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having previously endeavoured to tabernacle or sanctuary; the Author establish that ó kaðnuevos, “ the sit- contending in a learned dissertation ting one,” is a title invariably ap- on 1 Kings viii, &c. that the sanctuplied to Christ, and under whatever ary is called in the Old Testament circumstances introduced never re- heaven,”

and “ the dwelling fers to more than one and the same place of God; and he further conperson. See chap. iv, 2, 9, 10, 13; ceives the same heaven to be actually vi, 16; vii, 15, 17, &c.

called the sanctuary in chapter xi, 1. Chapter v, 64" in the midst of The Oupa or door opened (iv, 1.) and • the elders stood a Lamb as it had through which the Apostle sees the

been slain” (apvlov ļOTIKOS us throne, is supposed to shew that he eopayjevov) he purposes to read,- was now in the holy place, looking not as having a reference to the into the most holy, the vail of which posture of the Lamb, but in the

was removed. The throne he takes sense of being placed or appointed; to be the mercy seat, called in the as in the words ornow ony diaOnkny Old Testament « God's seat;" the uov, I will establish my covenant. living creatures he supposes to be the The meaning is, that John saw a cherubim ; the seven lamps of fire, lamb placed or continuing in the the candlestick with seven branches; relation of a sacrifice.

the sea of glass, the brazen sea; and Chapter xiv, 4, latter part, the the twenty-four elders, the twenty Author would read~" they are a four courses of the Priests. But for · first-fruit to the Omnipotent, even these things we must refer to the " the Lamb.”

work itself, as we do injustice to the Chapter xxi, 22, 23, he reads Author to mention them, without thus : “ And I saw no temple in accompanying that mention with his · her, [the city,] for the Lord God arguments thereon. * the Omnipotent is her temple, We have only finally to observe, even the Lamb. And the city however we may hesitate to receive hath no need of the sun or of the

some of the opinions of the learned moon to shine in her; for the Author, that the perusal of his splendor of the Omnipotent en- Work has afforded us clearer views lightens her, even the Lamp of her, of many particulars in it;-created the Lamb.


increased veneration The scenery, if we may so speak, for the

for the Apocalypse itself;—and of the vision is also inquired into strengthened our previous assurance The heaven," in which John sees of the DIVINITY OF MESSIAH. the throne, is concluded to be the

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The Judgement.

(Continued from page 178.)

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Having shewn from numerous * hearken, ye people ;-let the earth Scriptures, that the Judgement of hear, and all that is therein ;--the Christ will consist among other cir- world, and all things that come cumstances in the deliverance of his forth of it. For the indignation of people, and in a rule or reign of 'the Lord is upon all nations, and righteousness, I have now to show ' his fury upon all their armies : he that it is also a period of VENGEANCE hath utterly destroyed them : he on his enemies.

hath delivered them to the slaughter. The passages are so numerous in " Their slain also shall be cast out, the prophets, which speak of a time and their stink shall come up out of signal wrath upon the ungodly, of their carcases, and the mountains and of awful slaughter and blood- shall be melted with their blood." shed, that the most cursory reader Then at verse 5 : " Behold it shall must be acquainted with them. My come down upon IDUMEA ; (i. e. present object therefore will be, not Edone and upon the people of my to bring before the Reader the mere curse, to JUDGEMENT. The sword fact of this period of tribulation; but, ' of the Lord is filled with blood-for in order that he may form some no

the Lord hath a great sacrifice in tion of the uniform testimony of the BOZRAH, and a great slaughter in prophets to this event, to select a the land of Idumea—the land shall few of the more remarkable passages, be soaked with blood, and their dust which are linked and tied together, made fat with fatness—for it is the like the curtains in the tabernacle, day of the Lord's vengeance, and by certain obvious and peculiar ex- the year of recompenses for the pressions. And I will further beg controversy of Zion.” Then (after him to observe, that this vengeance dwelling upon the manner in which or indignation is in many instances the land shall be desolated) it bursts so connected with the period of the out, in the next chapter, with a rapglory which the Church shall en- turous description of the way

in joy, as to justify me in saying, that which the earth shall afterwards be it will immediately precede or usher renewed for the righteous. "The in that dispensation.

· wilderness and the solitary place I. First we will take Isaiah xxxiv, shall be glad for THEM; and the of which I shall give the principal desert shall rejoice and blossom as features. It opens by solemnly invit- the rose-it shall blossom abuning the attention of all flesh. “Come dantly, and rejoice even with joy near, ye nations, to hear; and and singing : the glory of Lebanon INVESTIGATOR, No. VIII.

2 F

March, 1832.

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you ! Р.


