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With one consent let all the earth
When I pour out my soul in prayer
When Israel, by th' Almighty led
With cheerful notes let all the earth
Who place on Sion's God their trust
When Sion's God her sons recall'd
We build with fruitless cost, unless -
When we, our wearied limbs to rest
With my whole heart, my God and King
Ye princes that in might excel
Ye saints and servants of the Lord
Ye boundless realms of joy

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LL Psalms of this Version in the common Measure

Auf Eights and sixes, that is, where the first and
third Lines of the single Stanza consist of eight
Syllables each, the second and fourth Lines of six
Syllables each, may be sung to any of the most usual
Tunes, namely, York Tune, Windsor Tune, St. Da-
vid's, Litchfield, Canterbury, Martyr's, St. Mary's alias
Hackney, St. Anne's Tune, &c.

As the Old 25th Psalm, may be sung the New 25,
31, 51, 67, 130, 142.

As the Old 113, the 37, 46, 50, 63, 76, 91, 110, 113,

As the Old 148, the 136, 148.

As the Old 104, the 149.

The Psalms in this Version of four Lines in a single
Stanza, and eight Syllables in each Line, (if Psalms
of praise or cheerfulness) may properly be sung as
the Old 100th Psalm, or to the Tune of the Old 125th
Psalm, Second Metre.

The Penitential or Mournful Psalms, in the same
Measure, may be sung as the Old 51st Psalm.

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