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Holding joint rule with solitude divine,
Among yon rocky fells, that bid defiance
To steps the most adventurously bold?
There silence dwells-profound; or if the cry
Of high-pois'd eagle break at times the hush,
The mantled echoes no response return.

But let me now explore the deep-sunk dell.
No foot-print, save the covey's or the flock's,
Is seen along the rill, where marshy springs
Still rear the grassy blade of vivid green.
Beware, ye shepherds, of these treacherous haunts,
Nor linger there too long: the wint'ry day
Soon closes; and full oft a heavier fall,
v Heap'd by the blast, fills up the shelter'd glen,
"While, gurgling deep below, the buried rill
Mines for itself a snow-cov'd ivav! O, theu,

Your helpless charge chive from the tempting-
spot, (-2)
.And keep them on the bleak hill's stormy side,
Where night-winds sweep the gathering drift

away: —So the great Shepherd leads the heav'nly flock From faithless pleasures, full into the storms Of life, where long they bear the bitter blast, Until at length the vernal sun looks forth, Bedim m'd with showers: then to the pastures

green He brings them, where the quiet waters glide, The stream of life, the Siloah of the soul.

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Note 1. p. 9.

i. Hat the religious observance of one day in seven was a point of main importance under the Jewish and Christian dispensations, is evident, from the very strong terms in which the law commanding its observance is couched ; from the anxious repetitions of that law, the judgments which the prophets denounced against its violation, the fulfilment of those denunciations, the strict observance of the Sabbath during the best times of the Jewish polity; and its observance by Christ, the apostles, and the primitive Christians. What is more material,—that the Sabbath was

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