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country parochial ministration : and at the suggestion of many kind and charitable friends, who desired to assist in promoting the object already mentioned, they have assumed their present shape.

Earnestly do I trust, that they will be found, what, alone, I have desired to make them- plain and simple parochial and family admonitions; and that the doctrine they advance is scriptural and sound, and in harmony with the teaching of that branch of the Church Catholic, in whose priesthood it is my sacred privilege to be enrolled. Deeply grateful shall I be to Almighty God, if this humble effort in his service should be blessed in conducing in any degree to awaken the Christian energies, or stimulate the heavenward desires of any—if but one-immortal soul.

F. E. T.

Southwick Rectory,

October, 1843.


Abrahall, Rev. J. C. J. H., Bruton, Somerset. (3 copies)
Anderson, Rev. J. S. M., Brighton.
Aubrey, Mrs.

Baker, Rev. F. W., Bath.
Batson, S., Esq., Horseheath Lodge, Cambridgeshire.
Batson, Mrs.,

Beadon, F. W., Esq., John-street, Berkeley-square, Lon-

don. (3 copies) Borrer, Rev. Carey H., Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. Borrer, J., Esq., Portslade, Sussex. (2 copies) Brickenden, Dr., Bath. Bryant, Major-General Sir Jeremiah, C. B., East India

House, London.' Bryant, Lady. Brymer, Archdeacon, Bath. (2 copies) Burke, T. Haviland, Esq., 27, Gloucester place, New-road,

London. (3 copies)

Call, Miss.
Champion, T. Esq., Brighton.
Champion, Mrs. Do.

Chichester, The Lord Bishop of. (10 copies)
Cockburn, Mrs., Woolwich.
Combe, Mr. J., Bridestowe, Devon.
Cunningham, Miss W.

Elford, Miss.
Ellis, Rev. John, Wootton Waven, Warwickshire.
Emmerson, Mrs. Bath.
Evans, Rev. Dr. Market Bosworth, Leicestershire. (3 copies)

Far, —, Esq., Woolwich.
Far, Mrs.

Farley, Rev. G., Beeding Priory, Sussex. (3 copies)
Fellows, The Lady Catherine. (2 copies)
Fortescue, The Dowager Lady.
Fortescue, The Lady Eleanor.
Frowd, Rev. Dr., Bath.
Fuller, Hugh, Esq., Portslade, Sussex. (3 copies)


Gale, Mrs., Pylle Rectory, Somerset.
Gore, Rev. J., Windsor. (3 copies)
Gorringe, Mrs., Shoreham, Sussex.
Gould, Mrs. Baring, Lew Trenchard, Launceston, Cornwall.
Gould, Mrs. Charles, Do.
Grantham, Rev. T., The Rectory, Bramber, Sussex.
Greenlaw, Rev. W., The Rectory, Woolwich.
Grinfield, Rev. Edward, 6, Brunswick-place, Brighton.
Grove, W., Esq., Rose Cottage, Hyde Vale, Greenwich.

(3 copies) Gurney, Rev. W., Bratton Clovelly, Launceston, Cornwall.

Hall, N., Esq., Jun., Southwick, Sussex.
Hamlyn, Miss, Bridestowe, Devon.

Hannay, Rev. J., Worcester College, Oxford.
Hansler, Sir John, Tavistock-square, London.
Hardinge, Lady, Gun-wharf, Chatham.
Hardwick, W. H., Esq., Southwick, Sussex.
Hardy, J., Esq., M.P., 3, Portland-place, London.
Hare, Archdeacon, Hurstmonceux, Sussex.
Harness, Mrs., Tavistock, Devon.
Harris, J., Esq., Hayne, Launceston, Cornwall.
Hawker, W., Esq., Plymouth, Devon.
Hawkins, Mrs., Glastonbury, Somerset.
Heath, G. Crawfurd, Esq., 94, Albany, London.
Holland, Rev. Dr. Poyning's Rectory, Sussex.
Holt, Rev. Robert, Eton.
Hoper, Rev. Henry, Portslade.
Hoskyns, Rev. J. L., Lugwardine, Herefordshire. (2 copies)
Hoskyns, Miss, Harewood, Ross, Hertfordshire.
Hughes, Rev. H. H., Layham, Hadleigh, Suffolk. (3 copies)
Hughes, Rev. G. H. Do. Do. (3 copies)
Hulton, Mrs., Preston.

Isaac, Rev. W. Lister, 5, Devonshire-place, Brighton. (3

copies) Isaac, Mrs. W. Lister, Do.

(3 copies)

James, Mrs., Burneville, Tavistock, Devon.
James, R., Esq., Naples. (2 copies)
Jillard, Mrs., Oakhill Cottage, Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Kelly, Rev. W., Preston, Brighton, Sussex.
Kirby, Mrs.

Landon, Rev. — Worcester College, Oxford,
Lethbridge, Capt. R. A. Woolwich.

Lethbridge, Miss, Greenwich. (2 copies)
Lushington, Rev. C., Naples.
Luxmoore, Rev. Coryndon, Bridestowe, Devon. (6 copies)
Luxmoore, Rev. Henry, Barnstaple, Devon. (3 copies)
Luxmoore, Capt. R. E., Newcastle.
Luxmoore, Mrs.

Luxmoore, Jonathan, Esq., Plymouth. (3 copies)
Luxmoore, Rev. Charles, Eton. (3 copies)
Luxmoore, Rev. Charles T. C., Guilsfield, Welshpool, Mont-

gomery. (3 copies) Luxmoore, Miss, Teignmouth, Devon. (2 copies) Luxmoore, Rev. Henry, Truro, Cornwall. (3 copies) Luxmoore, Wm. Thomas, Esq., Albany, London. (2 copies) Luxmoore, Mrs.

Do. (2 copies) Luxmoore, Coryndon Henry, Esq., Keppell-street, London.

(2 copies) Luxmoore, William Edward, Esq., Gordon-square. (2 copies) Luxmoore, George Frederick, Esq., Temple, London. (2 copies)

M‘Leod, A. W. Esq., Okehampton, Devon.
Medland, Rev. Thos., Steyning Vicarage, Sussex.
Mills, Mrs., Naples.
Morris, Edwd., Esq., 136, Albany, London.
Mosley, Sir Oswald, Bart., Portland-place, London.
Murley, G. B., Esq., Langport, Somerset.

Nettleship, Rev. W., Bridestowe, Devon.
New, Henry, Esq., Southwick, Sussex. (2 copies)
Newman, Mrs., Coryton, Tavistock, Devon.

Owen, Rev. Edwd., Gawsworth Rectory, Cheshire.

Pankhurst, J. Esq., Southwick, Sussex.

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