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« I ain much indebted to Collins E Co. for the neat and correet manner in which they reprint my publications; and for their care and exertions to exhibit the books as THEY WERE PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR, and especially with uis latest improvements. I fhall make it a point to communicate to them from time to time, and as early as possible, copies of all the new and improved editions of the books. It affords me a peculiar gratification to perceive that my publications are so extensively diffused over my native country."

COLLINS & Co. think it due to the author of this very valuable Grammar, as well as to the cause of literature in general, to make known that, although they are at all times enabled to supply the latest American cditions of the real Murray's Grammar, yet they are indisposed to monopolize the profits arising from the fale of a book, whose author would himself never receive any; and that they will therefore, with readiness, as they have done heretofore, furnish the latest London editions, which they regularly receive from the author, to any respectable printers, residing in other parts of the United States, who will only engage to print them bandsomely and correctly.

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The following is a list of COLLINS & Co.'s editions

of Murray's works, with their prices at retail, and by the dozen.

Wholesale. Retail. per Doz.

Cents. Dols. Cts. 1. First Book for Children, from 4th Eng. edit. 6

50 2. An English Spelling-Book,

9th do.

25 3. An English Gram. togсther with the Exercises

and Key. 8vo. 2nd Edition, 4. An Erg. Grammar, Stereotype Edition, 21st do. 7.5 7 50 5. Eng. Exercises to the Grammar, 17th do. 6. A Key to the English Exercises, 12th do.

6 7. An Abridgment of the Granimar, 30th do.

25 8. Introduction to the Eng. Reader, 9th do. 62} 6 00 9. The English Reader,

loth do.

75 7 50 10. Sequel to the English Reader,

3d do. I 00 II. Introduction au Lecteur François,

871 9 12. Lecteur François,

zd do. I 25

I2 13. The Power of Religion on the Mind, 13th do. 1 00

*** The Proprietors of Lindley Murray's works, think it is no imall recommendation of them, that the whole of these valuable publications, from “ The First Book for Children,” to “ the Pow. er of Religion on the Mind," may be properly considered, as forming a little code of important elementary instruction. They are Itrictly subfervient to one another, and most intimately connected. 'Their peculiar and acknowledged excellence is, that in every part of them, the purest principles of piety and virtue, are happily blendcd with the elements of literature. They may, therefore, with the greatest confidence, be put into the hands of young persons, as books which (to use the language of a Reviewer respecting them) “ will eminently conduce to pure religion and morality, and to the anquilition of a correct and elegant Ityle."


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THE author of this work, and of the books connected with it, chinks it is incumbent upon him to make some apology, for the variations which are to be found in the different editions. The infirm state of his health; his numerous occupations ; and the quick fucceflion of new editions of his English Grammar, English Exercises, and Key to the Exercises, prevented him from giving these books, at an early period of their publication, all the improvements whicii he had contemplated, or which had been occasionally suggested to him. The fucceflive additions and improvements which these works have received, and which sometimes occasioned a want of correspondence amongst them, must certainly have been productive of inconvenience or expense, to many persons who had purchased the earlier editions. This, though the author regretted the circumstance, was, for the reasons alleged, unavoidable. He must either have fuppressed the improvements entirely, or have inserted them gradually as the new editions appeared : but as he conceived them to be of considerable importance, he could not think it warrantable to onnit them; and the approbation of the public has confirmed him in the propriety of this decision.

It is with particular satisfaction that the author can now state, that the additions and alterations which he had in view, are completed, and are contained in the Sixteenth edition of the Grammar, the twelfth of the Exercises, and the tentb of the Key; that these editions of the books correspond exactly to one another; and that it is his intention that, in every future edition of each of them, this correspondence shall be faithfully preserved.

It is indeed poflible, that some illustrations or justificntion of par. ticular rules and positions contained in the Grammar, may yet be necessary. But it, contrary to expectation, this fiould be the case, the practical parts of the system will not be affected by such additions. The connexion, as it now subfists, between the Grannar, the Exercises, and the Key, will remain invariably the same ; unless some error, at present unobserverl, should hereafter be discovered.

As the types composing the Grammar have, for confiderable time, been kept standing; and as the book could not be enlarge ed without advancing its price; many of the subsequent iimprovements have been neceflarily inserted in appropriate parts of the Excrcises, or the Key. References have, however, been made in the Grammar, under the correspondent rules, to the additional notes and

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illustrations. To this mode of supplying improvements, the reader will have the less objection, when he confiders that the Exercises and the Key are necessary appendages to the Grammar; and serve co illustrate and enforce, as well as to extend, its rules and positions. The three volumes are indeed intimately connected, and constitute one uniform system of English Grammar.

To this edition of the Key, the author has subjoined a copious Alphabetical Index to the Grammar, the Exercises and the Key; a work which, he flatters himself, will be generally useful ; and particularly acceptable to students who have made some progress in the knowledge of grammar.

HOLDGATE, ncar YORK, 1808.

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