' shall be given to it, the excellency Isaiah with those of St. John. In • of Carmel and Sharon,-THEY shall the Revelation, chapter xiv, we have

see the glory of the Lord, and the a description of “the vine of the 'excellency of our God. Strengthen earth, which is cast into the great ye the weak hands, and confirm the wine-press of the wrath of God; and feeble knees--say to them that are the wine-press is trodden without • of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear the city and blood comes out of the not : behold your God will come wine-press cven unto the horse briwith vengeance, even God with a dles, by the space of a thousand recompense; he will come and save and six hundred furlongs :"-sym

bolical and figurative description ; In these passages I will chiefly but calculated to afford us a most call attention to the circumstance, awful notion of the great slaughter that the judgement therein spoken and destruction alluded to! In the of falls on Idumea, (or Edom,*) of nineteenth chapter we again recogwhich Bozrah

the capital. nise the subject, in the circumstance This will clearly connect the pro- of the blood-stained vestments of him phecy with another in Isaiah lxiii, who treads the wine-press alone. 1-5; which informs us also who is Messiah is introduced “clothed with to be the great actor in the tribula- a vesture dipped in blood, and his tion.

' name is called THE WORD OF Who is this that cometh from GOD, &c. and he treadeth the wine• Edom, with dyed garments from press of the fierceness of the wrath

BOZRAH ? this that is glorious in of Almighty God. And he hath his apparel, travelling in the great- on his vesture and on his thigh a ness of his strength ?”

name written, KING OF KINGS Answer.—“I that speak in right- AND LORD OF LORDS. And I saw eousness, mighty to save.

an angel standing in the sun; and Wherefore art thou red in thine · he cried with a loud voice, saying apparel, and thy garments like him to all the fowls that fly in the midst that treadeth the winefat ?"

of heaven, Come and gather yourAnswer.-" I have trodden the selves together unto the supper of ' winepress alone; and of the people the great God; that ye may eat the there was none with me. For I · flesh of kings, captains, mighty men, will tread them in mine anger, and horses, &c.' ' trample them in my fury; and I add the latter part, in which the

their blood shall be sprinkled upon fowls of heaven are called to a great my garments, and I will stain all supper, for the purpose of shewing, my raiment. For the day of ven- that this again connects St. John geance is in mine heart, and the with a well known prophecy in Ezek. year of my redeemed is come.

xxxix, concerning the destruction Here, in addition to Idumea and of Gog and Magog, the slaughter of Bozrah, is introduced the treading of whose armies will be so great as to the wine-press, and that evidently by require seven months to bury the Messiah, and the staining of his dead. At verse 17 are these words : garments thereby with blood : now And thou son of man, thus saith mark how this identifies the words of the Lord God; speak unto every

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* The ancient, as also the modern, Jews, and after them various expositors, interpret Edom to be Rome : hut as my object is not now so much to apply the prophecy, as to mark its character, I enter not into this question.

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feathered fowl, and to every beast supposed agency of FIRE at this of the field, assemble yourselves and period. come ; gather yourselves on every

Most christians admit, that there side to my sacrifice that I do sac- is to be a conflagration of the world; rifice for you, even a great sucrifice and it was the opinion of the early upon the mountains of Israel, that Millennarian Fathers, as also of many ye may eat flesh, and drink blood. of the Reformers, that it would be · Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, the great agent employed to rege

and drink the blood of princes of nerate the material globe, to purify the earth-ye shall be filled at my and restore it to its pristine state, or table with horses and chariots, with more than its pristine state, of beauty mighty men, and with all men of war and salubriousness, and thus to fit it saith the Lord God. And—I will for the abode of the righteous.t set my glory among the heathen, But it has been and is disputed, and all the heathen shall see my whether this conflagration is to take ' judgement that I have executed, place before

have executed, place before or after the Millennium; and my hand that I have laid upon and secondly, among those who bethem."

lieve it to be pre-millennial, it is In this manner, were it not for further disputed, whether it is to tiring the Reader, we might glance burn up the whole world, or only the at many other prophecies, and shew prophetical earth, or only the region their evident relation to the same of Palestine in its utmost limits. period of destruction, by similar in- As to the extent of the conflagraternal and conspicuous marks : par- tion, I have no clear light vouchsafed ticularly a variety of passages, which

to me.

