The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and His Friend Mr. Abraham Adams

Century Company, 1902 - 320 páginas

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Página xxxiii - Silence, ye wolves ! while Ralph to Cynthia howls And makes night hideous — Answer him, ye owls ! " Sense, speech, and measure, living tongues and dead, Let all give way, and Morris may be read.
Página 24 - I have no intention to vilify or asperse any one ; for though everything is copied from the book of nature, and scarce a character or action produced which I have not taken from my own observations and experience ; yet I have used the utmost care to obscure the persons by such different circumstances, degrees, and colours, that it will be impossible to guess at them with any degree of certainty...
Página 351 - G — required her at your hands, I fear you would reluctantly part with her. Now, believe me, no Christian ought so to set his heart on any person or thing in this world, but that, whenever it shall be required or taken from him in any manner by Divine Providence, he may be able, peaceably, quietly, and contentedly to resign it" At which words one came hastily in, and acquainted Mr.
Página 48 - His hair was of a nut-brown colour, and was displayed in wanton ringlets down his back. His forehead was high, his eyes dark, and as full of sweetness as of fire. His nose a little inclined to the Roman. His teeth white and even. His lips full, red, and soft. His beard was only rough on his chin and upper lip ; but his cheeks, in which his blood glowed, were overspread with a thick down. His countenance had a tenderness joined with a sensibility inexpressible. Add to this the most perfect neatness...
Página 19 - ... all the pleasure we can this way convey to a sensible reader. And perhaps, there is one reason, why a comic writer should of all others be the least excused for deviating from nature, since it may not be always so easy for a serious poet to meet with the great and the admirable; but life everywhere furnishes an accurate observer with the ridiculous. I have hinted this little, concerning burlesque; because I have often heard that name given to performances, which have been truly of the comic kind,...
Página 192 - I would have thee know, friend," addressing himself to Adams, "I shall not learn my duty from such as thee. I know what charity is, better than to give to vagabonds.
Página 58 - It is an observation sometimes made, that to indicate our idea of a simple fellow, we say, he is easily to be seen through: nor do I believe it a more improper denotation of a simple book. Instead of applying this to any particular performance, we chuse rather to remark the contrary in this history, where the scene opens itself by small degrees; and he is a sagacious reader who can see two chapters before him.
Página xliv - successors of Charles the Fifth may 'disdain their brethren of England, but ' the romance of Tom Jones, that exquisite ' picture of human manners, will outlive the 'Palace of the Escurial, and the imperial 'eagle of the House of Austria.
Página 351 - Joseph, who was overwhelmed with concern likewise, recovered himself sufficiently to endeavor to comfort the parson ; in which attempt he used many arguments that he had at several times remembered out of his own discourses, both in private and public (for he was a great enemy to the passions, and preached nothing more than the conquest of them by reason and grace), but he was not at leisure now to hearken to his advice. " Child, child," said he, " do not go about impossibilities.
Página 21 - What could exceed the absurdity of an author who should write the comedy of Nero, with the merry incident of ripping up his mother's belly ? or what would give a greater shock to humanity than an attempt to expose the miseries of poverty and distress to ridicule ? And yet the reader will not want much learning to suggest such instances to himself.

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