi But woe unto you when all men speak well of you ; they spake of the false prophets." Upon this they were silent, but wished they could hear me themselves, then they could judge better. By this time a great company were come together, desiring to hear me; and God gave me to speak plainly, and to their hearts. When I had done, several of them said, they would go ten miles to hear such another discourse. : The prejudiče seemed taken out of their minds at a stroke; and they cried, « This is the doctrine which ought to be preached, let men say what they will against it."

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As we came back, one of our company said, “ I wonder that the devil cannot perceive that this striving to suppress the gospel is like striving to quench the fire by cast. ing oil into it. As God spake, so it is I see this day. His servants are like brands of fire cast into dry stubble. Surely God will be glorified in your captivity: only'let us watch and pray, that the enemy get no advantage over us. : The day following I went, as before, to exercise, when many came to talk with me; some to dispute, and some who earnestly desired to be saved. Among the disputers, was a clergyman. I knew him, for I had seen him in his gown three days before. When several, who appeared as gentlemen, disputed hotly against all the power of religion ; I shewed them from the articles, homilies, and prayers,

of our own church, that those who spake as they did, were uo members of the church of England. For to be a real -member of Christ's church, is to feel Christ in us; to know that he died for his church, and that by his death we are delivered from death eternal. To find that Spirit which raised him from the dead, raising us from the death of sin, that our bodies may be the undefiled temples of the living God, a holy habitation of God, through his Spirit dwelling in us. For as many as have the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God; and if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. Nay, if you know not, (I added) that Christ is in you, you are now in a state of reprobation. : “ So," said they, “ you have condemned us all at a stroke." I answered, “ I have condemned no man, for I have not spoken my own, but the words of God, as I appeal to your consciences, you that have ever read them.”

When they were put to silence, the minister began to explain the Spirit of God out of the world, as what could not be felt or perceived at all, neither was it necessary, now we had the scriptures to go by. I said, “ It is highly ne

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