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counsel? Adam could not be consulted wkb,'fohe had no existence until! God had created him. Man is therefore a dependent creature; he absolutely depends upon his creator and upon him only; let him then be thy fear, to him bring all thy complaints; and spread all thy wants before his face, for God is; gracious, able also to save thee from all evil, and to supply all thy need':' deny him not by trusting in an arm of flesh, or depending on a creature as impotent and helpless as thyself, for the Lord is a. jealous God; but they that fear him, and trust in his mercy mail want no manner of thing that is good: whatever excellence or good thing thou enjoyest is of God, to whom thou art indebted for every good gift', whether natural, moral, ox spiritual; what haft thou, that thou didst not receive? Men seldom miscarry in their religious pursuits by thinking too meanly of themselves; rather most men come short of the prize by thinking of themselves more highly than they ought to think; therefore be not high minded, but fear.

5. As God did not make man at first equal the angels; so neither did he set him on a level with the beasts that perish; but did, as it were, unite together in man both these natures, the brutal, and angelic; yet without sin: into man he breathed a rational immortal soul whereon, his own sacred image was engraven and impressed.—It behoves us then not to live beneath our honourable ''•' . '.. - •. state state and condition in which God hath placed us, nor presumptuously to aim ac being GoDs.---By aspiring to be as the angels, whilst dwelling on the earth, we are guilty ot pride and rebellion against God.—On the contrary, by sinking into mere brutal enjoyments, and excess of animal pleasures, we depart from God, and flight the blessedness of communion with him: The body 'tis true hath sensitive appetites, but these ought not to govern and rule the rational sou!, but to obey and be in subjection: It is a reproach to us unbecoming the dignity of the human nature, to be led by our carnal fense as if we were altogether upon a ltvel with the brute creation.—Let us therefore make no provision for the flesh to fulfil its rebellious and inordinate lusts; for if ye live aster the flesh ye shall die, but if ye through the spirit do mortify the deeds of the body ye shall. ive £


6. In the beginning God created every thing very good, he made man uprighr, holy and happy; therefore God is net the Author of maris fin and mi

.jay, but man by disobedience hath made himself 3 sinner, and subject to wrath: Lay not therefore

- the blame of thy sin and folly upon God, for he Is holy, just and good, all whofe works praife him' but acknowledge thine iniquity, and humble . • ... .. . . thyself

J Rom, viii. 13*

thyself before him whose holy law than hast broken, and whose government thou hast despised j for God is ritb in mercy onto all them that caR upon him: But remember and forget not that by Jesus Christ he created thee, and by him alone canst thou be restored to his favour, who hath made pace by the blood of his Cross; look therefore to Christ if thou wouldst find God reconciled, and be at peace with him—And know assuredly, that God only who created thee at first* can re-create, and make thee a new creature, which as at the beginning doth consist in knowledge in the understanding, righteousness in the will, and holiness in the affections, If by grace (for grace alone can restore thy foul) thou art led to Jesus the second Adam who was crucified; his blood will purge thy guilty conscience, and wash thee from all thy filthinese, his obedience also will present 'thee righteous before God •, and his spirit, (thro* faith) renew thee in the spirit of thy mind, and sanctifie thy polluted affections: so that thy soul will again be pofiest of the divine image, and God will be glorified in thee by Jesus Christ: when this Day Star is risen in thy heart; then, and not before will the eyes of thy understanding be opened to understand the scriptures, and thy heart be circumcised to love the Lord thy God in sincerity and truth; and then thou wilt acknowledge with a joy that no stranger can intermeddle :■•' with

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Romans V. 19.

As by one mans disobedience many nvere made Jinners,so by the obedience of one Jhall many be

made righteous.


TH E origin of moral evil, or sin's entrance into the world, we firmly believe, as it is revealed and testified in the word of God: No account concerning it can be more just, and rational', than that which is recorded in the holy Scriptures.

All the attempts of heathens, and Infidels to account for it some other way, have only ferved to discover their ignorance of God; and that the carnal mind is enmity, both, against him and his l*w.


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