And though I incline from shew the destruction to be sudden as various considerations to conclude, well as extensive, coming upon the that there will be a judgement by fire nations with the fierceness and ra- before the Millennium ; (whatever pidity of a whirlwind; which is the may take place after it;) yet I configure frequently used to describe it. fess, that great difficulties present “ He shall take them away as with themselves, and much may be said a whirlwind, both living, and in on the other side of the question. his wrath.—The righteous shall So that on this point I submit cerrejoice when he seeth the venge- tain particulars more in the way of ance : he shall wash his feet in the inquiry, and of communicating what blood of the wicked: so that a man I have gleaned from Scripture, than shall say, verily there is a reward as a demonstration of the truth. ' for the righteous : verily he is a First then let me observe, that a God that judgeth in the earth.”* judgement by fire is not always in

II. There is another important the Scriptures to be understood literfeature connected with the judge- ally ; but it is a figure used by the ment, which must also be noticed; prophets to denote tribulation and viz, the effect to be produced by the wrath. Thus Isaiah



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wrath. Thus Isaiah says, “ The Lord

* Psalm lviii, 9-11; and see also Prov. i. 23–33 ; Is. xvii, 12–14; , 18–24 ; xli, 14–16; lxvi, 15, 16; Jer. xxv, 15—38 ; but especially verses 31–33. Compare also Jer. xxiii, 19, 20, with xxv, 23, 24 ; Hab. iii, throughout, but especially verses 12-15.

+ See the extracts brought forward by me at pages 14 and 15 from the Nicene Fathers and King Edward's Catechism ; to which many similar testimonies might be added.

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' shall purge the blood of Jerusalem stand St. Paul as speaking otherwise from the midst thereof, by the spirit than literally, when he says,

that ' of judgement, and by the spirit of the Lord Jesus shall be revealed 'burning :"a upon which bishop • from heaven, with his mighty Lowth observes, that these are bold angels, in flaming fire taking vengefigures to set forth the Lord's wrath. ance on them that know not God, Of this we have a convincing proof and that obey not the Gospel of in the promise which Moses makes to our Lord Jesus Christ."f Nor the children of Israel, just previous to can it be figure when St. Peter their taking possession of the land says, that the heavens and the under Joshua. “ Understand there- earth, which are now, are reserved fore (he says) this day, that the ' unto fire against the day of judgeLord thy God is he which goeth 'ment and perdition of ungodly over before thee; as a consuming men.”g And Isaiah appears plainly fire he shall destroy them, (thine to distinguish between the judge

enemies,) and he shall bring them ments of fire and the sword when 'down before thy face.”b

he says, that

the Lord will come It is not unlikely therefore, that with fire, and with his chariots some places, which speak of fire, only like a whirlwind,—to render his respect that time of bloodshed and

anger with fury and his rebuke trouble we have

we have considered : ' with flames of fire : for by fire and where it is said in Zephaniah, all by his sword will the Lord plead • the earth shall be devoured with " with all flesh."h* ' the fire of my jealousy.”c It is I subjoin two or three passages also worthy of remark, as proving which speak of this pre-millennial fire to be frequently a symbol, that judgement in the two-fold view of whereas in St. Luke's Gospel Jesus fiery indignation, which is to desays, I am come to send fire on vour the adversaries," and destructhe earth ;”d the parallel place in tion by other means; and I postSt. Matthew is—“I came not to pone some other remarks which I send peace, but a sword :e and in- have to make on the judgement deed Luke himself afterwards ex- after the Millennium, until I come to plains it of the divisions and perse- treat formally on Rev. XX. cutions which would accompany the

Habakkuk speaking of the coming Gospel. I cannot however under


of God says:

" Before him went

a Isa. iv, 4.

b Deut. ix, 3.
f 2 Thess, i, 7, 8.

c Zeph. iii, 8.

8 2 Pet. iii, 7.

d Chap. xii, 49. e Chap. 1, 34. h Isa. lxvi, 15, 16.

* I have said that I experience difficulties in placing the conflagration before the Millennium ; but they are nothing compared with those which oppose themselves, if I change my position, and postpone it till afier the Millennium. I never felt the perplexity it would involve me in more, than in the perusal of “An Inquiry after Prophetic Truth” by Joseph Tyso. The work is written in a strait-forward scriptural style, and with considerable ability, and the Author generally contends for and adopts the literal system of interpretation. Yet having denied a pre-millenial conflagration, he is driven to the following inconsistencies. He discovers in Rev. xx, 9, (which certainly may, consistently with the general contents of the Apocalypse, be interpreted figuratively,) the dissolution of the heavens and earth at the time of the contlagration ;-he makes the new heavens and earth in 2 Peter iii, (and by a necessary implication the burning which precedes them,) a figurative description ;-and yet 2 Thess. i, 7, 8, (which to me again appears a plain and literal description, and seems so to be understood by Mr. Tyso,) he makes pre-millenial! See chapter vi, p. 116, and chapters ix and xiii.

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