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sionally expressed or implied in the course of the work, seem to any readers at all inconsistent with a profession of impartiality, they are requested to consider how difficult it is to speak of things frivolous and odious, absurd and profane, without employing any terms expressive of ridicule or disgust, contempt or abhorrence. Whatever may have been introduced like personal reflection, whether general or individual, is directed exclusively against the rabbies ; many of whom the Author cannot but regard as corrupt seducers of their brethren, as contrivers and promoters, rather than victims, of the popular deception.

But whatever contempt or abhorrence the Author feels for errors or frauds which appear to him contemptible or detestable, he neither feels, nor has ever felt, such sentiments towards the Jewish people. He has the satisfaction of remembering that he has always disapproved and condemned the insults and injuries committed against them by multitudes bearing the christian nante. Blest with a parent whose good sense and piety raised him above this vulgar error, the Author's earliest impressions respecting this people were those of benevolence, pity, and veneration : benevolence, due to all the descendants of our common father; pity, excited by the moral degradation of their present condition ; veneration,

inspired by the miracles of their ancient history and the prophetic visions of their future glory.

Soon may the dawn of that glory break forth upon the world. Soon may they acknowledge the true Messiah whom their fathers crucified. Then will the accounts of reveries and superstitions of which so much of this volume consists, be changed from descriptions of living error to memorials of a delusion for ever past away.

London, August 29, 1816.


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Traditions concerning Messiah :-Expected about the Year of

the World 4000.—After the Rejection of Jesus, Jews deluded

by numerous Impostors. — The Talmud pretends Messiah's

coming to be delayed :-Gives various Descriptions of the

Period of his Appearance;-Denounces Vengeance on all who

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