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After some shorter Journeys, he enters on a Visit

to Friends in New England-On returning, is engaged in a Family Visit in Philadelphia, and in other religious service-Journey into the Southern Provinces.

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AFTER I had been at home some time, I went to Salem, and from thence to Cohansey, and, in my return, was at Woodberry-Creek, and had meetings at each place: and, soon after, I visited the meetings of Friends at Bristol, Burlington, Trenton, and Borden's-Town, and, in my return home, at Middle-Town; by the way, calling to

ancient Friend, Joseph Kirkbride, and the widow Warder; she was ninety-two years of age, and perfect in her understanding; she said, she did not know for what end the Almighty should prolong her days to that age; but she was satisfied in bis will

In the Fifth month, I visited the meetings of Friends at Haddonfield, in West-Jersey, and at Newton, Hartford, German-Town, Abington, North-Wales, and Plymouth, and was divers times at Philadelphia and Frankfort.


After many exercises and large travels by sea and land, my brethren, and divers others, not of our society, expressed their gladness to see me, rejoicing that I was like to spend my time more on the land, hoping that I would go no more to sea; the which (God willing) I determined, having so settled my affairs, that I could stay on shore; and am truly and humbly thankful to the Almighty, that He, by His good hand of Providence, in His due time, had favoured and helped me so to do.

In the Sixth and Seventh months, I again visit. ed the meetings of Friends at Bristol, Burlington, , Byberry, Abington, Horsham, German-Town, Fairhill, and divers times at Frankfort and Philadelphia.

In the Eighth month, I went to Cohansey and Salem, and was at two meetings at Cohansey, and one at Alloway's-Creek, where I met with Edward Tyler, a friend on a religious visit from Europe, and John Sykes, a friend living near Croswicks, in the Jerseys ; here we had an open, satisfactory meeting: from whence I went to Salem, it being their week-day meeting, which was large, and to the edification of many.

I was also at Piles. Grove on fifth-day, and at Woodberry-Creek sixth-day; in which last meeting the obedient son was encouraged, and the disobedient earnestly called home to his heavenly Father's house. In this journey I bad John Bringhurst, the younger, for my fellow-traveller ; his father being unwilling that I should go the journey alone.

After I had been at home some time, I, with some others, went to the yearly-meeting at Shrewsbury, in East-Jersey, which was on the 23d of the Eighth month : it was exceeding large, and the quietest and most settled meeting that ever I was at there; and many Divine truths were delivered therein. From thence I went to Manesquan, and had a meeting, and then back to Shrewsbury, and so to Middle-Town, where we had a meeting in the Baptist meeting-house, divers of whom were there, and glad of the meeting; thence came back to Shrewsbury, and had a meeting on the First-day, being the 30th of the month : from whence, on my return home, had meetings at Moses Robin's, Allen's-Town, at Croswicks (where I met with divers of my old friends) Borden-Town, and Mansfield; some of which were large, open, and satisfactory meetings. After the last meeting, we went to Burlington, and next day came home, accompanied by Richard Smith, jun. After being a few days at home, I was sent for to Chester, to the marriage of John Lee, who had sailed several voyages with me. Next day I went to the week-day meeting at Providence, and on First-day was at Springfield, from whence I returned home. The 23d of the Ninth month, I left home again, and went to Philadelphia, and from

and from thence with Daniel Stanton, John Easton, and John Proud, jun. (the two latter of Rhode Island) to Radnor meeting, and from thence to Goshen meeting; and by the

coldness of the weather, and crossing several creeks, I got a cold, which settled on my lungs, so that, in conversation, I was hoarse; but I was helped in meetings t) admiration, for which I was truly thankful to the Almighty, the great helper of his servants and children. We had an evening meeting with an ancient Friend, who said she had above 200 who called her mother, being her children by blood and marriage to the fourth generation : we took our leave of her, as never expecting to see each other more, and parted in tenderness of heart. One of this Friend's grandsons went with us to Concord, where, on a Firstday, we had a very large meeting, and an evening meeting at Moses Mendenhall's; and the remainder of the week we had meetings at Birmingham, Kennet, New-Garden, Marlborough, and the monthly meeting at Center, on the seventh-day following, at which were many young people, for whose sakes I was drawn and moved, in my exercise of ministry, to shew the rise and design of our meetings of discipline:

First, That the same power that gathered us to be a people, inclined our elders to establish those meetings, and settled them in most parts where we were gathered, and had meetings for the worship of God.

Secondly, They were advised to do their business, and speak to their affairs, in the sense of the same power, spirit, and wisdom of Christ, which, as it had raised us, would, as we kept to

it, preserve us to be a people to the praise of God's holy name.

Thirdly, They were advised, in doing their business, not to run out into many unnecessary words, which might lead to contention, and spending much time to little purpose; religious affairs being done best in a meek and quiet spirit, that being of great price with the Lord; great evils having been known in many ages, through hot . and long contentions about religion. It is also good to avoid, in matters of difference, respect of persons, on account of being acquainted or related; so as to be swayed thereby from justice.

Fourthly, They were advised to be very careful of giving any just occasion of offence to any, to Jew or Gentile, to Indian or Negro; for, Woe to them, says our Saviour, by whom offences come; and if any will take offence when none is justly given, it is the best way to be patient, and to take our Saviour for our example, who got the victory through suffering; a safe way, and glorious in the end. And, as to few words,

Let your words be few and savoury, seasoned with grace, that they may administer grace to the hearers.

Fifthly, I was engaged, for the sakes of the youth of both sexes, to shew them, that a material part of the service of these meetings, is, that care be taken therein to see that persons are clear of prior engagements or entanglements, in relation to marriage, and that they had the consent of

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