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Appleton's Catalogue of Valuable Publications.

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Of Episcopacy Asserted and Maintained ; to which is added, Clerus Domini,

a Discourse on the Office Ministerial, by the Right Rev. Bishop Jeremy
Taylor, D. D. One volume, 16mo., $100.
The reprint in a portable form of this eminent divine's masterly defence of Episcopacy, cannot
fail of being welcomed by every Churchman.
The publishers have presented this jewel in a fitting casket.-N. Y. American.

A choice Manual, containing what is to be Believed, Practised, and Desired,

or prayed for; the Prayers being fitted for the several Days of the Week.
To which is added, a Guide for the Penitent, or a Model drawn up for the
Help of Devout Souls wounded with Sin. Also, Festival Hymns, &c. By
the Right Rev. Bishop Jeremy Taylor. One volume, 16mo., 50 cents.

A Tale of the Last Century, by Jefferys Taylor. One volume, 16mo., beauti-

fully illustrated, 75 cents.

This fascinating and elegantly illustrated volume for the young is pronounced to equal in into rest De Foo's immortal work, Robinson Crusoe.

By Isaac Taylor, author of “ Natural History of Enthusiasm," &c. &c. Sec-

ond edition. One volume, 12mo., $1 00.
A very enlightened, just, and Christian view of a most important subject. Am. Bib. Repos.

Of another Life, by Isaac Taylor. Third edition. One vol., 12mo., 88 cents.
One of the most learned and extraordinary works of modern times.

Lectures on Spiritual Christianity, by Isaac Taylor. One vol., 12mo., 75 cents

The vicw which this volume gives of Christianity, both as a system of truth and a system of duty, is in the highest degree instructive.-Albany Evening Journal,

In the Barbarous and Civilized State. An Essay towards Discovering the

Origin and Course of Human Improvement, by W. Cooke Taylor, LL.D.,
&c., of Trinity College, Dublin. Handsomely printed on fine paper. Two

volumes, 12mo., $2 25.
A collection of Poetry, chiefly Devotional, by the author of The Cathedral.

One volume, 16mo., elegantly printed, $1 25.
One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, cloth, gilt leaves, 31 cents.

One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, cloth, gilt leaves, 31 cents.

One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, cloth, gilt leaves, 31 cents.

One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, cloth, gilt leaves, 31 cents.

One volume, 32mo., frontispiece, cloth, gilt leaves, 31 cents.

Forming a portion of the series of “ Miniature Classical Library."
Each volume consists of nearly one hundred appropriate extracts from the best writers of Eng.
land and America,

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Appleton's Catalogue of Valuable Publications.

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A Poem, by James Thomson. One vol., 32mo., cloth, gilt leaves, 38 cents.

Forming one of the series of " Miniature Classical Library."
Place « The Seasons " in any light, and the poem appears faultless.-S. C. Hall.
Manufactures, and Mines, containing a clear Exposition of their Principles and

Practice. By Andrew Ure, M. D., F. R. S., &c. Illustrated with 1240
Engravings on wood. One thick volume of 1340 pages, bound in leather,
$5 00, or in two volumes, $5 50.

In every point of view, a work like the present can but he regarded as a benefit done to theoretical and practical science, to commerce and industry, and an important addition to a species of literature the exclusive production of the present century, and the present state of peace and civilization. Athenarum.

Dr. Ure’s Dictionary, of which the American edition is now completed, is a stupendous proof of persevering assiduity, combined with genius and taste. For all the benefit of individual enterprise in the practical arts and manufactures, and for the enhancement of general prosperity through the extension of accurate knowledge of political economy, we have not any work worthy to be compared with this important voluine. We are convinced that manufacturers, merchants, iradesmen, students of natural and experimental philosophy, inventive mechanics, men of opulence, members of legislatures, and all who desire to comprehend something of the rapidly accelerating progress of those discoveries which facilitate the supply of human wants, and the augmentation of social comforts with the national weal, will find this invaluable Dictionary a perennial source of salutary instruction and edifying enjoyment.-National Intelligencer. VERY LITTLE TALES, For Very Little Children, in single Syllables of three and four Letters—first

series. One volume, square 18mo., numerous illustrations, cloth, 38 cents Second Series, in single Syllables of four and five Letters. One volume,

square 18mo., numerous illustrations to match first series-38 cents. WAYLAND.-LIMITATIONS OF HUMAN Responsibility. By Francis Wayland, D. D. One volume, 18mo., 38 cents.

CONTENTS.-I. The Nature of the Subject. II. Individual Responsibility. III. Individual Responsibility (continued). IV. Persecution on account of Religious Opinions. V. Propagation of Truth. Vi. Voluntary Associations. VII. Ecclesiastical Associations. VIII. Official Respon sibility. IX. The Slavery Question. WILBERFORCE.-MANUAL FOR COMMUNICANTS; Or, The Order for administering the Holy Communion; conveniently arrang.

ed with Meditations and Prayers from old English divines : being the Eu-
charistica of Samuel Wilberforce, M. A., Archdeacon of Surrey, (adapted
to the American service.) 38 cents, gilt leaves 50 cents.

We most earnestly commend the work.--Churchman.
The Private Meditations, Devotions, and Prayers of the Right Rev. T. Wil.

D. D., Lord Bishop of Soder and Man. First complete edition. One volume, 16mno., elegantly ornamented, $100.

Tho reprint is an honor to the American press. The work itself is, perhaps, on the whole, the best devotional treatise in the language. It has nover before in this country been printed entire. -Churchman.

A neat miniature edition, abridged for popular use, is also published. Price 31 cents.
Or, Hints to Raise the Female Character. First American from the last Eng

lish edition, with a Recommendatory Notice, by Emily Marshall. Ono
neat volume, 18mo., cloth gilt 38 cents, paper cover 25 cents.

The sentiments and principles enforced in this book may be safely commended to the atten-
tion of women of all ranks.-- London Allas.
Or, The Four Seasons Illustrated, being Familiar Descriptions of Natural Hig-

tory, made during Walks in the Country, by Rev. H. B. Draper. Illustra

ted with upwards of 50 wood Engravings. One vol., square 16mo., 75 centi. One of the most faultlers volumes for the young that has ever been issued. Chr. Reflector,



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