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journey and travel for the space of three years, within a few weeks; in which time, and in my return, I had sweet peace to my soul, glory to God for evermore! I had meetings every day when on land, except second and seventh days, when in health, and nothing extraordinary hindered, and travelled by sea and land fourteen thousand three hundred miles, according to our English account." I was kindly and tenderly received by 'my Friends, who longed to see me, as I did them, and our meeting was comfortable and pleasant.

After this long travel and voyage I staid at home, and looked after the little family which God had given me, and kept duly to meetings, except something extraordinary hindered. Divers people, when I came home, raised a false report of me, and said, I brought home a great deal of money and goods, that I had got by preaching; which was utterly false and base; for I brought neither money nor goods, so much as to the value of five pounds, except my wearing apparel; so much the reverse, that I borrowed money at London, to pay for my accommodations home, the which I faithfully remitted back again to my friend that lent it me, to whom I was much obliged for the same : and if I might have gained a hundred pounds. per annum, it would not have tempted me to undertake that, or such another journey. Soon after my return home again, I visited a few neighbouring meetings, which were large and edifying, Friends being glad to see me again re

turned home from that long journey. And I did, as I had reason to do, bless the holy name of the Lord, for his many preservations and deliverances by sea and land.

After some stay at Philadelphia, I went down with my wife and family into Maryland, to a cornmill and saw-mill which I had there, in order to live some time, and settle my affairs : and after being there some time, my dear wife was taken ill of a sore disease, which some thought to be an ulcer in the bladder, and I had her up to Philadelphia, she being carried as far as Chester in a horse-litter, where she continued for some months in much misery, and extreme pain, at the house of our very kind friends, David' and Grace Lloyd, whose kindness to us in that sore, trying, and exercising time, was great, and is not to be forgotten by me, while I live in this world. From Chester we removed her again in a litter, being accompanied by our Friends to Philadelphia, where she continued very ill all that winter, often thinking that death tarried long, and crying mightily to the Lord, Oh! come away, come away! This was her cry day and night, until at last she could speak no more. As we lived together in great love and unity, being very affectionate one to another; so being now left alone I was very solitary, and sometimes sorrowful, and broken into many tears, in the sense of my loss and lonesomeness. This my dear wife, was a virtuous young woman, and one that truly feared God, and loved his dear

Son; from whom she had received a good gift of the ministry, and was serviceable to many therein. I had five children by her, four sons and one daughter, all which I buried before her, under three years old. At the yearly-meeting before she died, she was so wonderfully carried forth in her ministry, by the divine grace, that divers of her friends believed she was near her end, she signifying something to that effect in her testimony, and that she should not live to see another yearlymeeting: and so it came to pass; for she died before another yearly-meeting, being aged about thirty-five years, and a married woman about thirteen years. Her body was carried to Friends meeting-house in Philadelphia, and buried in Friends burying-ground, being accompanied by many hundreds of our Friends, in a solemn manner: and my heart was greatly broken in consideration of my great loss; and being left alone as to wife and children, I many times deeply mourned, though I well knew my loss was her and their gain!

Here I shall end the first part of the Journal of some part of my life and travels, omitting many meetings, and lesser journeys, which I performed : and the accounts here given, have been mostly

[ * The original distribution into Parts (three in number) is superseded in the present Edition by a more minute division into Chapters. This new arrangement, with the epitome that is given of the contents will, it is hoped, be found convenient.]

general, not descending into many particulars ; though the adding some things might have been instructive and agreeable: the whole being in, tended as a motive to stir up others to serve, love, and faithfully follow, and believe in Christ.



Extensive travels in AmericaSecond marriage

Voyages on business to the BermudasVoyage partly on the same account to Barbadoes and England

--Return home-A second Voyage by way of Barbadoes to England, and returnVisit to friends in Maryland, &c.

I NOW gave up my time mostly to travelling, for about the space of two years, in which I visited the meetings of Friends in the provinces of Pennsylvania, East and West-Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and North - Carolina, and back again to Philadelphia, and then to New-Jersey again: also to Long - Island, Rhode - Island, ConanicutIsland, Nantucket-Island, and New-England, and through those parts on my return to Philadelphia. In these provinces, &c. I travelled some thousands of miles, and had many large meetings, some in places where there had not been any before, and some were convinced, and many would acknowledge to the testimony of truth, which was de clared by the help and grace of Christ; and many times my heart was, by the assistance of that


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