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her, &c. Those things were largely spoke to, and opened in the meeting, and the people, there being many not of our society, were very attentive and sober, and the good hand of the Almighty was amongst us in this n eeting. From Chester river we crossed Chesapeak bay, to the yearlymeeting at West-River, with Chester Friends, in William Thomas's boat, and sent our horses over by Kent-Island, to West-River, where we met with our Friends, Michael Lightfoot, Elizabeth Wyat, and Grace Mason, with divers others, (Elizabeth and Grace being on their return from a religious visit to North-Carolina and Virginia): we all being far from home, and well acquainted, were glad to see one another, being thankful to the Almighty, who had been pleased to preserve us so far on our way.

After the meeting was ended at West-River, taking leave in the love of Christ of divers Friends, with hearts full of love, and eyes full of tears, as never expecting to see one another again, I, with my companion, and Armiger Trotter, who came up with the Friends from Virginia to West-River, set out for Virginia, and having passed over Patuxent River, had a meeting among the family of the Plummers, one of whom, with another Friend, accompanied us to the River Potomack; we rode, as near as we could compute it, sixty miles that day; I being heavy and aged, and the weather liot, was very much tired, and laid down in my clothes all night, and the next morning ferried over the River

Potomack, computed about three miles over, and parted with our guides. When over this river, we travelled about fifteen miles to William Duff's, had a meeting there, and from thence to a meeting of friends at John Cheagle's, and so on to BlackCreek, had a meeting there, and then went to the monthly-meeting of Friends on the west-side of James-River, and so to William Lad's, after which we went to the monthly-meeting of Friends at Nansemond-River, and from thence to Carolina, and on a First-day had a large meeting at a new meeting-house built to accommodate the yearly-meeting; it was a good solid meeting, and there the Friends appointed for us the meetings following: third-day of the week, being the 13th of the Fourth month, at Joseph Barrow's, fourthday at Jacob Butler's, fifth-day at Samuel Newby's, sixth-day and First-day at the upper meeting-house at Little-River, and third-day at the lower meeting-house on the said river, and fourth-day at Pospotanck, and fifth-day at Amos Trueblood's, up Pospotanck river, and then we went to the quarterly-meeting for Friends in North Carolina, which was very large; the people were exhorted to overcome sin, as Christ overcame, that they might sit with him in his kingdom, as he overcame, and is sat down in the kingdom of God his Father; that subject was largely spoken to that day, and we had a good opportunity with the people, and the great name of God was exalted over all. After this quarterly

meeting, we had a meeting at James Wilson's, in the Barrens, which was a large, good, and open meeting; in the conclusion thereof, I told them, that I came among them in great love, (though in a cross to my own will, with respect to my age, and the heat of weather,) being willing to see them, in that province, once more before I left the world; and, as I came in love, so I parted with them; desiring them to dwell in love and peace, and then the God of love would be with them.

From Carolina we travelled into Virginia, Zachariah Nickson accompanying us, and had a meeting at the widow Newby's, and from thence had a meeting at Nansimund, and so to the Branch, where we had a very large meeting; many people were there not of our society, and were very attentive and sober; and next day, being the second-day of the week, we had a satisfactory meeting at Bennet’s-Creek, and thence to Chuckatuck, and so on to Rasper-Neck, and then to Pagan-Creek, thence into Surrey county, to Samuel Sebrell's, and thence to Robert Honicut's, had a meeting there, then to Curl's, up JamesRiver, to Thomas and John Pleasant’s, had a meeting there on a First-day, and then to the Swamp and Cedar-Creek, and so on to John Cheagle's. We came to John Cheagle’s the 20th of the Fifth month, being the fifth of the week, and being unwilling to be idle on sixth and seventh-days, intending to have a meeting at his

house on First-day, I asked John if he could tell where we could have a meeting on sixth and seventh-day; and he said yes he could. And he appointed one about three miles off his house, and another six miles off; at which places we had good service; and then had a very large meeting at his house on First-day, which was, I hope, to pretty general satisfaction, to the religious part of the people. From thence we travelled to William Duff's, John, and another Friend going with us, and had a meeting at their meeting-house, and afterwards William went with us over Potomack river, as far as Piscataway, in Maryland. This river is computed to be near four miles over, and when about the middle, there was a large swell in the river, so that our horses could not stand, and the motion of the boat made them fall down, and the boat having much water in it, being very leaky, she was near oversetting; they in the boat were in some concern and consternation, saying, when we came to the shore, that they did not remember they were ever before in the like danger; and I apprehended we were in danger, and if the boat had overset, in all likelihood, we might all have been drowned; and I then thought I was in the service of Christ, my great Master; and I also knew I must die, and I thought I might as well die in his service as my own; so I gave up my life for Christ's sake, and he gave it to me again. Oh! may I, with all

those who sincerely love him, serve him truly all our days, is my desire!

From Piscataway we travelled to Patuxent, to the family of the Plummers, who were ten sons of one father and mother, who were convinced about the time I first had meetings in those parts, and, so far as I know, they were all sober men. A fter this meeting we went to Gerad Hopkins's, and from thence to Patapsco, had a large meeting, the house being full before the Friends came, so that they were hard set to get in; to me it was a good seasonable opportunity, as was our next in the Forest of Gunpowder River, where Friends have built a new meeting-house, which at this time, could not contain the people : from Gunpowder River we went to Bush River, had a good open meeting, and one at Deer-Creek, and so over Susquehannah, to Elihu Hall's.

At West-Nottingham I parted with my companion, he having about a day's travel home. I had two meetings on First-day at the great meeting-house at West-Nottingham, which were very large, and Friends glad to see me once more: and after having meetings at Christine-bridge, Wilmington, Center, and Kennet, went to the quare terly-meeting of ministers 'at Concord, and was there First and second-day, and third-day at Derby, all which were very large meetings, and Friends were satisfied and comforted, and I was encouraged in the work and service of the gospel of Christ. From Derby I went home, having

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