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Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1837,
By WEEks, Jordan & Co.
In the Clerk's Office of the District of Massachusetts.


Tuttle, Dennett & Chisholm.....Printers.....17 School Street....Boston.

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A few words will be sufficient to explain the character of the following little work, - prepared for the Sunday School and families. Its principal aim is to present, in a cheap and simple form, a connected account of the Saviour's mission, printed after the usual manner of other narratives. The first volume is a selection and arrangement, (Carpenter's Harmony being followed, in general, as a guide,) from the four gospels, of the history of the Ministry of Christ. A very few passages have been entirely omitted,—some because their insertion would interrupt the natural course of the story, and others for an obvious reason. The marginal references show what portions of each of the Evangelists are employed in this compilation, and the Index points out their parallel passages. The second volume contains a selection of Poetical Illustrations and the Notes. The Illustrations, it is believed, may serve to impress more deeply on the minds and hearts of the young, the beauty and meaning of the incidents and passages in the gospels to which they allude. The notes are few, and consist of explanations of the manners and customs of the Jews, – notices of those emendations of the common version required by Griesbach’s edition of the Greek, which materially affect the sense, and references to passages in the Old Testament quoted in the Gospels. No questions have been prepared for this work, since those already in print may be easily used in connection with it. With this explanation of their design, these volumes are commended to the attention of those engaged in the religious instruction of the young, and to heads of families, with the hope that they may aid their efforts to reveal the beauty and perfection of the character of Jesus. CHAPTER VII. Page. Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles, 47

NEwbu RYPoRT, APRIL, 1837.

Publishers' Nore. The first volume will be sold separately, to such as may desire to use it as a Class Book in the Sunday School.

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Birth of John the Baptist; Birth of Jesus; Visit of the Wise Men; Flight into o Jesus converses with the Doctors in the Temple,


Preaching of John the Baptist; Baptism of Jesus; the Temptation; John the Baptist’s account of himself and Jesus; the Marriage at Cana,


The expulsion of the Money Changers; Conversation with Nicodemus; John the Baptist’s Testimony of Christ,


Christ's Conversation with the Woman of Samaria,


Cure of the Nobleman's Son; the Pool of Bethesda, and Cure of the Impotent Man; the Complaint of the Jews and Jesus’ answer to them,


Walk through the Corn-fields on the Sabbath day; Jesus in the Synagogue at Nazareth; the miraculous draught of Fishes; the Disciples taught to Pray,

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CHAPTER VIII. Cure of the Blind Man; the Good Shepherd, 56


Jesus departs into Galilee; call of Peter and Andrew and James and John; cure of Simon's wife's moth

er and other miracles, 1 CHAPTER X. Sermon on the Mount, 64

CHAPTER XI. Sermon on the Mount, concluded, - 68


Cure of a Leper; the Centurion's servant; raising of the Widow’s Son; stilling of the Tempest; cure of the Demoniac of Gadara, 74


Cure of the Man sick of the Palsy; call of Levi; raising of Jairus' Daughter; cure of two Blind Men and a Dumb Man, 79

CHAPTER XIV. Twelve Apostles chosen; mission of the twelve, 84


Message of John the Baptist; Jesus at the house of Simon the Pharisee; mission of the seventy; Parable of the Good Samaritan; Jesus visits Martha and Mary; Jesus at the Feast of Dedication,

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